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Mercurial Spirit, Mars and Red Dragon.

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    As it did not reach and fail to appear where it was first intended... Here it comes to you, Ô dear Anthroposophy-list; Freedom-lovers members of this latter;
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      As it did not reach and fail to appear where it was first intended...
      Here it comes to you, Ô dear Anthroposophy-list; Freedom-lovers members of this latter;
      of this Ladder!

      (N.B.: I had to [...]* some parts in order to respect privacy as this message-mine is a cross-posting form another list. I took the liberty to reproduce the Excellent post of Bradford here, twill certainly enrich us all, and lead forward our Dialogues in the most Exquisite regions of the Spirit.)

      -----Original Message-----
      Hm, the issue here you bring of the transition from MARS to Mercury Bradford is most interesting. How heart-warming also is this at last heard-spirit of Transmission, of welcomeness from let's say, the ones that came here in incarnation before, receiving those that come after with all their guidance, experience and Wisdom acquired. Methinks there is this New Group Soul we bring out of the Spirit of Love in the Name of Christ.

      Now the season seem to call for this kind of
      timely discussion over Word and Ego in it's conscious head direction given. There is also the Flowers and the process of transformation, of combustion, and here can intervene methinks the concept of 'Fierceness' in a new twist I present now.
      How convenient does it come to use this common Imagination that is Hannibal; the Red Dragon. Beside the crudeness of that litteral flesh eating, is there a more hidden correct esoteric meaning? I thinks so. If we correct the scrambleness of the insights that end being on big screen in a theater near you, we may get this: Hannibal as the Fierce-Brutal-Martian Red Dragon offers at his dinner scene at the end of the second of the up to now trilogy, a look into the eating
      of the brain, presented as in skull-Bowl.
      Does it relate-indicate, beyond appearances an higher wisdom if only but adapted to the real occurence of an event, that is, bear with me as I carry over, to the meaning of the Eating of the Body and Blood of Christ and how the Crown of Thorns can be in it's location over the head be sign of the Destructive element as it Mars-penetrate
      into flesh leading to Inflammation and Pain.
      The necessary intrusion and perforation altering of the Human Structure in order to enter the New Mercurial Element as the Mars clears the way in a destructive fashion for the Sun force to penetrate in Light and Fission and how the Mercurial-etheric as a result comes into the mix? How the Head becomes Starry Sophianic open the the Above as a result; reminding us of the Sun as a Reflector, as the Golden Bowl also known as
      PALLADIUM. Could there be a Grail Cup connection here also as we ally ourselves with the Sun Kingdom Etheric fashion, as we receive what takes us beyond Space to Time, to Time as in Ego and in Warmth, to Time as in Michael the Courageous Spirit of Time, to Time as in Century-turn Time of the Incarnation Wheel of the Eternal Individuals connected precisely with how Buddha and St-Francis, Lotus Flower of otherwise in a Krishna-type of Mahabarata under the Ruling of Micheal leads us so natural always again and again to Michealmas, how this preparation and configuration speak alot as to how and in which spirit we should deal with the current conjoncture and possibilities. Mars and Mercury and how we move from St-John's tide to Michaelmas is a Fire Mystery of how COROLLAry is the Victory of Evolution and the New Principles unfolding within our current frame of history and how we will not let it be trempled by Materialism, and how out of Michaelism we fight with all our heart spirit and soul in order that this progress of mankind be known and how this reentrance into the Spiritual world is Health and Salvation issue; is Christ in the Etheric; Event to contemplate and in it to Participate.


      P.S.: I forgot, one core point is the Kind aspect of Hannibal coming into play caused by the Feminine, for this one he will not hurt the detective in the movie, Love and Venus here as Mars move towards the Mercurial caring doctor aspect, get transformed from Fiercness to Force of Efficience in all endeavours, in the Manichean(Kind)-way that is to say.

      As I got doubt about the word 'Mercurial' at some point after having sent my post, in a care fro precise wording and meaning, I went to Google-search 'mercurial
      spirit', wondering if 'mercurian' cold not have been a better use of the English form, but no, I happen to be right as I found confirmation in this Alchemical writing that suggest the TWIN-Mercury nature of the Hermaphrodite Child:


      Also adding now: one of my favorite movie ever, goes Mercurial; the story is basically that out of the constellation LYRA from the planet K-Pax came Prout, or should it be Sprout? ;)
      Lyrical, Lyra-call, perhaps this Blue Bird of Happiness of a Radiant Phoenix of all cheers had a real Message after all for us as all of the Grail-conscious and for the others to start to look in that direction:

      To Travel Light!

      From Red Dragon to Red Delicious? :-o
      What about the Philosophy of the First Kiss?

      Last word to Goethe:

      The Feminine draws us on high!

