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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    ... De : jan ... Perhaps Daniel hasn t seen your questionning; the Warrior opportunist shall use this Mirage
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2003
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      De : jan<starbirdgarden@...>
      On 3/8/03 6:23 pm, "daniel bernard" <fantomeurbain@...> wrote:

      > hi,
      > today buy driving my car, buy a sunny day, i made a possibility in my
      > soul,. you know, when the light of the sun crash on the black road, produce
      > some mirage, mirage who dissapere when enough near, may be long and black
      > snakes distance when we approach them, cause the christ follow us in this
      > distance. may be not. may i be nut.
      > Hello Daniel,
      > I don¹t know what a mirage is, perhaps someone else does, but it could
      > well be a portal or doorway into
      > the supersensible, like the horizon, or the nowhere-everywhere line of the sea
      > where it meets the sand. Why not make it into a poem? I really liked your
      > ŒWarrior¹.
      > Jan

      Perhaps Daniel hasn't seen your questionning; the Warrior opportunist shall use this 'Mirage' matter-Mediator and provide a Door and a Way Sunportal into the Supersensible...

      It is said that a 'Mirage' is an optical ILLUSION in which atmospheric refraction by a layer of hot air DISTORTS or INVERTS reflection of distant objets...

      We are now into a MAYA Theme...
      We require for the Truth a Change of Thinking, a Different Disposition in regard to the Senses - I would say a Transcendentalism, an A c t i v e (Willful)
      Aspiration(Sehnen), a LONGING...

      Fichte: " We call Aspiration(Sehnen) a Determination that comes from within the 'I', that is a tendency to go towards something totally unknown, this very latter get revealed uniquely by a need, an unease[Dis-Harmony], by an Emptiness that seek to be filled..."

      Poor or Rich...
      Rich of Illusions of the Senses and Poor of Spirit?
      I think that's it.

      6:20 "And He lifted up His eyes in His disciples and said. Blessed be ye Poor; for yours is the Kingdom of God.
      6:21 Blessed are ye that Hunger now, for ye shall be Filled. Blessed are ye that Weep now: for ye shall Laught!"

      7:31 And the Lord said, whereunto them shall I liken the men of this generation? and to what are hey like?
      7:32 They are like unto Children Sitting in the Marketplace, and calling one to another, and saying, we have Piped unto you, and ye have not Danced, we have Mourned to you and ye have not Wept"...

      Archetypal Divine Love and out of the BLUE the Hymns... The Herd Boy and the Weaver, the Singer Outer-eyes-sense-Blind Homer Inner Sighted into this Radha-Krishna, Odysseus-Penelopa Story, that which is Ultimately Spiritual Romance, a Christ and Sophia Mystery...

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