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Rép. : [anthroposophy] The Promise of Air

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Hey Jan! This Johann-Jan-John-Air thread bears much Light my dear Empirical Zenith day stroller Nature Lover... And as I think of the Wayward you brought -
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2003
      Hey Jan!

      This Johann-Jan-John-Air thread bears much Light my dear Empirical Zenith day stroller Nature Lover...

      And as I think of the Wayward you brought - Theme of the Freedom Pilgriming as one could say as FORMATIVE Learning - Self EDUCATION Force, I am led to speak similar of this other wording as a 'Journeyman' is also some kind of a Renunciant, Parsifal like somehow a fool, a rebel much like a Heart of Paul on the Road of Damascus methinks - on God, Providential, the Blessings relying...
      Indeed the Lord, Cultural in Karma Teach!

      The World as Goethe Etheric-thick understood - Platonic - Psyche and Eros brings many adventures in all kinds of fields multi-experimental; I mean to do things Freely for the Love of it...

      Freedom and Love, to Salute our friends of the 10th Hierarchy, as I said before Goethe an AUM Seed Impulse for Anthroposophy, knows Anthropos, Botanic, Colors, Myths, etc.
      An Example we should all strive for, to know about everything - take deep interest in and
      Embody even the whole wisdom of Britain if we can and further as well the whole world Michael Time Spirit Universal Communy with in Christ.

      See, a Group of Men and Women through Time have together around different Tables
      shared Pentacostal the Promise of Air.
      Banqueted, Dialogued, Wept of Joy, Wept of Sadness, but Synergistic together as an Extraordinary League always Lept or made
      Groundbreaking Leaps....

      The Beat of a Different Drum I hear, as well as Bradford as well as you Jan Dear...
      The Weave of the Father's Eyes is to make out of the Brain a New Fabric Etheric Heart Based - To be Quickened Supersensible -
      Spirit - Create out of the Instant - Carpe
      Diem - Enact the Magic.
      Qualitative Potentize Sun Wisdom Air
      Transmit Mercurial, Jan, Ethic; Second
      Nature Birth Star Bird the Jupiter, Angel....


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      De : starbirdgarden<starbirdgarden@...>
      Daughter of Frau von Moltke – "Herr Doctor, have you really never danced?"
      Rudolf Steiner – "Yes, your Ladyship, in the roundelay of the planets!"

      Here in London is a magical, dancing airy day. A sun lit, blue day la=

      nced with gold
      and alive with Promise. I have been in the garden, shaded by Woody Nightsha=

      de, Elder
      purple berried everywhere, floating insects and friendly, playful squirrels=

      . My
      beautiful bird companions in every tree and bush, the Ring Doves on the bir=


      "O gift of God, O perfect day
      Whereon shall no man work but play
      Whereon it is enough for me
      Not to be doing, but to be." Longfellow, I think...

      Comes Danny's wonderful tale of Wayfaring and Spirit-encounters, and =

      I feel so
      moved and heartened that across the world a friend sees and recognises othe=

      wayfaring souls long known and loved. These meetings must be infinitely pr=

      ecious to
      the Angels. How much more so when the seeing is so deep and the recognitio=

      n true
      …….. and I'll take this opportunity to say how very much I love the poetry =

      that has
      been gracing this forum. And the insights so freely shared.
      Once when I was sitting having a coffee at the outside café on the nea=

      rby Druid's
      Hill and feeding the birds, a beautiful elderly lady sitting nearby called =

      softly to me "I
      think the first sound we hear after death is bird song…" that was our firs=

      t encounter,
      and we have been the closest friends now for over ten years.
      So on this day of pure golden light, free air and momentous re-meeting=

      s halfway
      across the world, my thoughts turn to those who scented this new air many y=


      Countess Keyserlingk – "And is the interior of the earth that gold which co=

      mes from
      the hollow cavity of the sun and which is destined to return there?"
      Rudolf Steiner – "Yes, the interior of the earth is of gold."

      In the wonderful book "The Crock of Gold" by James Stephens the crock of go=

      ld, of
      the Leprechauns of Gort na Cloca Mora has been stolen……..
      the pure leprechaun golden etheric is affected by the encroaching materiali=

      sm of cold
      scientific thinking and technology. A literary response sings up in the he=

      arts of poets
      and authors like Yeats, Goerge Russel and James Stephens into the changing =

      air of
      Ancient, Holy Ireland where the gods yet walked, and some knew of One who w=

      coming....into that etheric world they knew so intimately.