      -----Original Message-----
      From: Bradford Riley<holderlin66@...>
      Reply to Mercurial Spirit/ Should the
      world be Romantic-seized?
      >Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003

      >>From danifyou@...
      >Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 10:00 PM

      >Christ Event is basic notion and starting point here. Effects ensue.
      >Healing forces are also occult forces, namely
      >Etheric-formative-animating-communicative ones. Paul talked about a
      >Can we communicate new things to matter as to where and how it should
      >proceed Christ Impulse-wise; a Reversal of the Fall of Man? Does this
      >not constitute also the Good News of Resurrection and how it may unfold
      >in the Structure of Man? If so, from where does it come about and how?
      >Forces of Love, Forces of Thinking, Love in Thinking; Etheric Thinking?
      >Follow me? Methought twas what the Language Spiritual Science is all
      >about, that is, the Leap into Pure Spirit, the capability to Transcend
      >and transform what is 'Previous' and complete;


      *[Bradford spoke:]

      Danny, who speaks French and has struggled lovingly with expressing
      Anthroposophy so that we can share his inner being, was not being poetic in
      his response. He did not make a poem. He was answering directly in his own I
      AM thought language to the issues under discussion. Here is indeed a Whitsun
      issue. Here we are in one of the most significant moments of the second
      Michael era period, Mars and the Word, our only way to pass to a new
      Mercurial point - (Mars-Buddha-St. Francis) are delivering to mankind at
      this moment the due date for transition to the Mercurial development of
      healing from the old Mars-War paradigm. Our only way out of this is through
      the Word, by the Word and for the Word.

      As a thinker I live inside such a variety of individual souls and I grasp
      their meanings because of the poetic heart needed to create poetry and the
      limberness of soul needed to grasp Anthroposophical thoughts. Limberness of
      soul is certainly what H[...]* and Danny have attained. Wisely seen as a
      Goethean observation, which you can bank on, is the fact that H[...] writes
      in a 24/7 Whitsun mood. If you read H[...]* you are brushing against the
      tongues of flame... H[...]* may not manage this the way he would like, nor do
      I, nor does Danny. However as a Graduate of the Goetheanum Speech School and
      not a bad thinker and a Waldorf Teacher, I transmute the obscure meanings of
      childrens thoughts into their own future potentials and it is done by not
      being coldly prosaic.

      I could list from D[...]*, to R[...]*, to Danny, to Joel, the souls generally,
      and P[...]* and Jeff, who have contributed that are grasped by my thinking
      and praised, for their own unique way of contributing. The fact is [...]* we need every regular contributor [...]*

      true Michael
      patriotism is able to sail into uncharted thought regions and navigate.
      Every child I know is an uncharted thought kingdom.. We guide them to a
      themselves and find an interest in the selves they bring with them into

      Experienced Anthros are needed to generously interpret and digest insights
      from both newcomers and those who wish to start their own revisionionst
      history of Steiner by hoping they find his sex habits or reduce Steiner to
      their own narrow margins. [...]*

      The Michael School and meeting the vast variety of soul types has nothing to
      do with the Party line of worried thinkers who find themselves lost and
      adrift at every little breeze [...]*

      Well news flash, Spiritual Science and thinking in the world of our current Incarnations variety of souls from Politically Correct to Politically and sexually
      incorrect are all part of the Michael School and Spiritual Science and no
      human element is out of the loop and it all requires limberness of soul.

      [...]* the public school child coming for their first time to Waldorf based education is a delicate job. Parents have to be given
      some room, adults need room and Spiritual Science is a vast roomy region
      where there is a bit of heroic thinking that attempts to see either the
      modern" Matrix" movies as well as "Lord of the Rings", as part of the vast
      vision that Christ experienced as Temptations in the desert.

      Now, I have gone wide, wide afield here. But those who do understand modern
      culture and see into it do grasp the high Power Temptation that the Ring
      represents to INitiates as a vast rulership temptation offered in outline
      under Steiner's Fifth Gospel. What cosmic forces did Christ Face? Are we
      facing such today? Is the "Matrix" the most bitter image of human failings
      where Ahriman and the Anti-Sun forces make human life into dry cell
      batteries to run the Kingdom of illusion and electronics policed by
      Ahrimanic Angels? Was this not the type of dreadful anti-logos vision a God
      or human mortal could imagine? There are hundreds of cutting edge issues in
      our life, not only that America is under a bad star at this moment is acting
      with all the symptoms of an Ahrimanic culture over a Michael Culture.

      But in all this, I can only relish the little sparks I see flashing on [...]* sites that allow people to exchange rich lore
      together. [...]*

      For me, I like all types of thinking, especially when they bravely attempt to connect, in their own
      obscure way to the radical reality of Spiritual Science. How many souls are
      currently fitting in this tiny lifeboat and who do we throw overboard to
      conserve food or perhaps since midsummer has just passed, we need to make
      some scapegoat offerings, some beheadings to satisfy the unconscious issues
      that arise and fall and call themselves improvements.

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