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The Weimar Connection/ Selective Intelligence

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  • Bradford Riley
    In Spiritual Science we sometimes wonder why we are not more visible and connected into current world events. But we are. Wolfowitz-Leo Strauss-Weimar-Goethe
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      In Spiritual Science we sometimes wonder why we are not more visible and
      connected into current world events. But we are. Wolfowitz-Leo
      Strauss-Weimar-Goethe and Steiner bring us right to the center of a history
      that is warped by the current Intellect. I don't wish to imagine that
      Starman was making some sort of threat by saying that treason offenses might
      again be re-instated, and I certainly don't believe that I communicate these
      ideas clearly. Here is where I have such respect for the other researchers.
      I enjoy the idea that other living vessels are posing issues and touching
      into the Spiritual world of thought from very different angles. I have poets
      karma. But I have rich understanding of what anyone is presenting.

      Selective Intelligence is an enormous issue. Dulled Consciousness and
      Patriotism are enormous issues of the psychological state of the nation and
      the very substance of the Palastinian and Israel issue.
      What, then, is patriotism? "Patriotism, sir, is the last resort of
      scoundrels," said Dr. [Samuel] Johnson. Leo Tolstoy, the greatest
      anti-patriot of our time, defines patriotism as the principle that will
      justify the training of wholesale murderers; a trade that requires better
      equipment in the exercise of man-killing than the making of such necessities
      as shoes, clothing, and houses; a trade that guarantees better returns and
      greater glory than that of the honest workingman..."

      Now lets check the sweeping destructive path of Selective Intelligence
      connected to the Michael stream of history. Clearly where Nietzsche was held
      hostage, within an Ahrimanic dungeon, in the icy intellect, where he made
      Nietzsche's brain his hiding place, and began his working writing career
      against the Michael School was due in part because Michael had to hand over
      the management of Intelligence to humanity. Michael, our current ZeitGeist
      and Time Spirit, had worked with the Intelligence of Aristotle and Alexander
      all the way back to Iraq. Now we must reach up to Michael via thinking to
      connect to the Time Spirit and the future of humanity.

      For the Bush administration the ancient relics of Marduk and Babylon and the
      destruction of the ancient roots of human history out of Iraq - allows the
      wonderful Orwellian mission to prepare a different future, severed from any
      past connections to the cradle of civilization. Those who have helped put
      together this mighy middle east plan, understand that oil and the peak
      production levels and a mere 100 year oil supply left will effect the
      materialism and the ideas of consumer growth that the Imperialism of America
      needs to survive. Corporate materialism refuses to shrink or find a balanced
      relationship with the rest of the world, but rather current American
      thinking can't imagine a state of balance - Why? Because the Market Place
      and the false ideas of Materialism demand that Corporations show a profit,
      an endless mounting, gobbling profit.. which Starbirgarden had outlined in
      Consume and Consumate.

      WWII officially began on Feb 27, 1933 where the intentions of history...
      History and poetry- here a prophet declares 1933 key.. Years before the
      event he marks this date. Ahriman knew that the poetic enemy he had to face
      were those who had understood Michael and were bringing these forces from
      the Spiritual World into the Earth field. In terms of the Cosmic forces - It
      has always rested on the shoulders of humanity that we do the most horrific
      and disgusting deeds to ourselves and our fellow human beings because we
      remain unconscious of where we are in the history of mankind and the
      unfolding forces of the future. Therefore from the Seletive Intelligence of
      the Michael School, and of course there are other directions to approach
      this issue. places an enormous task of discernment on humanity and
      reproduces a mirror of One Man- Steiner and one Man - Jesus to unfold a path
      of freedom back to the depth of the gods. Steiner's birthday was slandered
      in 1933 because the memory of Hitler's rise to power falls exactly on
      Steiner's birthday. Anyone who thinks with the Michael Intelligence is
      looked upon as a Satanic Occultist and Steiner's face replaces Hitlers. Just
      as Starman has said, the illness in the sentient and Intellectual soul,
      could very well cause real thinkers to be imprisoned again on treason counts
      from Ashcroft.

