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  • jan
    ... Re: [anthroposophy] may be On 3/8/03 6:23 pm, daniel bernard wrote: hi, today buy driving my car, buy a sunny day, i made a
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 3, 2003
      Re: [anthroposophy] may be On 3/8/03 6:23 pm, "daniel bernard" <fantomeurbain@...> wrote:

            today buy driving my car, buy a sunny day, i made a possibility in my soul,. you know, when the light of the sun crash on the black road, produce some mirage, mirage who dissapere when enough near, may be long and black snakes distance when we approach them, cause the christ follow us in this distance. may be not. may i be nut.

      Hello Daniel,
            I don’t know what a mirage is, perhaps someone else does, but it could well be a portal or doorway into
      the supersensible, like the horizon, or the nowhere-everywhere line of the sea where it meets the sand. Why not make it into a poem?  I really liked your ‘Warrior’.

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