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  • holderlin66
    Bradford comments; Prescott Arizona and Phoenix is the final resting place of my adopted mother and currently my 83 year old adopted father. Joel apparently is
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 5, 2003
      Bradford comments;

      Prescott Arizona and Phoenix is the final resting place of my adopted
      mother and currently my 83 year old adopted father. Joel apparently
      is moving from the Transcendental East out to the Far West. But like
      Joel I have richly explored the Transcendental individuals like
      Emerson, Thoreau and Longfellow. But to consider American
      spirituality in light of the Transcendental thinkers and the early
      struggles of the Founding Fathers, makes what Joel brought below, a
      larger window of thinking. This thinking challenges certain
      perceptions that our wonderful hero of the free market, Starman,
      places as a high ethical-self-regulating reality. Common Sense does
      not agree with this idea of Free Trade and Self regulation. First
      Joel and below what thinkers are reviewing as the history of the
      NeoCon's impulse wanders back into the the Founding Fathers. This is
      interesting and in a few sentences, Joel's ideas are enlarged upon
      with great depth. What do you think?

      Joel wrote;

      > The main problem with Traub's approach, however, is that it
      > over the real facts of the damage to civil liberties done by the
      > administration. The excuse used in many cases by those who support
      > abuse of our freedoms, is that security demands it.
      > This is not true, but rather is historically the common
      excuse given
      > when a sitting government begins to move in a neo-fascist direction,
      > wrapping itself in ever greater assumptions of power and rights at
      > expense of the governed. The better and wiser thinkers among
      > statesmen (as against mere politicians) clearly understand this.

      Midnight Ride of the Rabble
      by Thom Hartmann

      To every Middlesex village and farm,
      A cry of defiance, and not of fear,
      A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door,
      And a word that shall echo for evermore!
      For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
      Through all our history, to the last,
      In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
      The people will waken and listen to hear.
      -- From Paul Revere's Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1863

      Emerson told us, in his lecture Angloam, that in America "the old
      contest of feudalism and democracy renews itself here on a new
      battlefield." Perhaps seeing our day through a crack between the
      skeins of time and space, Emerson concluded, "It is wonderful, with
      how much rancor and premeditation at this moment the fight is


      Let's be blunt. The real agenda of the new conservatives is nothing
      less than the destruction of democracy in the United States of
      America. And feudalism is one of their weapons."



      "the new conservatives see our democratic government as the enemy.
      And if they plan to destroy democracy, they must have something in
      mind to replace it with. (Yes, I know that "democracy"
      and "democratic" sound too much like "Democrat," and so the
      Republicans want us to say that we don't live in a democracy, but,
      rather, a republic, which sounds more like "Republican." It was one
      of Newt's efforts, along with replacing phrases like "Democratic
      Senator" with "Democrat Senator." But Republican political
      correctness can take a leap: we're talking here about the survival of
      democracy in our constitutional republic.)

      What conservatives are really arguing for is a return to the three
      historic forms of tyranny that the Founders and Framers identified,
      declared war against, and fought and died to keep out of our land.
      Those tyrants were kings, theocrats, and noble feudal lords.

      Kings would never again be allowed to govern America, the Founders
      said, so they stripped the president of the power to declare war. As
      Lincoln noted in an 1848 letter to William Herndon: "Kings had always
      been involving and impoverishing their people in wars, pretending
      generally, if not always, that the good of the people was the object.
      This, our [1787] Convention understood to be the most oppressive of
      all Kingly oppressions; and they resolved to so frame the
      Constitution that no one man should hold the power of bringing this
      oppression upon us."

      Theocrats would never again be allowed to govern America, as they had
      tried in the early Puritan communities. In 1784, when Patrick Henry
      proposed that the Virginia legislature use a sort of faith-based
      voucher system to pay for "Christian education," James Madison
      responded with ferocity, saying government support of church
      teachings "will be a dangerous abuse of power." He added, "The Rulers
      who are guilty of such an encroachment exceed the commission from
      which they derive their authority, and are Tyrants. The People who
      submit to it are governed by laws made neither by themselves nor by
      an authority derived from them, and are slaves."

      And America was not conceived of as a feudal state, feudalism being
      broadly defined as "rule by the super-rich." Rather, our nation was
      created in large part in reaction against centuries of European
      feudalism. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said in his lecture titled The
      Fortune of the Republic, delivered on December 1, 1863, "We began
      with freedom. America was opened after the feudal mischief was spent.
      No inquisitions here, no kings, no nobles, no dominant church."

      The great and revolutionary ideal of America is that a government can
      exist while drawing its authority, power, and ongoing legitimacy from
      a single source: "The consent of the governed." Conservatives,
      however, would change all that.

      In their brave new world, corporations are more suited to governance
      than are the unpredictable rabble called citizens. Corporations
      should control politics, control the commons, control health care,
      control our airwaves, control the "free" market, and even control our
      schools. Although corporations can't vote, these new conservatives
      claim they should have human rights, like privacy from government
      inspections of their political activity and the free speech right to
      lie to politicians and citizens in PR and advertising. Although
      corporations don't need to breathe fresh air or drink pure water,
      these new conservatives would hand over to them the power to self-
      regulate poisonous emissions into our air and water.

      While these new conservatives claim corporations should have the
      rights of persons, they don't mind if corporations use hostile
      financial force to take over other, smaller corporations in a bizarre
      form of corporate slavery called monopoly. Corporations can't die, so
      aren't subject to inheritance taxes or probate. They can't be put in
      prison, so even when they cause death they are only subject to fines.

      Corporations and their CEOs are America's new feudal lords, and the
      new conservatives are their obliging servants and mouthpieces. The
      conservative mantra is: "Less government!" But the dirty little
      secret of the new conservatives is that just as nature abhors a
      vacuum, so also do politics and power. Every time government of, by,
      and for We, the People is pushed out of administering some part of
      this nation's vast commons, corporations step in. And by swamping the
      United States of America in debt with so-called "tax cuts," they seek
      to force an increasingly desperate government to cede more and more
      of our commons to their corporate rule.

      Conservatives confuse efficiency and cost: They suggest that big
      corporations can perform public services at a lower total cost than
      government, while ignoring the corporate need to pad the bill with
      dividends to stockholders, rich CEO salaries, corporate jets and
      headquarters, advertising, millions in "campaign contributions," and
      cash set-asides for growth and expansion. They want to frame this as
      the solution of the "free market," and talk about entrepreneurs and
      small businesses filling up the holes left when government lets go of
      public property.

      But these are straw man arguments: What they are really advocating is
      corporate rule, and ultimately a feudal state controlled exclusively
      by the largest of the corporations. Smaller corporations, like
      individual humans and the governments they once hoped would protect
      them from powerful feudal forces, can watch but they can't play.

