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R: [anthroposophy] Questions to "Eye......"

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    Dear Eye..... Firstly. a brief remark. I questioned you about several points and you answered just one, the one that hurted you much more than the rest. So
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      Dear "Eye....."
      Firstly. a brief remark.
      I questioned you about several points and you answered just one, the one
      that hurted you much more than the rest.
      So I can understand this fact that. in other circumstances and in another
      issue would have been seemed to be pretty incorrect.

      Secondly when I asked you about Thyssen's books I did not present myself by
      any means like a "supporter"of this writer or of anybody else.
      I quoted him because his books are able, in my opinion, to create some
      healty doubts about realties and facts that, in the "official truth" have
      been very soon either forgotten or hidden
      And, believe me, any independent and objective study about has only two
      conclusions about 9.11.
      A) US Gvt was incredibly silly
      B) US Gvt was incredibly guilty.

      Let see below for some further comment.

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      > "the thread about "The camp of Saints" I like to post some questions to
      > >
      > >>Reading your posts it seems to me that you think Ruppert's website FTW
      to be a conspiracy nuts home.
      > > Andrea,
      > I have already written you about the issue of the plane flying into the
      > Pentagon!
      > You know the really horrible thing about Thyssen calling this a hoax is
      > there were real people on that flight. These human beings thought they
      > were taking a flight to California, but instead were died a horrible
      > Think about that.

      I'm not Thyssen's defending counsel but he don't call it "a hoax".
      It is lead, be his own studies, at the conclusion of an impact different
      from a Boeing's one, maybe a missile,
      Obviously if it's so there is a riddle
      ( Was there a complete falsehood about this flight- like the infamous
      1960s Northcross Operation foresaw- or what ? )
      No definite answer is possible IF ANY INVESTIGATION IS FORBIDDEN:

      > I have family and friends in D.C., and as I wrote before, their lives were
      > by the loss of life on that plane, and in the Pentagon, so I don't take
      > PENAGATE allegations lightly.
      > Barbara Olsen was on that flight. She was making a quick run to Calif.
      > negotiations regarding her up coming book. Her husband, Ted Olsen, US
      > Solicitor General and was in his office when the first of her three calls
      > in. She was calling from her cell phone telling him terrorists had taken
      > the flight right after take off. She described the men, their number,
      > characteristics, etc., thinking it was only a hijacking. After her first
      call Ted
      > turned on the tv and saw the news about the WTC and realized something
      > terrible was happening. Barbara called again and he knew that his
      > wife did not know about the planes that had gone into the WTC and did not
      > tell her. By now he knew what many on the White House staff knew - that
      > several planes were off course, that things were in chaos at the FAA,
      > etc., and that the Bush administration was up against something that had
      > happened since Pearl Harbor. Ted knew by Barbara's next call to him that
      > there was nothing anyone could do and that her flight was not a hijacking.
      > fact a jet coming back from a practice run out of Andrews that had off
      > their drop had been ordered to make the ultimate sacrifice and fly their
      > into American Flight 77 if they could reach it in time. Olsen sat in his
      > listening to his wife and trying to assure her, but realized that he was
      > hearing his wife's voice for the last time. Within minutes her phone went
      > He went home a widower.
      > Barbara's body, nor any of the other bodies from Flight 77 out of Dulles
      > Airport were every recovered because the plane had a full fuel load), but
      a memorial
      > service was held for her. There were many memorial services held around
      the D.C.
      > area for the victims of that flight, men, women, and children who will
      never come
      > home again.
      > Listen, there were real people on that plane.
      > That plane flew into the Pentagon.
      > Real human beings on the ground and on the parkway SAW that plane fly
      > into the Pentagon.
      > People died, sixty four people plus the hijacker/terrorists:
      > Charles Burlingame
      > David Charlebois
      > Michele Heidenberger
      > Jennifer Lewis
      > Kenneth Lewis
      > Renee May
      > Paul Ambrose,
      > Yeneneh Betru
      > M.J. Booth
      > Bernard Brown
      > Suzanne Calley
      > William Caswell
      > Sarah Clark
      > Asia Cottom
      > James Debeuneure.
      > Rodney Dickens
      > Eddie Dillard
      > Charles Droz
      > Barbara Edwards
      > Charles S. Falkenberg
      > Zoe Falkenberg.
      > Dana Falkenberg
      > Joe Ferguson
      > Wilson "Bud" Flagg
      > Dee Flagg
      > Richard Gabriel
      > Ian Gray
      > Stanley Hall
      > Bryan Jack
      > Steven D. "Jake" Jacobyy.
      > Ann Judge
      > Chandler Keller
      > Yvonne Kennedy
      > Norma Khanr.
      > Karen A. Kincaid
      > Norma Langsteuerle
      > Dong Lee
      > Dora Menchaca
      > Christopher Newton
      > Barbara Olson
      > Ruben Ornedo
      > Robert Penniger
      > Lisa RainesTodd Reuben
      > John Sammartino
      > Diane Simmons
      > George Simmons
      > Mari-Rae Sopper
      > Bob Speismank.
      > Hilda Taylor
      > Leonard Taylor
      > Leslie A. Whittington
      > John Yamnicky,
      > Vicki Yancey
      > Shuyin Yang
      > Yuguag Zheng

      Andrea comments

      Dear "Eye..."
      I read this list since the second day after the tragedy, but this fact, IN
      ITSELF, has nothing to do , for instance, with the technical puzzles about
      "the hole" in the Pentagon and all the other riddles about it.
      Pls try to separate logic and feelings,(I know it's difficult, but sometimes
      we have such a duty..).

      > The entire Falkenbury family was killed, their children were 3 and 8 .
      > Do you think my family and friends went to bogus memorial services???
      > Do you think that maybe Barbara along with the other passengers from that
      > flight has been kidnapped by the government ?
      > Maybe the Bush administration had them all flown to the Denver airport
      > they were fed as dinner to the Reptilian aliens that are allege to live
      underground there. You think?
      > I have recently told my friends in D.C. about what is being said by people
      like Thyssen. My friends respond, "Where did this come from!?"
      > Everyone in the D.C. area knows that flight flew into the Pentagon.
      > If you don't believe that then I can't help you.
      > Believe what you want.
      > I don't want to talk about this anymore, because I personally consider it
      to be incredibly disrespectful to all those who lost their lives that day,
      and it strikes me
      > equally as evil as saying that the Holocaust did not happen in the 1940s.
      > I'm not into revisionism.

      Andrea comments

      No,buddy, here I can't follow you on this path!.
      I can understand your feeling and emotions, but you have no right to do
      such a "Pyndaro's trip"!
      There is a difference between 9/11 and the Shoah: the difference of more or
      less 5.997.000 human being killed

      > I'm starting to feel personal about this and need to take a breather from
      > this list and regain my center.
      > I also need to reconsider if this list is somewhere I want to be; at this
      > I'm not sure. I am not a socialist and do not want to be associated with
      a group
      > that is. I believe in the democratic experiment, flawed thought it might

      Andrea comments:

      I'm not a socialist too. I'm only a spiritual researcher who likes to grasp
      the truth without prejudices of any color and usually I like to be informed
      about a book or an author beforer criticize him, don't you ?

      And at the end of this discussion I have to summmarize

      You didn't read Ahmed's book but you criticized him following Tausch.
      You don't know Ruppert's website but you call him "conspiracy nut".
      You accuse Thyssen for a statement he never wrote.

      What else ?

      Ad majora


      > Sincere regards.
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