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Liberalism: a mental disorder

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  • lightsearcher1
    ... Bradford Riley ... - Yes, the hot blood of Liberalism and its most recently-hatched concept of a new Homosexual High in New York City. This shows what you
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 2, 2003
      --- In anthroposophy,
      Bradford Riley
      forthward-ly gushed:

      > Marvel with me, if you will, the
      > hot blood of warmth that floods over
      > the cold, cold aims of the ARhrimanic agenda.

      - Yes, the hot blood of Liberalism and
      its most recently-hatched concept of a
      new Homosexual High in New York City.

      This shows what you get when lying liberals sell their
      cant about "inclusiveness" and "diversity" - Their real
      motives are destruction of the social order, as in their
      increasing push, as one example, for legalized marriage.

      Can you imagine? - Liberal homo-promo media advocacy for
      homosexual marriage...but we hear NO ONE DECRYING the
      unfairness of the illegal status of a biblically-sanctioned
      of human beings having more than one marriage mate of
      the OPPOSITE sex.

      . . . . . . . . . . . . .


      Natural science - (and the liberal media secularism which is its
      genetic twin - ED.) - will be totally blind to the event of
      which I have told you, for if men become half devils
      through their sexual instincts, science - (and the liberal
      secularism which is its genetic twin - ED.) - will as
      a matter of course regard this as a natural necessity.

      Man will pride himself upon...such satisfaction
      in - (and "Civil Rights" for! - ed.) obeying certain
      aberrations of the sexual impulses that he would
      regard them as evidence of:

      - a particularly
      high development of superhumanity,
      of freedom from convention, of broad-mindedness!

      Things have finally come to the point where the leading positions
      everywhere are held by those who are most contemptuous of the ideal,
      of the spiritual.

      Now a few — mostly out of instinct — are actually beginning to croak
      that a new age must come, with all kinds of new ideals. But it is
      all so much croaking.

      People - (and LIBERALS and the MEDIA and the SICK UNIVERSITY
      CULTURE - ed.) - will actually like things that make the human
      being — in a certain direction — unhealthy.

      Nothing of this would be perceived because it would all be regarded
      as natural necessity.

      In a certain respect, ugliness will be beauty and beauty, ugliness.

      But it would denote an aberration from the path which, in the nature
      of humanity itself, is prescribed for man's essential being.


      . . . . . . . . . . . . .

      By the way, please go and CLICK ANYWHERE here and
      then try to tell me Liberalism is not a mental disorder:


      . . . . . . . . . . . . .


      The Weekly Standard
      August 2, 2003 / Volume 8, #45

      Beyond Gay Marriage: the Road to Polyamory
      by Stanley Kurtz


      You will have to cut and paste BACK together
      the whole link if it does not show in BLUE in
      its entirety.

      . . . . . . . . . . . . .

      Here's the POSITIVE result when the "hot blood
      of warm morality" faces the ahrimanic sicko's
      in North Korea -

      News Story - http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/s914799.htm

      "On behalf of his leadership, the (Russian) ambassador said that the
      Democratic People's Republic of Korea favours holding six-sided
      talks with Russia's participation on settling the current difficult
      situation on the Korean peninsula and is undertaking active efforts
      for them to take place," the statement said.

      - - - Score one more for the inept bumbling hick from Texas.
      It's amazing how not capitulating to terrorists and thugs
      can bring about positive change in the world.

      Clinton would have bent over backwards to give Kim
      anything he wanted.
    • holderlin66
      ... wrote: Nice to hear from you again Lightsearcher. I have missed your unique, value added points of view. Lets see, to catch up, I
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 3, 2003
        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "lightsearcher1"
        <lightsearcher1@y...> wrote:

        Nice to hear from you again Lightsearcher. I have missed your unique,
        value added points of view. Lets see, to catch up, I recently worked
        on and performed a puppet show, A Japanese Tale about the Weaver and
        the Herd boy. It was Star based. How the caretaker of the Cosmic Bull
        loved the little Weaver girl, the little lady who wove the garments,
        the ideal phantom form structures out of which the cellular model of
        human incarnating forms would be made manifest when they arrived on
        Earth again.

