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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Widow Maker Blair among the flowers

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  • jan
    ... Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Widow Maker Blair among the flowers On 30/7/03 4:04 pm, vikingmusic wrote: What a fine message! Full of
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 5, 2003
      Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Widow Maker Blair among the flowers On 30/7/03 4:04 pm, "vikingmusic" <vikingmusic@...> wrote:

      What a fine message! Full of truth and beauty. I will read this
      again, and drink form its clear stream.

      thank you

      From Jan – Hello Mark, good to ‘meet you’ although I am late in replying as for some reason I have only just discovered this email in my inbox.  Your ‘Viking Music’ address brings a welcome thought of the cool North into an overheated August day.
           As the internet arose out of weaponry-technology, I am all the happier that we can  send a thought-thread spinning into the ether, and another is thinking and spinning their thoughts out too, and where they cross a meeting can take place!  So we life the ether-net out of the realm of sub ethers into the Humanly-Michael-spun ‘Golden Fleece’ of the lifted etheric body...thank you for your enthusiasm and interest,

      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "starbirdgarden"
      <starbirdgarden@b...> wrote:
      >      When Holy Bee visits flowers, even those that are dark and
      poisonous a=
      > nd
      > enclosed, looking earthward, like the deep purple Monkshood,
      something is g=
      > ifted as
      > well as stolen.
      > Bee does not say "I will not go there, into those darkest blooms,
      through t=
      > hose
      > ancient portals into the treacherous realm of those `Wee folk, bad
      > hose home
      > is in the hollow hills. Instead I will take only the open road of
      the Rose,=
      >  the rich
      > golden pollen-fields of the Day's Eye, the freely offered
      Honeysuckle cornu=
      > copia??
      > where the holy lance rests on the fealty of day's knighthood, where
      the goo=
      > d fairies
      > of the three wishes live."     
      >      Melissa-Bee disappears inside the sinister brother-hooded
      flower,into =
      > night
      > consciousness and takes what can be lifted and transformed, and
      hums the hu=
      > m of
      > Cosmic Comforter, which promises redemption to all the extended,
      enchanted =
      > cells
      > and shapes of extruded Adam Cadmon, tells the tale of Mani, leaves
      a promis=
      > sory
      > kiss on the pollen dusted lips and takes something of the darkness
      out and =
      > through
      > and into the light.
      >      Even though the plants may lie upon a declining line, even
      though they=
      >  bear seeds
      > and juices of death and hallucination, Bee can still save something
      > l and
      > precious.  
      >  The linkage of the name Blair with Manichaeism has been dripped
      regularly =
      > into the
      > newspapers for several years now, and, again (shoot me down in
      flames if yo=
      > u will) is
      > done purposely, at least on one level.  The concept is dualism,
      there is ne=
      > ver the
      > mention of transformation. Nothing is to be redeemed, only
      destroyed. Manic=
      > haeism
      > is presented as a battle between light and dark, good and evil.
      Once again =
      > Mani's
      > flayed skin is hung out to dry, over a strange portal.
      >      This, to me, is almost comforting. Mani is feared.  While the
      battle g=
      > oes on, ding
      > dong, tossed from horn to horn of the beast, ideology battles
      ideology, (al=
      > l such
      > parties and ideas are actually beings to whom people adhere, stuck
      like fli=
      > es on a fly
      > paper)  while this mud slinging goes on, nothing is raised to
      >      To return to Joksu's thread of Initiation (which I am still
      inwardly c=
      > ontemplating
      > with questions ) it seems to me that the path of initiation in each
      life is=
      >   now unique,
      > although obviously conforming to the Template of Christian
      Initiation, as l=
      > ived by
      > Steiner and others mentioned on this forum.
      > We are strategically placed, each one within the stream of karma
      and best
      > usefullness.  In the past, karma was more a matter of obeying or
      > ing laws,
      > and so was the business of Moses.  The Ego develops and grows in
      two direct=
      > ions, in
      > knowledge of material, and even sub material world, where `material
      girl' M=
      > adonna is
      > queen, where Big Brother has us by the neck.  And into the
      spiritual world =
      > where
      > Christ is Brother of man, and the Divine Sophia enthroned in heart-
      mind. Th=
      > e two
      > edged sword is dangerous.  We all suffer wounds.
      >     Knowledge of Christ as Lord of karma is actually the means
      whereby the =
      > light is
      > generated in the soul which enables us to see Him in the etheric.  
      Steiner =
      > tells how we
      > will increasingly be aware that we shall have to speak with and
      offer our d=
      > eeds to
      > Christ after death, and that this very awareness, felt during life
      > s the
      > necessary light.  This is an all important thought.
      >    And so Karma is the business of Christ.  Moses and Elijah, the
      Two Witne=
      > sses, even
      > they must lie for three days in echo of old initiation in the
