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Water Water Everywhere

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  • starbirdgarden
    My ultimate favourite subject!!!! The need of the body for water is finally surfacing. I have followe= d the works of all the people mentioned for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2003
      My ultimate favourite subject!!!!
      The need of the body for water is finally surfacing. I have followe=
      d the works of
      all the people mentioned for some time, and would add that last week I got =
      rid of a
      raging tooth abscess with a clay poultice, short fast and several litres of=
      water . My
      husband once healed a serious illness with a ten day fast and water. (Unfo=
      subjected to dentistry as a child, there are drilled cavities, which I refu=
      se to have filled
      with poisonous compounds. This is only a problem when stressed, as I have =
      lately, and also when binging on chocolate with my daughter in law!)
      Most of us will be familiar with Viktor Schauberger, Trevor Constable=
      and his
      rain-making, also Schwenk and John Wilkes with his flow forms and now, many=

      others. Clustered water is also becoming better known. I have problems wit=
      Trevor Constable, although he speaks of Steiner and of course Wachsmut=
      h ,
      speaks mostly of Ruth Drown (!) who was into radionics. Fascinatingly he r=
      said that trailer-parks in America actually call down vortex energy upon th=
      via the tube like pipes that stick up from their roofs, in combination with=
      insulation layers of which the trailer is constructed. Sadly, he said that =
      this was
      inevitable given their construction and fragility.
      Some will be familiar with the current interest in Cloudbusters, whic=
      h some
      people build to dispel chem-trails, against Constable's advice, however. A=
      s in all,
      precise knowledge is key. Bees and various wasps create energy generating =
      of tubes, somewhat on the same principle. A bunch of straws can give a per=
      if subtle, surge of energy. Hollow stems doubtless do the same. We are ta=
      etheric energy – hollow stem - hollow sun.
      Alan Hall's book on Water, Electricity and Health, published by Hawth=
      orn press, is
      fascinating; covering vortex formations and water as musical instrument, me=
      mory etc.
      He also explains how electro-magnetic fields are conveyed around homes via =
      containing water, and goes on to describe effects of electro-magnetic stres=
      s and
      various ways of healing it. Follows a quote from his book

      We were prompted to investigate whether there was any way in which tre=
      es close
      to a power line could be protected, which led to some interesting trials. =
      electromagnetic environment introduces a vibration not naturally present in=
      to the
      water in tissues of the tree bud, and this appears to inhibit its form-resp=
      onse. We
      worked on producing a second set of vibrations that would be strong enough =
      to resist
      the effect of electro-magnetism. We achieved this by using two elements: v=
      in water and form.
      We imprinted into a sample of water vibrations derived from a number o=
      f organic
      materials such as plant humus. Careful blending of the proportions of thes=
      vibrations created a particular pattern of vibrations, or piece of music wi=
      thin the
      special microstructure of this water. This water was then incorporated int=
      o a solid
      stone path curve egg-form, which generates an energy vortex over it.
      This was done by casting the egg form using the prepared water and en=
      suing that
      no unwanted vibrations entered into the process, so that the egg then has t=
      required water throughout it's structure, and the vibrations are protected =
      by the
      calcium carbonate of the solid form.
      If this egg is placed into the damp soil, then the vibrations from the=
      water spread
      out for a short distance into the surrounding soil. We found that if a set=
      of three of
      these eggs is placed in a small triangle in the soil then the effect is ver=
      y much
      amplified and the vibrational pattern spreads out for a distance of at leas=
      t fifty yards.
      In effect a new type of field is generated by the vibrations of the water i=
      n the soil,
      created by the three eggs as a source.
      We call this a biodynamic field to distinguish it from electric and m=
      agnetic fields.
      This we believe is a new phenomenon, and appears to have considerable poten=
      tial for
      counteracting the effects of electromagnetic fields.
      These tree eggs have been in use, in trials on beech trees under power=
      cables for
      two years (at time of writing) and the results so far are very encouraging.=
      End of
      quote - reluctantly as it is so interesting.

      He brings the patterned water into a responsive, healing dance that me=
      between the planet and the tree, a pathway for the elemental. The egg form=
      s have to
      be precise and he states that they have to carry a complex structure at a m=
      level. This is science.
      People may be reminded of the work of Lawrence Edwards (The Vortex of Life)=
      books, in which he monitors the tiny, almost imperceptible swelling of buds=
      synchronicity with the rhythm of the ruling planet of the tree.
      This is the direction I prefer. We have a ceramic egg filled with dri=
      nking water,
      which visiting children find fascinating, and love to turn the tap and drin=
      k the Egg-
      Water, as they call it. Where do the gods place precious life forms? In e=
      gg shapes.
      Sadly for me, I cannot follow the maths, but struggle to understand as =
      best I may,
      just because I love it so much.


      The above concept is radically different to screening. Which is excludin=
      g. (and I
      believe there are other effects of this which I have not time to go into no=
      w) Hall
      creates a form-pattern, a restoring of the etheric formative force process,=
      into which
      healing elemental beings may enter and restore conversation with the stars.=
      Rudolf Steiner speaks of the stars speaking no more to man, and the tragedy=
      of this,
      he gave us the means to restore and renew stellar poetic con-verse.
      What moved me most about Bradford's wedding was the eurythmy gestures.=
      the Spirits of place must have received this opened portal with love and g=
      and only materialistic thinking prevents us from seeing what an important e=
      vent this
      can be in a place where such an event as Waco had occurred nearby.
      FLUORIDE - aluminium derivitive, brain dumbing, was said to have been u=
      sed by
      Hitler in concentration camps to keep the inhabitants mentally crippled. Un=
      wanted by
      product - tip it in the water! Tony Blair about to give it the go ahead in =
      all water here
      shortly Thanks, Tone.
      I could go on and on, but other duties call.
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