        The Herd boy and the Weaver were in Love and started neglecting their
        duties. The bull started wandering through everyones bullish wills
        and the weaver and herd boy were so much in love that the phantom
        Sophia Wisdom forms, formed out of the Higher Star Regions, where
        human I AM's get entirely new physics and re-ordered and integrated
        constellations of karmic unions to manifest on earth, under unique
        planetary and biographical moments, was disrupted. In other words
        Karma and disease were falling into disorganization because Heaven
        had some issues.

        Things that are woven in this garment, when someone is born, when
        they will die etc. and key moments when karmic windows would open or
        close, are all re-designed for the human being for their next
        incarnation. It reveals an active part that Sophia and the Stars play
        in the pre-forming of incarnational designs and patterns. Thus is the
        Imagination of the Weaver and the Herd Boy. We shall be performing
        this again in September at The Center for Puppetry Arts.

        I have been to several Outdoor concerts. One of them, was with a
        friend of mine whose cousin was the new keyboard and piano player for
        Art Garfunkel. Through Simon and Garfunkel and again in this concert
        the window of the Time Spirit, of Sentient and Relgious songs and
        mighty windows of culture that brought many of us, including you,
        into incarnation were flung wide open for me. We went back stage, but
        Art was in one of his moods, so we went to the Hotel where the whole
        band came and joined in a nice celebration for baby cousin. Another
        generation looking from outside and in at something of the passage of
        a mighty Time Spirit Breath, which they could see, touch and catch.
        While new ones are forming.

        Now I have been most pleased at the mighy wave of backdraft against
        the Administration of GWB. I have no idea if we can dislodge this
        crew, but the more I hear about it, the more I can see something so
        uncanny, that no planes were scrambled, that the Saudi's harbored the
        Terrorists, that with the obvious Imagination of the first bombing of
        the WTC, it was clear what the name of the catastrophe would be and
        what it should look like, the gigantic catastrophe could be super-
        imposed over the whole arab world and the arab world blamed. Who
        would sacrifice a few to such a cause to see the Arab world
        destroyed? Now I would hardly have believed myself coming slowly to
        some sort of interesting black bag insights like this with an Israeli
        handle on it, all for higher aims...but it keeps peaking up behind
        the curtain.

        But what has continued, even if such mighty twists and turns can
        never be uncovered, what has pleased me most of all, is that the
        blind loyalty you showed for this whole nut ball administration as it
        is unraveling and thousands, millions, see this entire monster, or
        its outlines in ways that you failed, and failed and refused to see
        and placed yourself again and again in the soapbox of some Right Wing
        radio host warms my heart. No one has yet rubbed your nose in it. Nor
        do I. There is still another 11th hour save needed by Karl Rove who
        handles GWB double and the whole administrations Ahrimanic Agenda
        like a pro. I'm sure your false egregorial fundamentalist roots will
        win this one, but I marvel at the Dunce these mighty Intellectuals
        used to front their operations.

        There is the final stretch, without U.N. weapons Inspectors to be
        bribed or verify, to suddenly uncover those 'Plans" or 'Programs' and
        hidden objects that may, at a stretch prove to the dull witted
        American mind that this whole mighty monster we have created was all
        worth while. It wasn't worth while and it is a walking, Living Dead,
        monster directly resurrected out of the botched brothels of Nazi
        propaganda and with all the failings of the British and all the
        skullduggery and lies of the most crude kind animating it like the
        Wizard of Oz. About now we need the movie "7 Days in May", where the
        Intelligence community takes over the Whitehouse before America
        becomes the monster it is growing into.

        But that is just my opinion, and nothing to do with the facts. The
        facts are probably worse and we would hang these men or shot them
        outright if we knew all the facts. There are dark hands in all of
        these things, but the number one hand is the same occult fact that
        makes humanity mature. That is the Ahrimanic Deception and Ahrimanic
        Symptomology working without the Christ Impulse in the Intellects and
        brains of the millions in America who are encouraged to remain
        ignorant. But because of your poetic affilitations and such a
        brilliant and fine sense of humor, I have never considered you one of
        those and actually respect your entirely "Fundamentalist- Pat
        Robertson" clinging to crumbs standpoint you call Christianity.

        So what have you been up to lately Brother Ron?

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