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Re: Conscious Brotherhood Activity/Dark side of the Moon

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  • snowplank
    Bradford, Very interesting. I had not read that lecture before or indeed heard of Steiner s mention of the Tao . Your explaination is much appreciated mate.
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      Very interesting. I had not read that lecture before or indeed heard
      of Steiner's mention of the "Tao". Your explaination is much
      appreciated mate. What reality do I arrive at in my study of the TAO?
      For me it gave me a foundation in the world of utter tranquility. It
      allowed (and still allows) me to let go. If I understood him
      correctly, like Joksu I am a scientist by nature and not given to art
      and poetry without some considerable effort. My study of Taoism gave
      me an inner feeling that said "Hey Paul. You don't have to understand
      everything you come across straight away in the way school taught that
      you should. You can take your time and let it come to you bit by
      bit, just by taking the time to be interested in the nature of
      things". It gave me a way of looking at the world not as a cold
      place, full of "things" (or nouns). The world is place of processes.
      In the word's of Alan Watts - there is no such thing as a cat. The
      universe is catting. It is a process. Everything is including me.

      More tomorrow mate, as I have to leave the office now.


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      > >Bradford,
      > >
      > >Just a quick question; what exactly are you referring to when you
      > >mention the "anti Logos of TAO"? I arrived at Anthroposophy from a
      > >primarily Taoist background and therfore I am intrigued as to what
      > >this means.
      > http://wn.elib.com/Steiner/Lectures/19160918p01.html
      > Steiner responds:
      > "A people lived in the West who stood far removed from the intellectual
      > capacities that had evolved in the Eastern Hemisphere, but among
      them were a
      > great number of individuals who had been initiated into certain
      > Before the discovery of America, there were mysteries of the most
      > kind in the Western Hemisphere and they had a large following for the
      > teachings that came from them. Like a single central power whom all
      > and obeyed, a kind of spectral spirit, a descendant of the "Great
      Spirit" of
      > Atlantis, was revered. This spirit had gradually assumed an ahrimanic
      > character because he still worked with forces that had been right in
      > Atlantis or were already ahrimanic there.
      > When the Atlantean spoke of his "Great Spirit," he expressed it, as
      we have
      > seen, in a word that sounded something like the word "Tao," which is
      > preserved in China. An ahrimanic, caricatured counterpart appeared
      in the
      > West as opponent of the "Great Spirit Tao" but he was still
      connected with
      > him. He worked in such a way that he could only be made visible through
      > atavistic, visionary perception but whenever they desired his
      presence, he
      > always showed himself to those persons connected with the widespread
      > mysteries of this cult so they could receive his instructions and
      > This spirit was called by a name that sounded something like Taotl.
      > was thus an ahrimanic distortion of the "Great Spirit" — a mighty
      being and
      > one who did not descend to physical incarnation. A great many men were
      > initiated into the mysteries of Taotl but the initiation was of a
      > ahrimanic character. It had a quite definite purpose and goal, which
      was to
      > rigidify and mechanize all earthly life, including that of humans,
      to such a
      > degree that a special luciferic planet, which has already been
      referred to
      > in these studies, could be founded above earthly life. The souls of men
      > could then be drawn out to it, by force and pressure.
      > As we described yesterday, what the ahrimanic powers were striving
      for in
      > the civilization of Rome was only a feeble echo of what those who,
      under the
      > leadership of Taotl, set out to attain, and this in much fuller and
      > measure by means of the most frightful magical arts. The goal they
      aimed to
      > achieve was to make the whole earth a realm of death, in which
      > possible would be done to kill out independence and every inner
      impulse of
      > the soul. In they mysteries of Taotl the forces were to be acquired
      > would enable men to set up a completely mechanized earthly realm. To
      > end, one had, above all, to know the great cosmic secrets that
      relate to
      > what works and lives in the universe and reveals its activities in
      > existence. You see, this wisdom of the cosmos is fundamentally in its
      > wording, always the same, because truth is always the same. The
      point is,
      > however, whether or not it is received in such a way that it is
      > rightly.
      > Now this cosmic wisdom, which was intrinsically not evil but held holy
      > secrets hidden within it, was carefully concealed by the initiates
      of Taotl.
      > It was communicated to no one who had not been initiated correctly
      by the
      > Taotl method. When a candidate had been initiated in the correct
      way, the
      > teaching concerning the secrets of the cosmos was then imparted to
      him. Now,
      > it was necessary for him to receive these secrets through initiation
      in a
      > quite definite mood of soul. He had to feel in himself the