      In 1933, exactly where Steiner, the only human being on the planet to draw
      attention to the Christ Event in the Etheric in 1933 was whacked, was given
      a Nazi-Mafioso, Soprano hit, aslo marked the beginning of another ugly
      episode in human history. Instead of celebrating, watching and nurturing the
      event of the rising Christ Revelation- Ahriman inserted the rise of Hitler.
      Ahriman worked hard with the substance of Merlin/Wagner and Nietzsche to
      make Racisim a potent weapon. This potent blood and nationalism is still
      active in the Israel / Palastine crisis which just happens to be the bitter
      and bickering Holy Land where the Initiates of the Logos, Bodhisattva's
      Buddha and Zarathustra secured the deed that rocked Earth evolution off its
      hinges. Why not make this the most troubled spot on Earth. Why not let
      Intellect after Intellect fail to see that clinging to the Ahrimanic Racism
      was exactly what Weimar did not do. It allowed a wonderful open freedom for
      all races. It might be called the Hindenberg disaster. Again it is poetry.
      the giant Zeplin and the fall of Freedom have enormous Poetic connections.

      Weimar, due to Goethe and Steiner - became a particular target for Ahriman.
      Because the Gods are subject to the poetic forces of the Logos and thinking
      and poetic connections are always under the surface of things. Leo Strauss
      and much that has to do with the White House has reverberations back to 1933
      and connect to 1999 and 2003. To blur, to hide and to confuse the idea that
      Spiritual Science has nothing to do with the news of the World and current
      events is not to recognize the true nature of Philosopher Kings. It is a
      profound key to understanding the battle ground of Democracy within the
      Selective Intelligence of two Gods and human beings. Weimar was the key to a
      Michael and Ahrimanic Press battle against the Rising of the Christ event in
      1933. Here the Intellectual Soul of Strauss was formed. My favorite guy is
      Heidegger, who Strauss and almost any thinker would find interesting.

      It certainly matters, as Starman constantly reminds us, that nothing of what
      is here presented is the least digestible to the Intellects that Starman
      attempts to teach and those who he admires. Indeed that is why there is a
      sickness and a deception and the current false Strauss point of view that
      must constantly hide intimate historic connections. But I admit that I am
      using Selective Intelligence and what is needed is that Spiritual Science
      weigh in on the balance between the Selective Intelligence used by the
      current Intellectual Soul and the rich threads of reason that tie together
      those historical threads to the Gods.

      Therefore, again, what is not wanted is the understanding that
      Phidias/Goethe out of Athens and Aristotle himself would not put forth a
      split or dual Political system but a Threefold system. We have to take
      seriously how the karmic development of souls have changed from before the
      Christ Event to after the Christ Event. We need to have the karmic research
      and general working theory of Karma and Reincarnation before us because
      Ahriman cannot argue this point. He loves it that the Intellectual Soul
      imagines history as some sort of Straussian theory. Merlin/Wagner almost
      shouts back at us. It is hardly possible to miss the inner forces of Wagner
      and the inner thought forces of ancient Merlin. It was 1000 years from 869
      to 1869. Here Nietzsche and Wagner meet. John the Baptist stood as the
      simple poet Novalis and he also was the painter of the "School of Athens"
      and represented the founding of the Michael School and the karmic meeting of
      Platonism and Aristotle. Ahriman hates it when we take this seriously, for
      how would Starman present this to his students as part of history? I truly
      understand the problem.

      In fact it is so difficult that whenever one does present it, one feels,
      faces and has to deal with a vast warped field of strongly planted
      historical and spiritual deceptions in thinking. You really have to work to
      be a member of the Michael School. It is much easier to drive an SUV and
      listen to Fox News and gab than to weigh in and think. I found this very
      powerful when parents approach Waldorf Education. They had to have
      encountered certain changes in their Intellectual perception of life and
      children, even Reincarnation...and feel, the delicate awakening of their own
      participations in the Michael School history. So we must wrestle and are not
      immune to what is understood as Selective Intelligence and we have to
      wrestle for a true insight into humanity and the Christ Event. In this
      wrestling. In understanding the Three Temptations of Christ - we begin to
      discern the gift of the Michael School on Earth.