      The modern-day conservative movement began with Federalists Alexander
      Hamilton and John Adams, who argued that for a society to be stable
      it must have a governing elite, and this elite must be separate both
      in power and privilege from what Adams referred to as "the rabble."
      Their Federalist party imploded in the early 19th Century, in large
      part because of public revulsion over Federalist elitism, a symptom
      of which was Adams' signing the Alien and Sedition Acts. (If you've
      only read the Republican biographies of John Adams, you probably
      don't remember these laws, even though they were the biggest thing to
      have happened in Adams' entire four years in office, and the reason
      why the citizens of America voted him out of office, and voted
      Jefferson - who loudly and publicly opposed the Acts - in. They were
      a 1797 version of the Patriot Act and Patriot II, with startlingly
      similar language.)

      Destroyed by their embrace of this early form of despotism, the
      Federalists were replaced first in the early 1800s by the short-lived
      Whigs and then, starting with Lincoln, by the modern-day Republicans,
      who, after Lincoln's death, firmly staked out their ancestral
      Federalist position as the party of wealthy corporate and private
      interests. And now, under the disguise of the word "conservative"
      (classical conservatives like Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower
      are rolling in their graves), these old-time feudalists have nearly
      completed their takeover of our great nation."

      Bradford comments;

      There is an argument that arose along with "The Emancipation
      Proclamation" the 13th amendment was followed by the 14th amendment.
      Lincoln's blood made a trade off to the Ahrimanic forces that allow
      giant Corporations, the status of Individual I AM's. The 14 Amendment
      followed the 13th as Ahriman follows Michael. This is a vague little
      loop hole, but when looking at the giant potential of manipulation
      and Group Consciousness, corporations maintaining the rights of or
      looming larger than the rights of the I AM, throws Ahriman back into
      the mix in a big way. It creates a constant challenge to the ethics
      and integrity of the human I AM.

      Business is a wonderful thing, as Starman has said many times, it
      keeps the life blood of the economy flowing exactly like spiritual
      blood. It is clear to this researcher that vast groups of twelve or
      more board members create a core seed of potential moral Egregorial
      dimensions. It can at times mark a return or a Western upgrade to a
      form of Group Monster that control the opinions and directions of
      freedoms of those lowly I AM's. Those Lowly I AM's that make a
      corporation and the products and distribution are not really
      generously rewarded as are the Giant Captains of the Boardroom who
      walk away with millions in rewards for destroying the low wage earner
      at the base of the operation. In other words we have Feudal examples
      of of big business merely robber baroning the worker. This of course
      is not what we would call "Washing the Feet" of the poor. Here we
      truly weigh how deeply the Christ impulse penetrates into the
      conscious will instincts of humanity.

      Thoreau reveals that if moral individuals run a corporation it can be
      a wealth of moral vision and infectious free generosity. If criminals
      run a corporation, immoral actions infect the business community and
      the world. Martha Stewart is being singled out because America would
      rather focus on her than the actual thieves who are manipulating
      corporate contracts in Iraq and continue to rob the profits of a
      company for the constant law of wealth distribution that favors a
      small percentage of the wealthy. Nothing against wealth or
      corporations, if moral individuals are engaged in their operations.
      If the individual I Am is maintained in balance to the power and
      financial wealth of corporations and charity and human freedom to
      give back to society is balanced against CEO's maliciously destroying
      and gobbling firms for mere profit, a new depth of Consciousness Soul
      balance is achieved.

      But humanity is hardly prepared for the depth of penetration into the
      moral impusles of the will. The false regions of Sentient Soul
      penetration, Intellectual Soul aggressive shark fighting and
      Consciousness Soul, global Imperialism betrays the building a false
      moral paradigm. Not only that this phony moral interpretation is
      encouraged. It prefers to have its Christianity on a superficial,
      Sunday basis of the beloved Jesus who can't really come back and
      check up on their phony Sunday lip service.

      Finally the difference between Non-profit corporations and Profit
      driven corporations is a state of balance. Every moral insight and
      moral growth of the I AM can be easily countered by giant egregorial
      manipulations that dwarf the individual budget and force the
      individual to find his meal ticket under the umbrella of a
      Corporation because, slowly only the giants survive..

      Egregorial manipulation of Corporate monopolies can easily control
      the Opinions and level of intelligence of the masses. Promoting and
      supporting the aim of the Individual I Am's as they struggle to grow
      forces of their Sentient-Intellectual and Consciousness Soul
      developments is asking for honesty and integrity and something of a
      state of balance. The term 'filthy rich' could attain a different
      meaning and a state of balance on the abuse of world resources could
      arise. Instead we reamin in a Draconian-Darwinian struggle of Board
      level Egregores who do not maintain moral observation nor maintain
      economic honesty. The big fish promote the same superficial moral
      penetration so that deep issues of Consciousness will not easily, if
      ever, arise in the UnFree, slavery of the Free Market deception.

    • holderlin66
      ... rabble) - ... Hi Bradford here; Make sure you ask this question to Anthroposophy Group- it came to me, but somehow I thought you were speaking to the whole
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        >Subject: Re: Wei-mar-the-truth ?
        >Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 21:14:47 -0000
        >Hello everybody! I have been lurking a bit, catching up on some of
        >the backlog of posts. If someone would point me to how to set up a
        >profile I will be happy to tell you some info about me.
        >I have a question in relation to the thread. If the Federalists were
        >wrong in wanting to govern for the rabble (instead of by the
        rabble) -
        > and I'm not saying they weren't - then what do we make of "The Bell
        >Curve" implication that the "rabble" is increasingly lower in
        >intelligence? Are there some instances when the "elite" need to
        >govern? I think this is along the lines that the more intelligent
        >conservatives would argue as an excuse for the Patriot Act, TIA, and
        >the other depredations of the Bush administration. At what point do
        >we have to stop trying to liberally "help" those who will not/can not
        >see and just do what needs to be done for their welfare?
        >Note: I am playing the Devil's Advocate here - I am not a right-
        >winger in disguise. :)
        >--- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66"

        Hi Bradford here;

        Make sure you ask this question to Anthroposophy Group- it came to
        me, but somehow I thought you were speaking to the whole list on

        Selective Intelligence is a vast issue and we need to examine it
        carefully. I was very interested in what the writer brought up in
        regards to the threefold threat of King-Theocrats-and Feudal lords.
        This appears to be a subtle shadow problem of the Threefold Social
        Order that Steiner wanted to put in place.

