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Rép. : [anthroposophy] Radiation and the Christ Event/ Nectar

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Bradford(Dear Pal) - He Aim Well! Is He not, Migthy Arm of ours, A Man of Michael-Pallas Athena!? Busy Be! Busy Busy Little Bee, Ô Thee-this Eos Story! The
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2003
      Bradford(Dear Pal) - He Aim Well!

      Is He not, Migthy Arm of ours,
      A Man of Michael-Pallas Athena!?

      'Busy Be!'

      Busy Busy Little Bee,
      Ô Thee-this Eos Story!

      The Nymph is Beauty;
      The I is in the Isis Sea
      Of Eros and Psyche...

      See the Heart Move 'Bridal Chamber'!

      Fire an AUM-Aurum Liquid Love,
      Astral and Etheric - Mother
      Encounter Father,
      In Head Direct --> Go Through Matter;
      Space-Create, Volition Form the New Earth;
      There Fore Future from Limb-Will Labour;
      Another Sphere - Appear, Wings of Jupiter!

      Plough your Brain Field,
      I tell you this is No Madness
      To Sow it with
      New Thinking
      North Seeds of Salt Sweet
      WEST WIND!


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      De : holderlin66<holderlin66@...>
      Matter and Light in nature, as Starbirgarden has outlined something
      of the case of the Bee, is to follow Light and Love down to the
      Harvesters of Light and Love, as prime examples of Initiate activity,
      the Bee.

      Firstly, while the hoop-la revolves around boy testosterone toys such
      as nuclear weapons... it really trails through nature, and light, to
      the nectar or plant sugars that are harvested by a whole army of
      insects. But this plant sugar is really the basis of our blood. It is
      from this Ego foundation of the Blood - that Steiner built the entire
      perception of Young vibrant Earth Evolution, growing an entirely new
      faculty, called the Ego.

      Sweet Nectar and Gold,liquid gold, is produced in the Triadic,
      Worker, Drone and Queen threefold model of the higher forces in
      nature and the actual classic Bee Hive resembles most the kind of
      Head, the skull, as even the way Bees would hide their little hive
      inside a hollow Oak.

      Nature mingles these sweet sugars and in every way through the
      glycemic human structure, and the heart forces of the human being and
      the icy head forces of the Intellect, we trace what in nature and
      matter is woven with Light and Love and his Harvested by all of
      Nature. Nature and the Christ Event is the Book of the Bee.

      Anyone and all of us can add this to the research of exactly what it
      is that we are so fascinated with as political animals, when it comes
      to harvesting the destructive forces of light. Tell the tale to
      yourself in your own mind again. Einstein or any thinker, including
      Steiner, is looking into the Logic forces that are in the human mind,
      but the human mind contains, a translated equation, discovered in the
      back room of the mind, that reveals a mighty destructive force.
      Hardly different than seeing the double Helix and the the spiral spin
      of the Tree of Yggdrasill as both Imagination, fairytale and fact.

      In other words in the mind and in our human world, all of our evils
      and our goods and greatness only comes from our human activity. It is
      not as George Carlan has indicated, that nature wouldn't miss us if
      we were gone, just another blip on the screen. That is the fallacy
      that goes all the way to the top of the Intellects. This reveals the
      idiocy and the correctness of Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove".

      Nectar, love and Light is in all the goodness, compassion, gardening
      and didn't Magdalene ask if Christ was the Gardner... to Harvest the
      Nectar of Light and Love in every thing and bestow on our children
      the ability to Harvest Light and Love is merely understanding the
      discovery that Einstein made in the perspective of the Consciousness
      Soul and understanding the School for Harvesting Light and Love that
      is the exact answer to the dilemma we have locked ourselves into.
      Namely, that the bomb is scary and that somehow the unchecked release
      of the Light, unfiltered by the moral Intelligence of the hearts and
      minds, could destroy the world. And, that this destructive force is
      the knife edge between Light released and Harvested slowly with Grail
      and gradual development and Light that is Paganly Purged and tortured
      from matter.

      The Bees know it all, and the insects know what the astral body of
      the human being knows. Why we refuse to make all of this into the
      connected concepts that they are, is what is so frustrating about the
      human being. It is wonderful that millions can see the idiocy in the
      current thinking, but it also reveals a complete failure to
      understand the depth of Light, the blood, leukemia, flesh, matter and
      radioactivity in relation to Healing, Harmony and compassion that
      releases Light and Love from matter in slower increments.

      This is not rocket science people this is basic shifts of
      intelligence and it should be as easy to sell as cheesecake. We build
      and prepare in education the foundations of thinking and soul life so
      that we do not produce anymore morons like those meeting in the
      previous post. We can easily connect the Light that is Gold, the
      Liquid extracted and harvested light that is honey and the nectar of
      the human blood as sugar. What we have is wild sugars all over the
      supermarkets that mix up the moral issues of just what real sugar,
      the sweet nimbleness one meets in children, must continue to find the
      path through the blood without the damage that Native Americans felt
      in their blood through alcohol.

      Through every fiber of bone marrow and not breaking the Gods bones,
      all the way through nature, Matter reveals Light, Love and Harvesting
      of the nectar and elixir that feeds the human spirit. How the heck
      hard is this to cohesively put together into interconnected
      departments of research? It is all deeply connected and is even
      linked directly to our insane infatuation with Nuclear toys.

      We need to see, in all its clarity, what Spiritual Science answers
      and if you still can't see this.. ask Joksu, Starbirgarden.. ask your
      anthro mentors... for none of this is inflated nonsense, it is all
      foundational Goetheanism. We are the next mature generation of
      thinkers in this current Michael period and we are faced, as if
      nothing has happened, with the same issues that Steiner faced, only
      difference is that we have seen the Bomb and have begun to understand
      the cohesive core of the incarnating ego as different than cloning or
      Artifical Intelligence. The dull morons are still trying to pull the
      Dr. Strangelove Card out of their butts to maintain their power and
      budgets so that Humans will fail to become what they were meant to
      become. Harvesters of the Nectar of Light and Love that is the
      essence of the efforts of Christ, Buddha, Zarathustra and all
      Initiates. We can do this and we must maintain clear perception and
      grow our schools as an antidote... Harvesting Light as a cold
      technological force of poison and reactors and WMD or Harvesting
      Light as each individual approaches the potent mystery of the I AM in
      the blood. It is that simple, isn't it?


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