      Neeless to say, from the icy core in Nietzsche's brain and the Ahrimanic
      Temptation presented to Christ in the desert, arises the image of "The
      Matrix". But it is you, yourself, that must act as the active translator of
      the Gods intentions or lack of intentions, that are currently active in
      history, Art, Science and politics. It is dangerous ground and is not what
      the mob thinks Patriotism is. It is not what Israel clings to. It is not the
      misinterpretation of Strauss and the Philospher Kings in the current White

      IMO the fact that Strauss/Saul Bellow and Wolfowitz currently bring us back
      to Weimar and 1933 is a blessing. It is a blessing because there is no need
      to bring up dark, mysterious occult brotherhoods, and no need to remain
      ignorant of either Michael or Ahrimanic actions in the wills of men. What
      current New York Times and related news stories are questioning are the
      threads of history and ethics that are easy to observe. So it is very much
      in the Michael School favor to understand the threads of history that
      brought about the dates of the Weimar fire and the rulership of Hitler for
      12 years as Andrea has said. 12 years is one Jupiter cycle. A very bad
      Jupter Cycle for the World..but a Jupter cycle is as real in human biography
      as it is in Earthly history. There is no getting around the moment when a
      child moves from 12 to thirteen nor can we not see the Greek Education
      behind the 12 labors of Hercules. A rhythm was imprinted into Earthly
      history. Something like 12 years passed between the 1st Bush Gulf War and
      the Second and what unconscious historical forces were operative to allow
      the grand plans for the take over of Iraq Oil and become an occupation army
      in the middle east is not even examined with any moral depth. Such is our
      university education.

      Hidden in the lies of this Administration is the fact that the Saudi's were
      our friends and we wouldn't dare accuse the Saudi's of having been part of
      the Terrorist plan of 9/11 but it was so. It was so and the U.S. Press ran
      away from the issue. The fact that it was Saudi Arabia and not Iraq, but
      that the U.S. would not deal with the fact that the Saudi's were supporting
      the Terrorists would make Bush a liar. But we do not have to go far to make
      George Bush a liar. It was an insult to the world community that the U.S.
      insisted, like a spoiled brat, that Hans Blix was a jerk. It is an insult to
      the World Community for not making the U.S. and Tony Blair eat their words.
      Cowards and hypocrites who can't wait to come back into the relation of not
      having to rethink the U.N. and the U.S. remaining the spoiled ugly brat it
      has become to the world.

      But here I compare Apples to Oranges. For nothing in the Sentient soul
      makeup or the Intellectual Soul makeup of the Bush Adminstration even comes
      close to the honesty and integrity and openness that Steiner revealed as the
      underpinning of the Christ Event - this in itself made the Catholic Church
      obsolete in the same way that the InterNet forced the dinosaur of the media
      to become obsolete. Steiner writing a Fifth Gospel, correcting and expanding
      the limited ideas of the 'Big Bang" to the vision of "Occult Sciene an
      Outline" blows universities away. What we have in the deeds of One Man is
      the enormous weight of the entire Michael School - and he went right to the
      darkest den, the core of the Ahrimanic invasion, he went right into
      Nietzsche's brain and made Ahriman back down. Ahriman backed down because
      Steiner knew the secrets of Reincarnation and Karma and was no longer under
      the need to be vague and cloudy about anything. Steiner had achieved, for
      better or for worse, the Astral Body of Christ, as a portion which he was
      free to explore or ignore. Steiner chose to explore freely the Astral Body
      of Christ and from the "Bau" the building of the 1st Goetheanum arose all
      the richness of that Steiner could explore of the cosmic Astral Body of the
      Christ. 1933-1933-1933.

      Selective Intelligence is a knife edge for Philospher Kings who pretend they
      are and have the world's attention, as if they are - but it is up to our I
      AM to decide how potent and real is the thought substance that the whole
      world imagines is true. This is the bitter trial of understanding Selective
      Intelligence and indeed this was the very issue of Weimar and Leo Strauss.
      What can the elite thinking community convey to the masses and what can they
      not convey. Steiner opened his doors and presented his research to everyone,
      even if they had to reach to understand him... or he shaped it out of the
      substance of the listeners sitting before him. Luckily it took root.