        The whole distribution of Intelligence, wealth and Rights throughout
        the Human Being or the EArth triad of East, Middle and West or the
        balance of power of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches -
        indicate to me how the so called rabble need to be protected and
        penetrated by rights, penetrated by moral warmth, even if thinkers
        are more advanced and have talent and ability for a career in the
        political field. The question is penetrating into the depths of the
        social sphere and Rights sphere with understanding of how the Rabble,
        as it was called, live in the Sentient Soul - what lifting educatioal
        efforts are in place there and so on.

        Also in concerns me that the life blood of economy is obviously
        moving steadily away from the limb system, where the warmth is needed
        and slowly but surely all the spriritual life blood of economy is
        moving in an unbalanced way into the Head.. Into the head/hands of a
        small percentage of the elite. I think the free giving factors should
        have been able to penetrate the social world instead of the welfare
        failures and addictions. What is lopsided is the unfusion of the
        spriitual life blood of the economy into colder and colder pockets of
        cunning and the pockets of the rich.

        That is not to say that Corporations, Free Enterprize are bad. It is
        always the moral penetration, the intelligence linked to the warmth
        of the heart that enables the Life blood of economy to go to the warm
        forces of those who labor.

        Anyways I thought others could do a much better job than I on working
        with your question.

      • holderlin66
        Here is a perfect Goethean study in the battles within the Intellectual Soul here is snapshot of what Steiner would indicate as the realm of the Intellectual
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          Here is a perfect Goethean study in the battles within
          the "Intellectual Soul" here is snapshot of what Steiner would
          indicate as the realm of the Intellectual Soul. Many have no idea
          what the flavor of this realm is, as differing from the Consciousness
          Soul, but here is a Goethean study and insight into just what the
          traps and difficulties are for understanding the ability to arrive at
          a vantage point of the Consciousness Soul. Here is a good example of
          the "Selective Intelligence."

          This example does not give you the Consciousness Soul feel or
          perception but it is exactly the overheated Intellectual soul of
          Radio and Talk Show spin doctors who are currently in a feeding
          frenzy in the Sentient and Intellectual soul of America. The battle
          for "The Deconstruction of the American Psyche" into some Orwellian
          Spin machine is running hot and heavy in the Intellecutal Soul Region
          of American airways. Mark it well. Millions listen with stoked up
          emotional forces while driving in their SUV's and cars, or sitting
          wanting to feel the false fiery Yes or No = I hate- High octane
          Sympathy and Antipathy that gives the Sentient and Intellectual Soul
          a false sense of Life.

          Lacking the richness and Openess of Goethean Observation the media
          war for the American Psyche rages on. T.V. and radio riot or the
          better term is wallow in a sea of lies. It is a mind soul [same as
          Intellectual Soul] infection that attachs emotional eddies of
          patriotism and nationalism, blood and feeling, pumped into a dead
          region of soul and spirit life. These are the vivid shadows in
          Plato's cave Wall. They are disturbing shadows on the path to build a
          soul tool of Goethean Observation.

          On Saturday, May 31, C-SPAN and BookTV broadcast a Book Expo author
          luncheon panel with Pat Schroeder (moderator), Molly Ivins, Bill
          O'Reilly, and Al Franken.

          Each panelist was given 15 minutes to talk about their own upcoming
          book. After Molly Ivins and Bill O'Reilly had taken their turns, Al
          Franken took the microphone. His book, which is unfinished, is
          entitled, "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and
          Balanced Look at the Right" and features pictures of four
          conservative personalities on the cover. Bill O'Reilly was one of
          them. At the start of his talk, Franken made a point of showing the
          cover to O'Reilly and asking if he could get a better photo to use.
          O'Reilly was clearly upset: silent, but spitting DU-tipped bullets
          from his eyes.

          Franken spent the next 20 minutes or so giving examples of right wing
          lies from his book. By then he had already overshot his time slot,
          but he launched into an account of how he had personally caught Bill
          O'Reilly in a big lie, which was this: O'Reilly had stated on at
          least two or three occasions that his former show, Inside Edition,
          was the winner of two prestigious Peabody Awards.

          The story of how Franken tracked down and debunked this claim ran on
          for 10 or 15 minutes, in excruciating detail. O'Reilly, still silent
          through most of it, was beside himself and looked to be ready to jump
          out of his chair and tackle the speaker.

          Realize the following, of course: Had Al Franken been a guest on The
          No-Spin Zone, O'Reilly would certainly have shouted him down and
          probably disconnected his mic almost as soon as he showed the cover
          of his book. But O'Reilly couldn't shut down C-SPAN. His frustration
          was palpable. Finally, he erupted and called Al Franken a lot of
          things including, "a very vicious person" (if I recall correctly).

          By this time, Al Franken had also changed. No longer the kidding-on-
          the-square humorist, he was deadly serious and emotionally invested
          in the theme of his book. His lip was quivering and I was afraid he
          would actually burst into tears. When he said that "they're lying and
          we shouldn't take it [pause]...anymore", it was every bit as
          spellbinding as any Howard Beale moment in the movie "Network."

          The segment will be re-aired Sunday, June 8, at 5:30 ET on C-SPAN2.

          Bradford comments-

          And for those who still have humor and heart and are not heartless
          liars the I Am to I AM confrontation with Power and the humble Al
          Franken against O'Reilly, doctor of spin, clearly reveals the
          emotional impact on those of us who refuse to have our intellects
          totally Ahrimanized and cannabalized so that we all become ice core,
          aliens of the soul like Nietzsche.
        • holderlin66
          ... Looking over the research of the above article we come to the story of the Robber Barons that Schiller made famous. Poor Schiller, such a close friend to
          Message 4 of 10 , Jun 6, 2003
            > http://www.commondreams.org/views03/0604-01.htm

            Looking over the research of the above article we come to the story
            of the Robber Barons that Schiller made famous. Poor Schiller, such a
            close friend to Goethe, almost like Pericles and Phidias were close
            friends in Athens. Anyways, Schiller came from a family of Doctors
            and naturally, instead of taking the radical path of revolutionary
            poet and friend of Mephisto hunter, Croc Hunter, Dragon Slayer, Beast
            Master -Goethe, Schiller's family thought that Schiller should have
            become a Doctor as well. They slapped his wrist, but his Play, "The
            Robber Barons" blew the doors off the public. Schiller had a small,
            suffered from a small heart, it was far too tiny for the greatness of
            his impulse. Goethe was blessed with powerful forces of Etheric life
            because he had invested so much Etheric vision into his Phidias
            incarnation as a sculptor. You need to think about these things.

            Now we have a way, once again to look at the Robber Barons. According
            to the post above, the link to the post above, we can extract this
            quote and build something incredible on it.


            "What conservatives are really arguing for is a return to the three
            historic forms of tyranny that the Founders and Framers identified,
            declared war against, and fought and died to keep out of our land.
            Those tyrants were kings, theocrats, and noble feudal lords."

