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RE:Media's Power Subnature and spiritual Science's exercises

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  • andrea franco
    RE: Media s Power ,Subnature and Spiritual Science s exercises. Dear Elaine, I ll try to explain better what I was trying to say in my e-mail. We can
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2000
      RE: Media's Power ,Subnature and Spiritual Science's
      Dear Elaine,
      I'll try to explain better what I was trying to say in my e-mail.
      We can understand, in the beginning ,the "blue mantle" like
      picture to show a possible issue of a deep inner activity.
      Basically this activity springs from the thought concentration
      practice and willing enforcement exercise, united with the
      attitudes (positiveness, equanimity, freedom from prejudice) that
      Rudolf Steiner gave us, for the first time, in the fifth Chapter of
      Occult Science.
      Those are the basic means to destroy the bad influence
      that "subnature" (through EM waves ,RF
      computers' microwaves) causes to our physical and etheric bodies.
      So if we try to understand better this matter we'll be able to
      that the above exercises are ,in the same time, means for
      cognition's improvement and moral enforcement. So the
      "shield" or
      the "mantle", springing from those activities, became
      something able
      to protect us from any physical-etheric poisoning.
      But this is, as I said, only a side of the media's question.
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