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Re: [anthroposophy] Icke and mind control

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  • John Massengale
    ... If you go to David Ickes s own homepage (http://www.trufax.org/menu/icke.html), you will find that he says many reasonable things, combined with conspiracy
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 25, 2000
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      > He is not so concerned with mind control, as such, as with the effect
      > that large multinational corporations and governments (the really global
      > governing that is done) is affecting us all.

      If you go to David Ickes's own homepage
      (http://www.trufax.org/menu/icke.html), you will find that he says many
      reasonable things, combined with conspiracy plots that X-Files creator Chris
      Carter would reject as too absurd for fictional televison.

      The official site summary of Ickes's work is "SUBJECT: Global Manipulation
      to de-link humanity from knowledge of their infinite potential. Issues
      discussed include brainwashing, who really runs the world, UFO's, and many
      additional topics." If he is right about some of the additional topics,
      humanity might as well concede victory to Ahriman and Lucifer right now.

      Here is his summary of The Manipulative Hierarchy According to David Ickes

      > " ...the irony is that the information already exists to tell us all we
      > need to know, but the implications of this knowledge are so catastrophic
      > for religion, establishment science, education (indoctrination) and the
      > whole economic, political, industrial, and military system, that these
      > answers have been suppressed. When suppression has not been possible, those
      > who articulate the eternal understanding have been ridiculed, condemned and
      > undermined in every way imaginable ... I believe it is time for some
      > straight talking. We are a race of robots. By that, I mean that most people
      > do not have a thought in their heads that has not been put there by someone
      > or something else. We have become a race of programmed minds which can be
      > persuaded to believe and do almost anything as long as the drip, drip, drip
      > of lies and misinformation continues to bombard us through our political
      > systems, the media, religion, schoold, universities, and by infiltration of
      > our consciousness by other universal sources which want to turn planet
      > Earth into a zombies prison ...but ever so slowly, the robots are awakening..."
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