            Giving the Power to declare War into the hands of a easily
            manipulated President, George Bush - or for that matter, the even
            worse potential of Pre-Emptive U.S. strikes- means that Congress
            betrayed the American People and the Founding Fathers.

            False Relgious Right now predominates as Christianity goes on a
            Crusade to get "The Evil Doers". Another betrayal of the Founding
            Fathers in a country that honors all forms of religion and freedom of
            religion and freedom of persecution and freedom of speech were
            protections of the American Experiment.

            The American Experiment as a social contract that allows us to mature
            to the level of a Threefold vision and penetrate with balanced moral
            insight into the Rights Sphere... awaits at this point the link up to
            the connection back to the Gods.. That is that Steiner's deed of the
            Philosphy of Freedom, out of Weimar, is the deed that is the
            capstone, the Eye of the I AM that is the much talked about God Eye
            or Goethean Observation Eye that allows humanity to find their way
            back to realm of the Gods and understand the true nature of the
            Mystery of Golgotha. That mystery is only possible when anyone is
            ready to approach it, but does not exclude any human being... there
            is no human life form that is strictly out of the loop of anything
            presented in "Occult Science an Outline" nobody is outside the loop.

            But the kicker presently is the "Feudal System" Shadow. We have three
            shadows of the Threefold life, which the founding Fathers strongly
            attempted to 'gift' to any citizen who found their karma united with
            the United States of America. No friggin King, bureaucrat or spoiled
            little draft dodging MBA, "corporate cats paw" should have sole
            ability to declare War... blame it on the idiots in Congress.
            Superficial Religious maxims that have not even penetrated the moral
            sphere of the Rights of Mankind, to dictate what is Christian to the
            rest of the world is obscene. Finally there is the Feudal Lords of
            the Corporate World. All of these Threefold shadows have grown into
            living monsters before our eyes under the current Bush

            I have talked in "Matrix Theory" post about the magnetic North and
            the triangulation of thinking that places a heavy burden on the
            objectivity of Rudolf Steiner and the higher navigation of the I Am.
            But the case merely against the feudal system that has arisen and is
            promoted is already beyond ugly and full of such foul venom and sacks
            of extreme poison that we should have a toxic alert, we should have a
            code orange alert from HOmeLand Security that would protect the world
            from the toxic gas coming out of the current U.S. Government.

            The Case of the Feudal Lords

            Published on Thursday, June 5, 2003
            The Enronization Of Public Policy
            by Arianna Huffington

            Has there ever been a clearer, more irrefutable example of our
            political leaders' lack of a moral compass than the clandestine,
            eleventh-hour elimination of a promised child tax credit for almost
            12 million of America's poorest children?

            It's a move that is so cold-hearted and so profoundly dishonorable
            that it could only have been made by people who have lost all moral

            A magnetic compass should always point north; a moral compass should
            always point out what is moral -- and immoral. Heaping billions on
            the rich while ensuring that one out of six American kids doesn't get
            a penny is dead wrong.

            But that's exactly what Congressional Republicans did -- and what
            President Bush signed off on.

            This is not a right/left issue. It's a right/wrong issue. But the
            GOP's self-appointed morality czars have been deafeningly silent on
            this bit of economic indecency. I guess Bill Bennett was too busy
            shaking the hands of every one-armed bandit in Vegas to notice.

            Adding to the obscenity is the fact that while the Congressional
            hatchet men were hacking up the $3.5 billion child tax credit in the
            name of keeping the total tax cut under $350 billion, they let stand
            billions in corporate tax dodges and accounting cons, including the
            use of offshore tax havens.

            The White House labeled this particular piece of supply-side porn the
            Jobs and Growth Act. I guess the Leave No Corporate Loophole Behind
            Act didn't focus group as well.

            The last few years have shown us what happens when an entire
            subculture loses its moral compass: Enron, Tyco, Adelphia, WorldCom,
            et al. And it's becoming increasingly clear that the current
            administration has embraced the unethical ethos of the corporate
            oligarchy from which so many of its members came -- and which all of
            them continue to serve. The same inability to distinguish right from
            wrong that characterized the corporate scandals is now dominating
            public policy.

            It's the Enronization of Washington.

            Want more proof? How about the unprecedented aircraft-leasing deal
            currently being put together by the Pentagon and Boeing -- a plan
            that uses the same kind of accounting sleight-of-hand popularized by
            the gang at Enron. Here's how it works: instead of the Pentagon
            buying the 100 new jets it wants to use as aerial refueling tankers
            directly from Boeing, at an upfront cost of $138 million per plane, a
            special-purpose entity created on Wall Street will purchase the
            planes and lease them to the Air Force.

            That way the Pentagon gets to acquire the planes without having to
            dip into the Air Force's limited procurement budget, and Boeing gets
            to reap billions in new military contracts without having to show the
            debt associated with the shady deal on its balance sheet. It's an off-
            the-books win-win deal for them both -- but a losing proposition for
            taxpayers, who'll end up forking over an additional $8 billion to
            cover the interest payments on the leases.

            The sleazy new deal is being put together by the good bankers at
            Citigroup -- the same outfit that helped Enron defraud shareholders
            out of, what do you know, also $8 billion. Who says irony is dead?

            Then there is the news that, in an effort to ensure the passage of
            its cherished tax-cut plan, the Bush administration buried a highly
            damaging study -- commissioned by its own Treasury department -- that
            found that it would take either the permanent elimination of all
            future federal discretionary spending or an immediate and permanent
            tax hike of 66 percent to cover the upcoming retirement and
            healthcare needs of aging baby boomers. You think that bombshell
            might have put a little damper on Bush's tax cut orgy?

            This is exactly the kind of skullduggery corrupt corporations used to
            conceal potentially disastrous news from investors -- like Adelphia
            hiding its $3.1 billion loans to the Rigas family in tiny footnotes
            in an earnings filing.

            Like many disgraced companies, the White House has proven adept at
            playing fast and loose with the numbers in order to mislead
            its "shareholders" -- the American people. Take the administration's
            shifty use of "averages" to make it seem like the new tax cut
            benefits everyone -- claiming that "91 million taxpayers will
            receive, on average, a tax cut of $1,226," when, in fact, the
            majority of households will receive a tax cut of $100 or less. Or the
            way it used sure-to-be-repealed "sunset clauses" to make it seem as
            if the president was reasonably settling for a $350 billion tax cut,
            when the actual price tag on the new bill will be close to $1

            It's the kind of economic book cooking that would do ol' Kenny Boy
            Lay proud.

            It's time to expand the Right's definition of immorality beyond sex,
            drugs, and rock and roll to include lying, cheating, and callous
            indifference to those in need.

