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Re: [anthroposophy] Developoing a world view from sensation

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  • Maurice McCarthy
    Many thanks for your interest Joel. You wrote: ... only necessary to ourselves think experience. (Well said - Maurice) That act then becomes the dance of
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 26, 2003
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      Many thanks for your interest Joel. You wrote:

      ... only necessary to ourselves "think" experience. (Well said - Maurice)

      That act then becomes the dance of knowing about knowing, wherein
      almost any place is a decent place to start, and in our time, where we
      are dominated by the physical sense of "seeing", visual perception is as
      good as any place try to take hold of that which won't itself hold still.

      M: Yes, the idea was to take a point of departure commonly accepted by

      J: Lately, myself, I find experience to be quite curious, when I let
      myself sense my own thinking as having no boundaries. ... my thinking
      is there with me, as I listen and observe (with sight and ear at least),
      and in this moment I let go any idea that my thinking is isolated in
      itself in any way, but rather it is just those waves of a larger ocean
      that happen to be washing up on the shore of my own "I"... etc

      M: What a beautiful idea. Last monday I attended the Proceedings of the
      Aristotelian Society in London for the first time in my life. I've been
      studying the recent debates on consciousness (they sometimes use 'cs' as a
      shorthand) and it was the first occasion that I had been able to meet people
      with a similar interest, though my contact was exceedingly brief as I had to
      dash off to catch a flight to Aberdeen. The most striking thing was how
      everyone their, including many professors, was highly inarticulate with the
      spoken word when matters of precision and import were being discussed -
      including myself! I was wondering what I could have done to help the whole

      The following amused me this week when an attachment I had sent to work was
      quarantined in Hoofddorp:

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      The quarantined item was the Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful

      Kind Regards

      Maurice McCarthy

      There's a fine exhibition in the British Museum, by the way, on Art and


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