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Re: [anthroposophy] Painting of a Song

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Hi Jan, Names are really good pointers I find, often non-coincidental at crucial or crux moments, as in finding them around you, as in the Cosmic Intelligence
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2003
      Hi Jan,

      Names are really good pointers I find, often non-coincidental at crucial or crux moments, as in finding them around you, as in the Cosmic Intelligence knowing your mind, relating with you with Signs. Happened to me quite a few times Magically Quest like, and also in Retrospect-review of my life.

      One travel experience goes that I was hitch- hiking my way out of a town and as it was sunset and at the edge of the forest, I really had to get lucky soon as not many cars also were passing by... So, Providentially as I was walking and Hoping strong, there came my answer, I had reached Hope Street(a more intellectual turn would word it as "Contextual Synchronicity", (I know, I see you, some others, coming with the idea of mere idle dreaming of a fantasy..., perhaps you should take a "Double" dose of poetry and active relation with Christ; the Key lie in the Experience as ever Progress, dear Skepticals...) ; thank God, I knew I was to have the Road required to go where I was meant to go. There I was by the river walking, that soon I was to meet a trucker that had to stop for a verification on his truck, and then I went to ask him for a ride, and there I was on the fast go again in the night through cliffs and forest with that rock n' roll guy in his noisy high monster machine for a while. Next stop the trucker place, small town of perhaps only 500 souls in the rockies British-Columbia Canada, along the mighty Fraser(freight-sir, Frey-sir?) river.

      Back on the name theme now, individual stamp, for me it goes that my mother selected Danny, she told me, 'cause she wanted me to have a Young name, one that will ever bear the character of youthfulness aven as I grow old. I personaly thank her also for the Universality of it. Seems Danny is something of a world-wide scale; even the Sanskrit has 'Dhani', meaning rich man.

      I'm very glad to get to know Janet as litterally "of John" beside spiritually as I recognized you, both(name and Essence) can still meet nowadays I find for the spiritually awake. My cousin who's only 1 years old than me, Venus blue eyed Artist of the 'Fairies Island'(I like to call it that way, she lived on the small Ile d'Orleans here in Québec when we grew up) with whom I've been close all my life long is called Sophie. Well it did match in fact when at the summer solstice I went to Québec city with her for 3 days, on the 23rd as I was walking on the central old Québec street, I entered in a library. Soon was I to find Christian, the brother of a friend of mine when I was in high shool, surprised was I to meet him right at the time when my interest for poetry was most high, I was to learn that in litterature he was studying, loving the word that he is! He was in fact working there as a clerk. So I started talking to him about Romantism, being right in front of the section of poetry books. At some point he extended his right arm, and what was he to get? A small blue book in French called 'Le Monde Doit Être Romantisé' (Trans.'The World Must Be Romanticized', Novalis fragments. Wow, I was simply amazed, his works are rarely available beside 'Hymns To The Night'. We talked for a while and I remember the warm discussion and his Glittering Eye when talking of the musical aspect of a specific poet. When I finally left, these last words mine summed our talk 'Spiritual Communion': "This is the inner activity that makes us alive", he knew well, and I had almost then tears in my eyes as I was waving goodbye, feeling my heart beating with him, Soul in Christ.
      Has been a Meaningful Time.

      Just as you Janet, but diffently a bit I have a 'John' story too to tell, for my father is called
      Réjean, the twist in English is that it becomes Re-John and also quite naturally as well, Re-join. I pondered also on my mother's name being 'Denise'. It weaves out as Re-John/Re-join Den is in Virgin( as my mother is Virgo, as in also after she divorced when I was 8, she never had any boyfriend after... Sometimes when I look at it I in a way bear responsability, do I say to myself; I needed a body! ;)

      Well that's it for the little name story.
      As for Daniel the prophet you mentionned(no I didn't read Mary Fullerson, but I read well here Mary's fuller son though.. ;), I remember very well a line in his prophetic book that directly point to Reincarnation, this striked me when I read it years ago:
      New American Standard Bible(NASB),
      Daniel 12:13
      [Speaking to Daniel...]
      "But as for you, go your way to the end; then you will enter into rest and rise again for your alloted portion at the end of the age."

      The wording in French back then was even more suggestive regarding the coming back for another Duration(portion)...

      As for me and as for you(isn'it?), the more poetic, the more real. But not so much for another mindedness that discard-send this heroine to the museum and the library. On another list I am on I've got prohibited from using the poetic form as a post. Imagine!
      So I said to the moderator that I would not go for making a poem = a post. So it happened, sad story, that my last mail to this list has been blocked and never appeared online, simply because less than 1/10 of my post was a poem added at the end in the form of a complement.
      The guy went to say to all other members online that I had posted a poem as an answer and therefore was not to be shown, eventhough containing more than 9/10 of a good old "one size fit all" "daily talk" fashion prose as a reply to a listmate. Go figure...

      But anyway, this is otherwhere, for thank God here the better Karma on Bruce; the Healthier the list and the Creative flow and the new members coming in very welcome to the spirit of Discussion in all forms.

      Perfect example of Harmony in Beauty is the way Jan you entitled this post(subject line), it is just Genial; so Supersensible Lyra-inspiring!

      Let me dedicate now to you this unseen
      poem I've talked about...

      Karma, Reincarnation and Duration;
      Cosmic Intelligence in Space Unfoldment.

      To whoever can read (in TIME) this turn,
      Us all it concerns.

      The Wheel turn
      And they will Return,

      Beyond languages and borders!

      Love and Appreciation to all members,

      P.S.: I noticed the disposition of my written lines appear scrambled out of shape sometimes. Sorry for the Aesthetical and Musical lack thereof found as a result...

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      From: starbirdgarden<starbirdgarden@...>
      Dear Danny
      Thank you for such a lovely well-come. I always love your posts, especially the last
      one. Here we meet in a true ether-networking; transforming Ahriman's dredging,
      drag-net, bringing up real treasures into the light of consciousness.
      You too have a name with a wonderful resonance. The Book of Daniel is one of my
      favourite well springs, and has moved on into far reaching esoteric Christian powers
      and conceptions for the present and future.
      I don't know if you have read Mary Fullerson's wonderful book, The Form of the
      Fourth? This is an account of how she worked from her own insights into the Book of
      Daniel She prefaces the book with this quote

      Then Nebuchadnezzar the king was astonished, and rose up in haste, and spake,
      and said unto his counsellors, Did we not cast three men, bound into the midst of the
      fire? They answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the
      fire, and they have no hurt; and the Form of the Fourth is like unto the Son of God.
      Daniel 3:24, 25

      Only the cords which bound them had been burned away.

      Jan ( Janet means -of John )

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