            CEOs lying to investors to pad their own pockets is bad enough.
            Political leaders lying to the American people to pad the pockets of
            their big buck contributors is immoral -- and intolerable. "

            Bradford Adds: Weimar-Steiner? (not even a mention)


            With Goethe, Schiller, & Liszt in Weimar!
            This is Weimar's Year in the Sun. It has been chosen as the Culture
            City of Europe.
            Other European cities have been so honored in previous years, but
            they were major capitals like Berlin, Madrid, and Copenhagen.

            Weimar, in German Thuringia, has long been a sleepy little provincial
            town. Especially during the long years of the German Democratic
            Republic, when it was almost impossible for West Germans to visit.
            And extremely difficult for foreign journalists like your reporter.

            But Weimar has a very special place in Europe's Cultural History.
            Here, the reigning Duke, Carl August, engaged the great German poet,
            playwright, and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to run his
            Court Theatre.

            As well as to advise him on most other matters as well, including
            investing in dollars and pounds sterling.

            Goethe's great contemporary, Friedrich Schiller, was also a Writer-in-
            Residence in Weimar. Nor were the talents of the remarkable Hungarian
            pianist, composer, and lover, Franz Liszt, lacking.

            ...........There will also be social seminars and public discussions
            of issues raised by the darker shadows of Weimar's and Germany's

            The infamous Nazi Death Camp, Buchenwald, is only a short distance
            from the Neo-Classical Mausoleum in which Goethe is buried. There
            have recently been some questions about the body in the sarcophagus:
            is it really that of the author of "Faust I & II"?

            Not to worry. Goethe's remains were apparently carefully preserved
            during the Communist Era. Only the bones now remain."

          • holderlin66
            To Review: The stolen election of George Bush and how Hitler came into power on Steiner s birthday; Leo Strauss false witnesses in the Bush Administration;
            Message 5 of 10 , Jul 16, 2003
              To Review:

              The stolen election of George Bush and how Hitler came into power on
              Steiner's birthday; Leo Strauss false witnesses in the Bush
              Administration; Saudi Arabia funding the terrorists, and the current
              attempt at hijacking America for former failed Ahrimanic intentions
              brings us to the thousands, the millions who failed to watch, to
              think who manifested and continue to manifest an infection in the
              soul life that they are unaware of, causes death, disaster and
              splinters, yet stirs and wakens global community.

              It is indeed Tolkien and "Lord of the Rings", visions of thought and
              contributions where Michael Intelligence flashed from Thought on
              Earth to starry thought and back to Earth again in Michael Rain, from
              German Anthros and French and Southern Cross Review and Steve
              Talbotts and Sampo's and warmed, invigorated dialogue and depth from
              all of us here, that maintained a stream of Michael Breathing. For if
              Michael and humanity- breathing together as a giant lung between
              starry night and awakening day, can hold the massive cosmic wings of
              Michael beating in the hearts of us all.. we have hope.

              It was for Oil and Imperialistic domination and the Ahrimanic Agenda
              that once more so many died. Millions of souls today still act as if
              they don't understand and strike back with bitter hatred at anyone
              who says, that this Ahrimanic agenda is a dog that won't hunt. It is
              to the credit of millions of souls who have passed through the
              Spiritual World and have carried the lessons of the Michael School
              and the Spiritual Goetheanum and the weigh station built to give
              souls strength on Earth to see, see in the most vague and illogical
              crippled aspects of the Intellectual and Sentient soul nature to,
              nearly see and comprehend, how close we are/were to a repeat of the
              ghastly reality of a Nation that fell for the nonsense of Hitler and
              the predictions of Orwell, Spengler and Fukayama.

              We insulted, here in America, the U.N. and world community over and
              over again. We have proven to the world that America is as happy with
              liars and false ideals as the entire deluded population that stole
              Germany from the Michael Time Spirit. It is to the credit of humanity
              if we refuse to let this current crisis in human history escalate
              further by the hopeful removal of souls who have denied in their
              infested thinking the real strength of human Courage and the mission
              of Michael thinking within the I of humanity. A spiritual world of
              good sense is slowly and painfully coming back on course but a huge
              battle for the re-election of this group of Leaders is arising. But
              now in the midst of the battle, perhaps "The Return of the True
              Philosopher Kings" as the third in the trilogy of Tolkien's mighty

              But for the record here are some of the facts:

              by Mark Morford


              "And the lies, the flagrant GOP bitch slappings of the American
              public, the maniacal jabs straight in eye of truth with the icepick
              of utter BS, have just reached some sort of critical mass, some sort
              of saturation point of absurdity and pain and ridiculousness and you
              just have to stand up and applaud.

              Really. It's almost as if you should cheer the invidiousness, it is
              so spectacular, unprecedented, the tower of lies reaching the point
              where you, Jaded and Benumbed American Citizen, are forced to either
              recoil and ignore and deny, succumb and scream and laugh, or, like
              Bush himself, just sort of stand there, wide eyed, dumfounded,
              blinking hard, looking more blank and confused than ever, as the
              unified BushCo front begins to gloriously unravel.

              This much we now know, as compiled by the CIA and the U.N. and U.S.
              military leaders and Bush's own teams of experts and scientists and
              lackeys and pretty much anyone with any sort of common sense or
              astute observation as yet unclouded and unmisled by the raging
              masturbatory pro-war gropings of, say, Fox News. A brief summary:

              Saddam was all over 9/11. Funny how U.S. intelligence never found a
              single connection. Funny how BushCo knowingly led the nation on to
              believe there was one. Funny how the only role Saddamn actually
              played in 9/11 was to watch it unfold on CNN and exclaim, "Holy Allah
              with a case of Cuban cigars, Hashim, a million dinars says BushCo
              uses that as an excuse to come swipe our oil and pump up Halliburton
              and build a Starbucks in downtown Baghdad! Prepare the escape pod!"
              Iraq was al Qaeda's bitch. See above. Fact is, U.S. intelligence
              found no proven link between Iraq and any recent terrorism threats
              against the U.S. Fact is, bin Laden hated Saddam and denounced his
              socialist Baath party as "infidels.". Fact is, BushCo worked
              extremely hard to manipulate the media to make you think the two were
              so close they might as well have been gay lovers. Curiously, this
              sinister obfuscation is still not clear to millions of Americans most
              of whom tend to live in Texas and/or anywhere near major military
              manufacturing plants. Go figure.

              Those 9/11 terrorists? Buncha snarling Iraqis. Well, no. Most were,
              in fact, Saudi. There were no Iraqis at all. Saudi Arabia remains a
              desperately important American ally, one that provides billions in
              U.S. investment and hence BushCo loves them and kisses their rings
              and doesn't say a peep about the millions they also give to terrorist
              cells -- like, say, those of al Qaeda -- to protect their oil fields.