      Quote -"It will be understood that when the Leprechauns of Gort na Cloca Mo=

      ra acted
      in the manner about to be recorded, they were not prompted by any lewd pass=

      ion for
      revenge, but were merely striving to reconstruct a rhythm which was their v=

      existence, and which must have been of direct importance to the Earth.
      Revenge is the vilest passion known to life. It has made law possible=

      , and by
      doing so it gave to Intellect the first grip at that universal dominion whi=

      ch is it's
      A Leprechaun is of more value to the Earth than is a Prime Minister o=

      r a
      stockbroker, because a Leprechaun dances and makes merry, while a Prime Min=

      knows nothing of these natural virtues – consequently, an injury done to a =

      Leprechaun afflicts the Earth with misery, and justice is, for these reason=

      s, an
      imperative and momentous necessity.
      A community of leprechauns without a crock of gold is a blighted and m=

      community, and they were certainly justified in seeking sympathy and assist=

      ance for
      the recovery of so essential a treasure. But the steps whereby the Leprach=

      auns of
      Gort na Cloca Mora sought to regain their property must for ever brand thei=

      r memory
      with a certain odium.
      It should be remembered in their favour that they were cunningly and cr=

      encompassed. Not only was their gold stolen, but it was buried in such a p=

      osition as
      placed it under the protection of their own communal honour, and the househ=

      old of
      their enemy was secured against their active and righteous malice, because =

      the Thin
      Woman of Inis Magrath belonged to the most powerful Shee of Ireland.
      It is in circumstances such as these that dangerous alliances are made=

      , and for the
      first time in history, the elemental beings invoked bourgeois assistance.
      They were loath to do it, and justice must record the fact. They were=

      angry when
      they did it, and anger is both mental and intuitive blindness. It is not t=

      he beneficent
      blindness which prevents one from seeing without, but it is that desperate =

      which cloaks the within, and hides the heart and the brain from each other'=

      husbandly and wifely recognition.
      But even those mitigating circumstances cannot justify the course they=

      and the wider idea must be sought for, that out of evil good must ultimatel=

      y come, or
      else evil is vitiated beyond even the redemption of usage…….When the Leprac=

      of Gort na Cloca Mora found they were unable to regain their crock of gold =

      by any
      means, they laid an anonymous information at the nearest Police Station sho=

      wing that
      two dead bodies would be found under the hearthstone in the hut of the Phil=

      ………." End quote.

      The tale is a dialogue between heart and head. All about human
      meetings, tiny exchanges, cross fertilized souls on the road.
      Something fresh is in the air. Which was felt and understood earlier by Al=

      Blackwood, who, unsatisfied by the rigid Christianity he had been born into=

      , looked
      further. Something was stirring in the spiritual world, and he wove that s=

      into wonder and poetry, creating heart-space for what was to flow into evol=

      The Promise of Air is about the sense of the approaching Etheric Christ. Th=

      promising `Air' of the book is light ether,separated out from air, super-bo=

      yant air,
      levity air, and the other ethers are borne by and woven in and out of the n=

      arrative and
      the Air-ether. The rhyming song of the ever-dancing, flying girl, soundin=

      throughout the book like a spiritual signature, is about creative dynamic m=

      "Fly, fly flow, where-ever I AM I GO." The story offers not a criticism of =

      materialism and science, but a whiff on the air of something new and fresh,=

      an airy,
      light filled alternative, attempting to lift the whole dreary paradigm into=

      a new living,
      dancing potentised energy, one that enables, gives birth, grows.
      In this expectant new medium the soul can breathe, the ethers flow har=

      into play, tuned to The Human Chord (Another Blackwood title) as played in =

      Revelations, threefolded; harpers harping with their harps.
      We visit Hyde Park, Speaker's Corner, where the Common Man with his comm=

      sense Airs his views on the coming Altar-ed whirled-world, enthused by some=

      thing in
      the air. Speaks of the future, what can now come to live in it, what breath=

      es, what can
      be scented by it - common scents as well as common sense.
      Humanity is everywhere seen trying to fly inwardly, soul kites, soul b=

      irds, the dove
      form of the larynx begins to stir it's wings. Something, Some One is comin=

      meetings are significant…..all are met by something new…..
      The ordinary people of this book are on tiptoe, arms raised, rising as=

      upward to full human stature by the Angel, who offers them the wafer-hosted=

      They reach up for it…… surely Blackwood with others prepared the eth=

      chalice for Steiner's anthroposophy, were there to create the sacred space =

      which was
      so sadly filled in Theosophy by an inrush of old Colonial-incurred karma an=

      d the
      fallen element in the brotherhoods of the east. But what was created spiri=

