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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    PRESENCE It was an April morning When they told us we should go An as I turn to you, you smile at me How could they say no Whoa, the fun to have To live the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2003

      "It was an April morning
      When they told us we should go
      An' as I turn to you, you smile at me
      How could they say no
      Whoa, the fun to have
      To live the dreams we always had
      Whoa, the songs to sign
      When we at last return again"

      -'Achilles Last Stand', Led Zeppelin, Presence.

      Coalition of the Willing indeed Bradford!
      Around a Table, whatever comes from the Left and the Right we Center fear not Ahriman, Lucifer nor any others...
      Read Modern the Oracles, New Brahmins of the Cultural Sphere - Wander Within Beyond(Transcendental) Lift the Veil,
      with Isis in the Beautiful Spiritual here and otherwhere - Travel Different Layers - Unite Sun and Earth - The Evidences Gather - Careful-Inspect what is Offered....

      And Understand the Work Century Turn;
      Time, Clock, Actual Position and Labour,
      Karmic Bold and Bolder!

      When you spoke Bradford, enunciated, told about the Zeppelin and the Polarities in the Evolution of Mankind, I said to myself I must examine a bit further as to what was the Meaning of the recent re-entrance of my teen Music in my life, Nexus, in the Light of my actual listening environment and Astral Atmosphere - Relation Parallelism, Synchronistic birthday Gift received from my cousin Sophie the Artist this year - a bar of Soap 'Gladiator'!

      "Riddle and Rhyme", as Jan says it so well Poetic-illustrate the Symbolic and the Karmic; I Find Wonder, Fine Synergy of the Brain-Storming on this list, Yahoo!
      Enthusiasm and Encounters of the Day and Night; The 'Lord of Karma; Weaving Power' do Provide, Communication Subtle, Many Answers!

      And Imagination Parsifal and the Roadrunner, some will say 'Frivolous', I hear them "these Subconscious...", calling us Fools, we of the Phoenix Order...

      But with a Box of Chocolate or some Ice Cream, the Eon's Cosmic Child Rejoice with Good Cheer Fret not - Gem Nathan Soul in 'Î'.

      Of the Heart, Archer,
      Bow and Lyre,
      The Simple Pleasures,
      An Eternal Flame,
      Of Life Enjoy Forever;
      And Know the Comforter!


      Thanks Generous Bradford...
      You Organic Hyperion-add New Pages write, just like you formally said, Fidel and Friend, authored; to evermore (Qualitative!) speak - "say more later"!


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      De : Bradford Riley<holderlin66@...>
      From: danifyou@...
      Subject: [anthroposophy] Brain Mountain
      >Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 09:57:13 -0400

      Danny wrote;

      >>After all Christ Himself needed wounds and a pierced body to Infuse it
      >>Anew right? One can say that at Gethsemane He wished the Crucifixion to
      >>come, in order that the Supersensible Forces of the Sun be Grounded, Fixed
      >>down entwined weaved with the Earth, a Burst-Dust-Melt-Down of the Sheaths
      >>and Physical vehicle would not have had the ability to make it the Turning
      >>Point of the Earth into it's Reworking by Christ the Spirit of Form. His
      >>Destiny was the Cross and He Knew it, the Only Way - and for the
      >>Sap-Special Fluid of the Blood-Life to de-Mummify the Earth Rejuvenate all
      >>Mankind through Sun Power Life Power effect of Life on the Lifeless...

      Bradford comments;


      "Nietzsche, like Goethe, held no high opinion of the German people, and in
      other ways, too, the outpourings of this megalomaniacal genius differ from
      those of the chauvinistic German thinkers of the nineteenth century.... The
      Germans, he wrote in Ecce Homo, "have no conception how vile they are," and
      he came to the conclusion that "wheresoever Germany penetrated, she ruins
      culture." He thought that Christians, as much as Jews, were responsible for
      the "slave morality" prevalent in the world. He was never an anti-semite. He
      was sometimes fearful of Prussian culture, and in his last years, before
      insanity closed his mind, he even toyed with the idea of European union and
      world government.

      Yet I think no one who lived in the Third Reich could have failed to be
      impressed by Nietzsche's influence on it. His books might be full, as
      Santayana said, of "genial imbecility" and "boyish blasphemies." Yet Nazi
      scribblers never tired of extolling him. Hitler often visited the Nietzsche
      museum in Weimar and publicized his veneration for the philosopher by posing
      for photographs of himself staring in rapture at the bust of the great man."

      Bradford continues;

      Weapons of Christic Instruction such as your very own surgical sun scalpel
      as well as an outer device is a very wonderful thought image that suits
      myHelios- Hyperion Imagination and allows the Poets in residence, Danny 1
      and Daniel 1 to, continue the book of Daniels. When Jan mentioned
      Coleridge's Khubla Khan, two Imaginations come beaming into the soul life.
      On one hand the creation of a "Planet Hollywood", that robs the conscience
      and substance in the soul life of its karmic bee sting by creating Luciferic
      Imaginations that convince the weak wills of humanity that the Earth Mission
      is doomed. This has been outlined here as Geographic Impulses of Luciferic
      Symptomology in the Far West. It is played and replayed in nearly every film
      we see. The efforts Steiner outlined between the Genghis Luciferic stream
      and the Agenda of Ahriman and Imperial Rome constantly seek to split the
      body from the soul and bury the Spiritual World.

      But Coleridge, like our film makers, caught a glimpse of something.
      Unconsciously, it is a Stately Pleasure Dome and its Earthly manifestation
      in England or the mirage of the arising Luciferic Planet where the
      captivated and numbed hallucination of Earth's Mission is broadcast as a
      Group Soul Programing to numb and pacify the Real Sun Scalpel of Michael
      continues to muddy up reality. Or, the other side of the coin is that
      Coleridge caught a glimpse of the actual Sun Temple of Michael, the "Green
      Snake and Beautiful Lily" mission to bring the Astral Body of Christ into
      the physical World, through the 1st Goetheanum, and the destruction flames
      of that Goetheanum becoming the Foundation Stone and building of the
      mirage, the correct mirage, that Coleridge intuited might very well have
      been the Goetheanum, like the Grail cup, that existed both as a physical
      reality and an Occult etheric reality. In the visionary hallucination
      Coleridge, connected to my own beloved Poets stream, may have seen something
      through his distorted consciousness.

      But Hitler, as Danny has said, was gassed in the trenches in WWI and his
      Brain found an equally cosmic being of the same stamp- Ahriman as the
      occupation army in Nietzsche's brain and Industrial Market Planning Whore of
      Babylon Corporate Development out of the Asuric inspired Will Words of
      Hitlers Voice.This was a different kind of recognition of Beings on a
      mission, recognizing each other through the medium of veiled and illusive
      history. For what was it that lived in the Man? Very different than the
      compassion soaked wisdom and warmth in Steiner's words. We are at a point,
      if those who go back through the research on this list, to Luciferic and
      Ahrimanic Symptomology, that can nearly see some of the real Karmic
      streaming and thinking of the Coalition of the willing.


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