              Saddam has millions of drumfuls of scary chemicals ready at a
              moment's notice to poison the entire world and most of EuroDisney.
              Not even close. Huge chunks of "proof" of Iraq's purported chemical-
              weapons and nuclear-weapons programs have already been dismissed by
              U.N. inspectors and weapons experts. Saddam did, however, possess
              large quantities of bootlegged Britney Spears posters, which, if
              dropped on Israel, would have certainly caused pandemonium if not
              outright giggling and many heavy longing sighs.

              Saddam scored uranium from Niger to make nukes. This is so cutely
              wrong it's painful. The document stating this was forged and bogus
              and BushCo knew it and referenced it anyway in the State of the Union
              address to help justify the war, and now he's all flustered and
              denying everything and the CIA director is bumbling in as the fall
              guy, and oh my freaking God do they ever think you are stupid.
              The war on Iraq will be as easy as lancing a boil on Dick Cheney's
              forehead. Yes! Instant and painless and easy it will be, and it will
              inflict minimal casualties and we'd be all done in a week and America
              will be back home and happily watching "The Bachelorette" and the
              world would love us and see how glorious and righteous we are and
              everyone will convert to Christianity and join Promise Keepers and
              the 700 Club and never have sex and we will ban all icky gay people
              to Canada. Whee!

              Or not. Never you mind that thousands of soldiers are to be stationed
              in Afghanistan and Iraq "indefinitely," for years to come. Or that
              more than half of the U.S. Army's entire combat force is bogged down
              in Iraq right now. Or that U.S. soldiers are still dying in Iraq
              every day, more than 80 so far (33 in hostile fire), with more to
              come, endless guerrilla warfare possibly requiring even more U.S.
              troops, months after BushCo declared the war essentially over.
              Whoops. Gosh. Sorry.

              The Jessica Lynch "rescue" was all-American heroism at its finest. So
              cute. The "rescue" was actually all-American Pentagon PR bulls** at
              its finest, a rather embarrassingly staged hoax so full of overblown
              stunts and dumb machismo and awkward twists that not even Fox News
              would touch the story after a while, and they'll run anything. No
              wonder the Pentagon has refused to release the unedited video footage
              of the "rescue."

              Iraq's oil money will go straight to "liberated" Iraqi people.
              Seriously now. Did anyone really ever believe this, even in their
              most drunken and heavily Xanaxed state? The money, of course, is
              going straight into U.S. and U.K. coffers as "payment" for the Gulf
              War, with only a fraction going for "rebuilding." But the bottom line
              is, we control the oil. We control Iraq's billions. We do not care
              who knows it. Special note from Donny "Beady Eyes" Rumsfeld to all
              you people who somehow genuinely believed we bombed Iraq for the
              betterment of the Iraqi people: Tthhppbbbhhhppbb.

              Oh my God look just look at all those scary WMDs. There are no WMDs.
              There are no WMDs. There are no WMDs. And there never were. Two
              little words from BushCo, straight to you: Ha-ha, suckers.
              The list goes on. This list is nearly endless. The list is growing
              and expanding and now threatens to split and explode and spread like
              some sort of giant viscous blob and invade small towns and kill
              plants and induce women to slap their hands to their faces and scream
              while it slowly steamrolls innocent children as they innocently stand
              there in the street playing innocent Frisbee, innocently.

              And there are others. There are flagrant lies and cover-ups and
              misprisions not even related to the war, more about increasingly
              nauseating domestic issues, major budget crises and unabashed pro-
              corporate decisions and anti-gay anti-women anti-sex fun for the
              whole terrified white Christian family.

              There is, for example, the recent hacking to death of the EPA's major
              greenhouse-gas/air-quality study. There was the (failed) attempt to
              kill the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that tracked factory
              closings in the U.S. There is the secret $135 mil in budget moneys
              set aside to cram invidious sexless Christian "abstinence only until
              marriage" programs down the throats of jaded American teens and
              desperate budget-reamed schools.

              There was, as Slate so effortlessly delineates, the regular and
              rather sneering deep-sixing of serious economic data and fiscal
              forecasting -- much of it generated by Bush's own teams -- because it
              didn't match the GOP's makeshift rosy scenarios.

              There is massive unemployment. There is the largest budget deficit in
              history, now a staggering $455 billion, over $50 billion more than
              the administration predicted just five months ago.

              There are state and local governments broke to the point of having to
              cut back essential services like police and fire departments,
              hospitals, public schools, road maintenance and sewers. There is
              Lynne Cheney. 'Nuff said.

              There appears to be no end. There appears to be a limitless supply of
              lies and half-truths and misinformations BushCo can invent on the
              spot, and is now a good time to recall how Clinton was savaged and
              vilified and attacked and impeached because he lied about having big
              dumb sex with a rather unappealing intern?

              And yet here is BushCo, openly and shamelessly lying about leading
              this nation into a vile and petroleum-drunk war, massacring tens of
              thousands, killing hundreds of U.S. soldiers (and counting), gutting
              the budget, favoring the rich with useless tax cuts, hiding and
              prevaricating and dodging and treated the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth
              and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution the way a crusty abusive
              Catholic priest treats an altar boy.

              This is where you have to laugh. This is where you applaud. Stand up
              and cheer, for it has been a masterful performance, a rather
              unprecedented series of major cover-ups and well-orchestrated PR
              maneuvers and outright fabrications unmatched in recent history.
              Hell, the epic scale of BushCo's atrocities make Clinton's little
              oral-sex fixation seem like a jaywalking violation.

              Is now the time? Is this is where we start to notice how it is all
              coming unraveled, Bush's snide web of lies just too flagrant and too
              insulting for too long, CIA directors and intelligence experts and
              military leaders and scientists and the like all coming forward now
              to refute any number of false BushCo claims, the chinks in the armor
              now becoming cracks and fissures and flubs and stumbles and ultimate
              raging implosions?

              Is this why impeachment proceedings have yet to begin in earnest
              against BushCo? Because we're just too stunned, too frozen in
              disbelief at the mounting mountains of evidence that we have been
              duped and misled and lied to on a scale we can't really begin to
              assimilate? Could very well be.

              Because the tower of lies, oh how it teeters, how it quivers, how it
              feels oh so ready to fall."