      When I was maybe nine or ten at Primary school, I remember a geography=

      There was a map of the world on the wall, mostly coloured pink. The Teacher=

      as follows. "The pink bits are all ours. England is the Mother Country. =

      All the other
      countries love us. The Queen is the Mother of Nations." I remembered it w=

      because it seemed strange to me, even then. A breath of air was needed. Som=

      e had
      felt it, drawn a deep breath with something powerful and pure in it.
      In The Promise of Air the hero's Love, who becomes his wife, is very i=

      and discerningly drawn. She embodies the hero's ideals and aspirations, br=

      also that exalted air, even seeming more at home in it, move awake to it's =

      than he. She is his soul. A bird leads him across country to her. They mar=

      ry and
      quickly have two children, a boy who is dull and materialistic, and a girl=

      who is
      spiritually awake and able to lead her father into the heights of the new A=

      ir which he
      seems to have lost.
      The wife (for so she has become) is utterly spent of all spirit treasu=

      re, and has
      expended what was invested in her in giving birth. She is left heavy, earth=

      y and
      comfortable in the deadliest way. This is very interesting. The daughter =

      rises, a
      purified soul force, not tainted by sex, a guiding power in his life, and t=

      he mother is
      somehow separated out. The air gives rise to light…..something rises, somet=

      settles. The boy settles for material success. Falls even further than the=

      Under the daughter's tutelage, her father finds his wings, is aired, =

      able to be
      freely spontaneous instead of over care-full.

      Quote - "He remembered that Athena gave Menelaus, in order that he migh=

      t resist
      Hector – what? Not weapons, or money or skill or strength. No. Athena gav=

      e him –
      `the courage of a fly'…………..he was indeed `alive' Like an audacious fly he =

      settled on the nose of Fate." End quote

      Blackwood is aware of the relation of formative force in feather and i=

      n thought, the
      air born, flying head –new thought- Bird -thought is the over-riding concep=

      t of the
      book: bird wisdom, bird song in the sound ether, relatedness of sound to fo=

      migration paths and risen-flock, not earthly herd. The thoughts of the her=

      o are
      brought him by swift to swallow. The digesting of the Book is bittersweet.=

      Every page is packed with insight.

      Quote – "science, hitherto destructive chiefly, must enter a new field or =

      discredited. It must become constructive, it must examine spiritual states=

      . The
      barrier between the organic and the inorganic was already breached……….it wa=

      s no
      flabby utopian brotherhood he saw, but a practical co-operative life based =

      those greater powers, and upon that completer understanding lying, hid with=

      God in
      the subliminal regions of humanity." End quote.

      Blackwood knew that Something was in the Air…… the story ends with the revi=

      ving of
      the soul of the Mother, the redemption of what was sank down in order that =

      something new could rise up, something temporarily lost. The book is writt=

      en as the
      bird flies, but butterfly technology is there too.
      "There are no drops of air……"
      This is a man who was ready for what was coming, "The Centaur " and =

      Human Chord" also explore etheric-HUMAN potentials, because the acrivity o=

      f the
      human being is everything. Another book, "The Wave" tells of a group of ka=

      related people, brought together in a new incarnation resounding with old l=

      hates and murder. The redemption of this karma, the sacrifice of renouncin=

      g revenge
      for love is the theme. The ambiguity of the title, which refers to an actu=

      al wave
      formation of desert sand, also allows the characters to wave as they pass o=

      another, meeting after long intervals and gaps in life, until the crucial =

      crux is reached
      …….the cross taken up, and there is a Rose flowering of soul.
      The Moment has not passed. There is still Something in the air……whil=

      e I was
      writing this, door open onto the garden, an absolutely enormous bee flew in=

      made a bee line towards me, settling on my open book, on the quote I am abo=

      ut to
      conclude with. It stayed a while, then flew out. Not all meetings are hum=


      James Stephens - "I know," said he "why Angus Og sent me that message.=

      wants me to make a poem to the people of Erinn, so that when the Sleepers a=

      rise they
      will meet with friends."
      "The sleepers have arisen," said the Philosopher "They are about us on=

      every side.
      They are walking now, but they have forgotten their names and the meaning o=

      f their
      names. You are to tell them their names and their lineage, for I am an old=

      man, and
      my work is done."
      "I will make a poem some day," said the boy, "and every man will shout=

      when he
      hears it."
      "God be with you, my son." said the Philosopher, and he embraced the b=

      oy and
      went forward on his journey." end of quote


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