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    • holderlin66
      Published on Tuesday, June 3, 2003 by the New York Times Standard Operating Procedure by Paul Krugman The mystery of Iraq s missing weapons of mass destruction
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        Published on Tuesday, June 3, 2003 by the New York Times
        Standard Operating Procedure
        by Paul Krugman

        The mystery of Iraq's missing weapons of mass destruction has become
        a lot less mysterious. Recent reports in major British newspapers and
        three major American news magazines, based on leaks from angry
        intelligence officials, back up the sources who told my colleague
        Nicholas Kristof that the Bush administration "grossly manipulated
        intelligence" about W.M.D.'s.

        And anyone who talks about an "intelligence failure" is missing the
        point. The problem lay not with intelligence professionals, but with
        the Bush and Blair administrations. They wanted a war, so they
        demanded reports supporting their case, while dismissing contrary

        In Britain, the news media have not been shy about drawing the
        obvious implications, and the outrage has not been limited to war
        opponents. The Times of London was ardently pro-war; nonetheless, it
        ran an analysis under the headline "Lie Another Day." The paper drew
        parallels between the selling of the war and other misleading
        claims: "The government is seen as having `spun' the threat from
        Saddam's weapons just as it spins everything else."

        Yet few have made the same argument in this country, even
        though "spin" is far too mild a word for what the Bush administration
        does, all the time. Suggestions that the public was manipulated into
        supporting an Iraq war gain credibility from the fact that
        misrepresentation and deception are standard operating procedure for
        this administration, which — to an extent never before seen in U.S.
        history — systematically and brazenly distorts the facts.

        Am I exaggerating? Even as George Bush stunned reporters by declaring
        that we have "found the weapons of mass destruction," the Republican
        National Committee declared that the latest tax cut
        benefits "everyone who pays taxes." That is simply a lie. You've
        heard about those eight million children denied any tax break by a
        last-minute switcheroo. In total, 50 million American households —
        including a majority of those with members over 65 — get nothing;
        another 20 million receive less than $100 each. And a great majority
        of those left behind do pay taxes.

        And the bald-faced misrepresentation of an elitist tax cut offering
        little or nothing to most Americans is only the latest in a long
        string of blatant misstatements. Misleading the public has been a
        consistent strategy for the Bush team on issues ranging from tax
        policy and Social Security reform to energy and the environment. So
        why should we give the administration the benefit of the doubt on
        foreign policy?

        It's long past time for this administration to be held accountable.
        Over the last two years we've become accustomed to the pattern. Each
        time the administration comes up with another whopper, partisan
        supporters — a group that includes a large segment of the news media —
        obediently insist that black is white and up is down. Meanwhile
        the "liberal" media report only that some people say that black is
        black and up is up. And some Democratic politicians offer the
        administration invaluable cover by making excuses and playing down
        the extent of the lies.

        If this same lack of accountability extends to matters of war and
        peace, we're in very deep trouble. The British seem to understand
        this: Max Hastings, the veteran war correspondent — who supported
        Britain's participation in the war — writes that "the prime minister
        committed British troops and sacrificed British lives on the basis of
        a deceit, and it stinks."

        It's no answer to say that Saddam was a murderous tyrant. I could
        point out that many of the neoconservatives who fomented this war
        were nonchalant, or worse, about mass murders by Central American
        death squads in the 1980's. But the important point is that this
        isn't about Saddam: it's about us. The public was told that Saddam
        posed an imminent threat. If that claim was fraudulent, the selling
        of the war is arguably the worst scandal in American political
        history — worse than Watergate, worse than Iran-contra. Indeed, the
        idea that we were deceived into war makes many commentators so
        uncomfortable that they refuse to admit the possibility.

        But here's the thought that should make those commentators really
        uncomfortable. Suppose that this administration did con us into war.
        And suppose that it is not held accountable for its deceptions, so
        Mr. Bush can fight what Mr. Hastings calls a "khaki election" next
        year. In that case, our political system has become utterly, and
        perhaps irrevocably, corrupted.

        Copyright 2003 The New York Times Company
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