              Bradford's previous notes:

              "On the 27th February the Reichstag is empty as it had been in
              > since December. At around 20:30 one of the caretakers checks the
              > building and finds nothing unusual. At 20:50 a postman is passing
              > entrance to the session chamber and notices nothing unusual.
              > At 21:05 a student sees a man carrying a burning brand on the first
              > floor. By 21:14 the fire alarm is received by the local firestation
              > and the firemen are in the building by 21:24 but fires are breaking
              > out everywhere. At 21:27 there is a huge explosion and the great
              > chamber is enveloped by flames. In the rear of the building a half
              > naked dutchman, Marinus van der Lubbe is discovered and arrested.
              > claims to have done it as "a protest".
              > Hitler and Goring arrive on the scene. Goring at once accuses the
              > communists. The next day the ageing President signs a decree which
              > allows the nazis to suspend freedom of speech which they use to ban
              > virtually the entire opposition press. Communists are arrested
              > wholesale though the party is not banned until after the elections
              > that the left vote will remain split."

              > "In Jan., 1933, when Adolf Hitler became chancellor without an
              > absolute majority, the Reichstag was dissolved and new elections
              > set for Mar. 5; a violent election campaign ensued. On Feb. 27,
              > a fire destroyed part of the Reichstag building. Hitler immediately
              > accused the Communists of having set the fire. President von
              > Hindenburg proclaimed a state of emergency and issued decrees
              > suspending freedom of speech and assembly. The elections gave a
              > majority of seats to Hitler's National Socialists (Nazis; see
              > National Socialism) and their allies, the German Nationalists.
              > measures were taken against the Communist party, and its deputies
              > were barred from the Reichstag."
            • holderlin66
              http://www.barnsdle.demon.co.uk/hist/fire.html Bradford comments; One of the most important issues, which includes the vivid issue of inner development which
              Message 6 of 10 , Aug 13, 2003

                Bradford comments;

                One of the most important issues, which includes the vivid issue of
                inner development which we have been discussing warmly and richly
                through Maurice and others, is also allowing the verification of our
                historical research to arise in the well written ideas of the
                Intellectual Soul that slowly use the tools of the Consciousness Soul
                to begin to understand history. On the stark incision of the Christ
                Event a 33 year pattern was grooved into human history. If we start
                to take Spiritual Science in earnest, you could begin to discover
                that the Time in which Dr. Steiner lived, revealed the carriage of
                the very Symptoms, sharply and dramatically engaged, that remain with
                us today. This is one reason why if you discount Dr. Steiner, you do
                so at your own peril. It is our job to see how the weaving rhythm he
                depicted reveals itself in our own 21st century. It is even better
                when we as Spiritual Students lead the intuitions of men so that they
                can also catch, in their thinking, deeper patterns in the events we
                live in.

                If we study the thread on which this topic originated and was first
                placed, way back.... We see how what we might call Spiritual Economy
                is working in the thought life of many, many souls. We can verify
                what comes to them even though it remains part of the hidden aspects
                of the Angels Working together with human thoughts. It means that
                through our mutual thinking their spiritual intuitions gain life and
                rain down as Michael Rain and suddenly it is easy for those who are
                thinking to see clearly the patterns we sometimes focus on here.

                Let me once more place another, and this should not be as boring as
                it appears, the study of Ahrimanic Symptomology is needed, along with
                inner development that tackles various Luciferic soul distortions.
                Yet Ahrimanic Symptomology is weaving more in the external world
                before our gaze. Luciferic distortions can appear in the inner
                development and we can enter into this, as Maurice and Danny have
                done, with more interest in watching the mighty Sphinx double in Man
                turn from the image of Death to the Christ Being.

                Students of the Michael School, ourselves, must accustom ourselves to
                seeing Ahrimanic Symptomology weaving in our own times. This
                Symptomology has many links to the sudden shifts of power that led to
                the Weimar 1933 regime and that the rhythms of that event links, and
                colors, weaves all through the unconscious thought life of what we
                see before us. Rarely do we observe raw Michael Insights, such as the
                varied insights that we have been able to maintain as of late on this
                list. Amazing and nourishing work dear freinds.

                To Review:

                "On the 27th February the Reichstag is empty as it had been in
                > since December. At around 20:30 one of the caretakers checks the
                > building and finds nothing unusual. At 20:50 a postman is passing
                > entrance to the session chamber and notices nothing unusual.
                > At 21:05 a student sees a man carrying a burning brand on the first
                > floor. By 21:14 the fire alarm is received by the local firestation
                > and the firemen are in the building by 21:24 but fires are breaking
                > out everywhere. At 21:27 there is a huge explosion and the great
                > chamber is enveloped by flames. In the rear of the building a half
                > naked dutchman, Marinus van der Lubbe is discovered and arrested.
                > claims to have done it as "a protest".
                > Hitler and Goring arrive on the scene. Goring at once accuses the
                > communists. The next day the ageing President signs a decree which
                > allows the nazis to suspend freedom of speech which they use to ban
                > virtually the entire opposition press. Communists are arrested
                > wholesale though the party is not banned until after the elections
                > that the left vote will remain split."
                > Bradford commented back then;
                > We have much more than a smoking gun. We have a grudge match
                > the forces of Ahriman and Michael. Steiner's birthday, on the
                > was Feb. 27. In the actual battle to understand "The Weimar
                > Connection" we include the Christ event that was dawning in the
                > 1933. 'Keep our eyes open in 1933', Steiner predicted, but little
                > we know that "Vision and the Goethean Impulse" was exactly the
                > motives of getting that terrorist fire from the Goetheanum started
                > and that terrorist War lit from Weimar in 1933 on Steiner's
                > Things are strange and our Imagination and our navigation to
                > understand how the current White House, once again raises the image
                > of Weimar - Goethe's Weimar, where Goethe himself damaged Ahriman
                > Steiner literally kicked the old God in the face, while trying to
                > pull Nietzsche out of his grip, certainly pissed off Ahriman.

                "As I mentioned above, Hitler was TIME Magazine's Man Of The Year in
                1938. Stalin was TIME Magazine's Man Of The Year for 1939 and 1942.
                Both of these men, and many others also celibrated by the media, were
                unimaginable monsters. The lesson from these facts is that it isn't
                easy to spot a genocidal tyrant when you live with one, especially
                one whom the press supports and promotes. Tyrants become obvious only
                when looking back, after what they have done becomes known. The
                German people did not stand up to Hitler because their media betrayed
                them, just as the American media is betraying the American people by
                willingly, voluntarily, even proudly, abandoning its traditional role
                as watchdog against government abuse. "




                America, the Fourth Reich

                By Ian Gurney
                Online Journal Contributing Writer

                "Dictatorships start wars because they need external enemies to exert
                internal control over their own people." —Richard Perle

                August 13, 2003—Americans are the new Nazis. There, that's earned me
                a lot of enemies very quickly hasn't it?

                "How dare you," comes the riposte from the neo-cons in the
                administration and the right-wing think tanks like JINSA and the
                PNAC, as well as the "Fox news compliant" brigade whose heads are
                still stuck up their backsides enjoying the televised view. "America
                is a democracy, a free country run by a democratically elected
                government. It is the land of the free, the home of the brave and the
                protector of the free world," I hear them chorus.