      inclination and
      > desire to apply them on earth in such a way that they would set up that
      > mechanistic rigid realm of death. It was thus that he had to receive
      > secrets. Nor were they communicated except on one special condition.
      > wisdom was imparted to no one who had no previously committed a
      murder in a
      > particular manner. Moreover, only certain secrets were communicated
      to the
      > candidate after the first murder, but further and higher secrets were
      > imparted to him after he had committed others. "
      > Bradford comments:
      > Imagination and matter, Spirit and Matter were part of a combined
      effort out
      > of the Atlantean culture. Spirit was to be clothed in matter. This
      > that the chemical and atomic table, as well as the design pattern of
      > human being was to be assembled. Animals and the entire Noahatic
      > system of two by two double helix was to be loaded... But the
      diversity of
      > forms and specialized skills of the animals, as well as their
      relation to
      > various functions of the spiritual model, the blueprint of the human
      > that would carry destiny and karma into the future... All this
      demanded a
      > co-operation on the Altars of Atlantean Oracles between various
      > beings, the Sun Logos and matter.
      > Number-Measure and weight was Ahriman's part of the burden or
      bargain. All
      > of us owe matter a great deal, but it reveals the lawfulness of only
      > side of the equation. Tao was the Logos vision of the world, the actual
      > music of the spheres that would make the chemical combinations of
      the atomic
      > table, become various musical and material relationships in matter.
      > was supplied under the Being who answered by the term Taotl and
      therefore as
      > one goes toward the west, Mayan, Aztec and South American cultures
      that took
      > from the altars of Atlantis a sound distortion of TaO, were able to
      > and bring about a power surge and literal appearance of Ahriman.
      Ahrima held
      > the great laws of death and matter and arose as a teacher to large
      > groups that are operative on the earth now.
      > Ahriman appears again when Zarathustra connects to the Sun Logos and
      > Tao. Here again, the term of Taotl, or Ahriman arises out of Persia.
      > Ahriman's mighty relation with creation has a cosmic confernce with
      > in the desert. Here Lucifer, from the ancient history of the gods and
      > Ahriman meet the Tao and Sun Logos and fight, play cards if you
      will, over
      > how to divy up the destiny and fragments of mankind. TAO or Christ
      has to
      > mediate and meets that which is the future bearing force of the
      > Temptation, which goes all the way back to matter and Atlantis.
      > Stones into Bread.
      > If we thought deeply enough about any of these issues we would see
      > that the walking atomic table and particle beam as in "beam me
      aboard" can
      > only be operated in a moral sphere from a Being who conquered both
      > and spirit and was able to assemble and disassemble matter in
      clothing at
      > will and thereby thwart the contract made on the Ancient Atlantean
      > with Taotl/Ahriman.
      > Ahriman has arisen as an invoked being with great threads of power
      but in
      > its wake it creates what we have studied together as AHRIMANIC
      > Political Power brokers, money, number, measure and wealth are
      > with the tools of assassination, torture and lies. Ahriman is a
      living being
      > and if you want to meet what Zarathustra opposed, and had the force to
      > oppose it with... think of it.... you may read such things as
      > work, "Thus Spake Zarathustra". If you can get the sweep of history
      > Andrea and Jan and Joksu musters here regularly, you will see and
      meet a
      > Real Being. A being who bears a cosmic symptomology. That is why
      > Rome and the current administration are being incited in the
      background my
      > brotherhoods that know the secrets we have said above, but the
      > and puppets like Bush and Blair are just bufoons and the content of
      > Kelly that served INTELLIGENCE was not Michael Intelligence. The
      content of
      > the soul that served INTELLIGENCE, in Colin McMillan was not Michael
      > Intelligence.
      > Michael Intelligence serves the TAO or Logos Christ and is able to
      build a
      > bridge to the inner workings of matter and the atomic table without
      > to develop nuclear weaponsry which poisons matter and overdoeses it
      > advanced, future light but without the moral substance of the new
      Love that
      > the Christ detonated at Golgotha.
      > Here we are flapping in the wind and like Starbirgarden has said, the
      > stunning Big Bang is merely shifting the idea that the origin of the
      > universe begins when the very spirit suddenly touches the cell and
      sets off
      > an explosion of cells that match, as far as cells go.. in a human
      > the stars in the galaxies of the universe. I certainly would like to
      > that those who are quiet members can add something to all this or
      > ask questions so that you do not imagine that this is just as easy as
      > falling off a horse. Steiner has a great Eurythmy exercise dealing with
      > TAOT... I used to do it at the Goetheanum and once in awhile in the
      > backyard. Rather would I ask, what reality you arrive at in your
      study of
      > TAO? This would give some measure of understanding where on the map our
      > thinking on TAO is.
      > Bradford
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