      streets of th=
      > e city. And they
      > are able to stand in Transfiguration, going on, have passed through
      the New=
      > Initiation right into the vision of John, the promise that we too
      may sound=
      >  our own
      > individual note in the singing of the New City. The Two Witnesses
      are cruci=
      > al to the
      > times to come.  Think on.
      >    Because John has seen it, revealed it,  it is possible, this
      Golden City=
      > , which cometh  
      > down out of heaven, descending by grace as well as by the sweat of
      > e and
      > inner human toil.
      >      Each must follow his/her own road, always aware of and
      listening to ot=
      > hers met
      > along the way, but undeviating and firm once the path is shown.
      >      For each there comes a holy moment, one defining blessed
      bestowal of l=
      > ight,
      > usually undeserved, which shows us who we are and where we are to
      go. Stein=
      > er too
      > was reminded of himself, shown his way ahead.  Even the Initiate
      may forget=
      > , step
      > into the enchanted forest and lose his way, the light shining on
      armour may=
      >  dazzle.
      >       A plus of getting older ( I am 55) is the chance to look back
      along t=
      > he path of life
      > and see the initiating moments, echoes past lives, seeds of future
      tasks th=
      > at are
      > strewn everywhere, disguised, in symbol, in suffering and
      encounter.  I can=
      >  see many
      > such moments, and now some of their counterparts and fruits, some
      still onl=
      > y
      > seedlings.  
      >      Once called, there is nowhere to go but on. Our relationship
      to Rudolf=
      >  Steiner,
      > Manes and other Initiates is also personal and unique, as is the
      > ip to Christ
      > Himself.
      >     One such moment came to me when I was about eleven, and someone
      used th=
      > e
      > word `gently' in a quite ordinary conversation.  So what?  People
      use words=
      >  all the
      > time.  But I heard this word.  This one word sung and sounded in my
      head an=
      > d heart
      > and was an utterly defining moment.  It lit up a way, as ideal, the
      voice o=
      > f someone
      > speaking from another level of consciousness.  It defined the path
      I aspire=
      > d to,
      > changed my life, although the person who spoke it never knew it.
      >      Bee led, we do not need to apologise for going into darkest
      places, be=
      > cause we do
      > not seek to live there, but to bring what we may into the light.  
      Once ligh=
      > ted, Ahriman
      > is disarmed.  Steiner never tired of alerting people to the
      presence of Ahr=
      > iman.  
      >      Yes, awakening does indeed reveal the adversaries.  Steiner
      explained =
      > that fear,
      > albeit unconscious was what prevents us all from becoming
      consciously clair=
      > voyant.  
      > Of course, there are degrees of clairvoyance, and beings do not
      >  announce
      > themselves by their true names.  The most evil being may appear in
      >      They have indeed carved up the body, but there is necessity
      here too. =
      >  It may be
      > more accurate to say that they experience both themselves and us in
      the bod=
      > y, as we
      > are largely unconscious of their activity.
      >      Fear is the medium in which they sew their seeds.  This is why
      the int=
      > ernet and
      > conspiracy `theory' claims so many victims in mental disturbance.
      It is not=
      >  an easy
      > path.  But we, who by grace have come by the light of Michael, need
      not fea=
      > r, but go
      > where our inner sense of truth leads us, each one bringing
      something indisp=
      > ensable,
      > whether it is work in one field or another.
      >      Back to Holy Bee.  Steiner fascinatingly tells of how the
      poison in th=
      > e body of the
      > bee is not for defence in terms of stinging.  The bee goes gently,
      and lets=
      >  you stroke
      > her.  The poison is related to the human Ego, and the bee needs the
      same fo=
      > rce that
      > in the human circulates fluid, pulsing through the heart,
      transforming phys=
      > ical blood
      > into etheric. Shakespeare wrote "Where the Bee sucks, therre suck
      I" (I am)=
      >   Bee works
      > and weaves in circulating, potentised etheric ethers, fluids so
      >  formed, so
      > rhythmically stirred by stars and winds and seasons that they are
      organs of=
      >  hearing
      > ??.Holy Bee can hear the Stars.  She tells these secrets, secretes
      honey, d=
      > ances her
      > mazy dance among the flowers that are passing one another on the
      road, some=
      > climbing, some declining.  Holy Bee knows the dervish dancing of
      potent ene=
      > rgies, is
      > part of sacred giving and taking that never blames or criticises.
      >  Some tiny Bees come every year to a special muddy clay patch in my
      >  mines
      > the London-clay-earth which I keep moist, takes infinitesimal bites
      and fli=
      > es away in
      > bee line, carrying earth into heaven to some high place where a
      hive is bui=
      > lt. Again
      > and again they make the journey.  I watch them fly so high into the
      sky tha=
      > t I cannot
      > follow them, bee lined to the chosen site.
      >     My own way is bee-ward. Bless you on way, whatever it is,
      wherever it l=
      > eads.  Go
      > gently,
      >     Jan

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