                To that I say, bullshit.

                To say America is a democracy these days is just stretching things
                too far. Consider: Bush was not elected by the majority of people in
                the USA. Admittedly the turnout was low (you do, after all, get the
                government you deserve if you don't exercise your franchise) but
                George W didn't get a mandate. To do that more than 50 percent of the
                voters have to vote for you, and that didn't happen. In fact, Georgie
                boy lost. However, good old George made sure that, mandate or not,
                win or not, with a little help from friends and family in Florida he
                could win it by cheating. Let's not mince words, George W Bush stole
                the presidency of the United States. He is not the democratically
                elected leader of America.

                It also appears that some unelected officials in the Bush
                administration may have acquired more power than the president
                himself. Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Bolton, Abrams, Rumsfeld all share
                the same right-wing neo-conservative views held by organisations such
                as the Project for a New American Century, the Zionist Organisation
                of America and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. As
                members of these organisations, it could be said that this unelected
                cabal of neo-cons in the White House and the Pentagon have interests
                other than America at heart. This is not only undemocratic, it is

                So, we now see that America is governed by a president who was not
                democratically elected, supported by an unelected cabal of people
                with very extreme and in some cases, very un-American views. This
                cannot, therefore, classify America as a democratic country. A
                country that is governed by a non-elected power is, as we have seen
                and heard these last few months concerning Iraq, Iran and North
                Korea, classed as a "dictatorship". Dictatorships are fascist by
                nature. Fascism is described as "right-wing dictatorship". Look up
                the word fascism. See what I mean?

                Now let's take a quick look at Germany in the 1930s and '40s as the
                Nazis reared their ugly heads. Here was a country that was
                financially crippled with a massive budget deficit owing billions of
                dollars to the rest of the world. Just like the USA.

                In the 1930s Germany was a country where the burning of the
                Reichstag, Germany's 9/11, engineered by Hitler and his henchmen, was
                used to create external enemies and to exert internal control over
                the German people. Hitler then used the media to lie, frighten and
                deceive the population, allowing a bunch of vicious, extreme, right-
                wing megalomaniacs to gain power. Just like the USA.

                In the 1930s Hitler was surrounded by a group of unelected officials
                whose sole objective was to take control of Germany for their own
                ends and with the use of their military might, take control of the
                assets and prosperity of other, weaker countries. Just like the USA.

                In 1939 Hitler embarked on a series of pre-emptive attacks on
                sovereign nations in the name of "freeing the people" of that
                country. Just like the USA.

                In 1940 the German hierarchy started building special "camps" or
                detention centres in which to incarcerate and eventually execute
                those people considered to be "against" their regime. Just like the

                As Germany invaded the countries surrounding them during World War
                II, they found that far from having conquered the country
                and "liberated" the people, the people of that country formed
                nationalist "resistance" groups and used guerilla warfare to kill,
                harass and slowly demoralise the occupying army. Just like the USA.

                "History is little more than the register of crimes, follies, and
                misfortunes of mankind" wrote Edward Gibbon, the British historian in
                The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. History should teach us a
                great many things, but unfortunately the majority of Americans know
                very little about history, or for that matter, the rest of the world.
                Don't believe me? Ask an American where Admiral Lord Nelson, one of
                the worlds greatest naval commanders, died or what nationality
                Alexander the Great was? Better still, ask an American to point to
                pretty much any foreign country on a map. Try North Korea.

                If you know nothing of history, you cannot learn the lessons history
                teaches. You continue to make the same mistakes. Hitler's mistake was
                to wage war on too many fronts at once and underestimate the ferocity
                of the guerilla wars being fought against him by resistance groups
                all over Europe. Eventually it was Russia, or to be more precise, the
                Russian winter and Hitler's hubris, that proved to much for the
                disillusioned German troops, sick and tired of fighting and dying for
                a regime that they belatedly realised was illegitimate.

                Hitler, in the last desperate act of a cowardly tyrant, committed
                suicide. Germany, defeated and destroyed, had lost everything. Those
                who had been instrumental in Germany's war and propaganda machine
                were tried and executed. Eventually Germany once again became a
                democracy, but it had taken the deaths of many millions of people to
                restore that democracy.

                Despite Germany's huge arsenal of weapons, it had lost the war
                because those running Germany were not the democratic leaders of a
                democratic country, but were fascist, right-wing neo-conservatives:
                Nazis, who propagated an illegal war through lies and deception and
                stirred up the anger of all decent thinking people on the planet with
                their evil deeds.

                Just like the USA.

                FINAL CURRENT NOTES


                Propaganda: Did Goebbells Write The Bush Administrations speeches?
                From an address to a joint session of the US Congress: President
                George W. Bush.

                "Americans are asking ``Why do they hate us?'' They hate what they
                see right here in this chamber: a democratically elected government.
                Their leaders are self-appointed. They hate our freedoms: our freedom
                of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble
                and disagree with each other. " George W. Bush, 20 September, 2001


                From Goebbels' New Year address to Germany

                They hate our people because it is decent, brave, industrious,
                hardworking and intelligent. They hate our views, our social
                policies, and our accomplishments. They hate us as a Reich and as a
                community. They have forced us into a struggle for life and death. We
                will defend ourselves accordingly. All is clear between us and our
                enemies. Goebbels 31 December 1939



                Richard Perle, policy advisor to G.W. Bush, 2001

                "No stages. This is total war. We are fighting a variety of enemies.
                There are lots of them out there. All this talk about first we are
                going to do Afghanistan, then we will do Iraq, then we take a look
                around and see how things stand. That is entirely the wrong way to go
                about it ... If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we
                embrace it entirely, and we don't try to ... piece together clever
                diplomatic solutions ... but just wage a total war against these
                tyrants, I think we will do very well. Our children will sing great
                songs about us years from now." ---

                - Richard Perle, policy advisor to G.W. Bush, 2001

                Joseph Goebbels, 1943

                So total war is the demand of the hour. We must put an end to the
                bourgeois attitude which we have also seen in this war: Wash my
                back, but don't get me wet! The danger facing us is enormous. The
                efforts we take to meet it must be just as enormous. The time has
                come to remove the gloves! We must use our fists now! There is no
                excuse for only superficially and carelessly making use of the war
                potential at home and throughout Europe. We must use the full
                resources, as quickly and thoroughly as it is organizationally and
                practically possible. Unnecessary concern is wholly out of place. The
                future of Europe hangs on our success in the East! We are ready to
                defend it! The German people are shedding their most valuable blood
                in this battle. The rest of Europe should at least work to support
                us. Those who do not understand this fight today will thank us on
                bended knee tomorrow that we took it!

                - Joseph Goebbels, 1943
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