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Reichstag's arsone event and 9/11

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    Reichstag s arson event and 9/11. A couple of years ago there occurred to me to write an article about the arson s incident of Goetheanum and Reichstag and I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2003

      Reichstag's arson event and  9/11.




      A couple of years ago there occurred to me to write an article about the arson's incident of Goetheanum and Reichstag and I tried myself to gain some picture about the link between the two events.

      The historical data tell us that there is an unique  connection behind those events.

       In both cases, for instance,  the principals used mental-ill guys , one of them (1923) infected by ultra-catholic paranoia, the other (1933). by a communist one.

        But what about the principals ?

        We all are able to answer "Ahriman" , or "666" (it's much better not to say  openly "that" name!!)  but who are their occult-political servants ?

      Here, most of all  are also  able to answer.

          I have  been posting in the past about the occult "bloodline" that was built up between some Vatican circle and the new-born Nazi movement with a generous money  help by some Western bank corp.( among them not only Warburg and Schroeder, but also Harriman & Bush firm) the same used to help Bolsheviks since 1917.

      Here I can grasp a picture of a "tripartite step" of Evil against the Etheric Christ Event.

      Neverthless the Event took  place the same, public and private  evidences  in hand. but surely the subsequent sea of hatred , atrocity and darkness was able to limit somewhat its frequency.


       When I think about the two arson's incident and picture myself the former  as a sacred event of Death and Resurrection ( but what we have lost on Earth!!!!!)   and the latter  like the first step of the fall into the Darkness of The Twelve Years of The Beast ended ( but only in part since the Fight is just beginning....) in the Atomic Reversed Fission in 1945, I ask myself in the end  "....what about such a connection and today's events ?"


      Well here, my dear American listmates, I have to say something able to disturb some  of you.

      I see the same gesture  behind Reichstag's arson and behind 9/11 events.

      I see  how a political administration planned ( or, on a more "gentle" standpoint  did nothing to avoid it)  the death of 2800 fellow citizens in a perfect Machiavelli's way, by the means of a  deception's plot, just like was done in 1898 ( Maine's crusader event) and 1941 (Pearl Harbour's  Roosvelt silence ).

      Their  driving thought should have been like this    : " By the mean of an " handful"  of murdered we'll gain the power of transform as we like  both the American Constitution (" too liberal". as Mr.Ashcroft  said) and the Worldwide international polity"

       I can admit that some of them is actually  convinced to be the bearer of "Good" ( American political and economical way of life, but, My God, just like THEY think it has to be !!) against "Evil" (Old Weak "Leftist"  Europe – since Islam is actually a pretext here)

      Yes I understand that for an European, used to smell the rotten flavour of political powers since the beginning  (when Fascist Italy  attacked France in June 1940 Mussolini told his Foreign Affairs Minister "I need a couple of thousands dead in order to be able to gain a good place at Peace's desk!!")  it's easier than for an American to think this way about his (her) Government .

      But if I link the occult researches data and the usual media infos (and I did really read everything possible about 9/11- in Europe there is luckily non censorship about it) I have to gain a conclusion like the above.


      However  this  is only a starting point.

      Since there are some giant  further questions coming, maybe on the actual  consciousness about such a planned  Evil by  every single member of Bush's junta .

      If the above said  is true everyone of them (seen as an individual like Joel is suggesting)  is carrying on since 9/11 onwards the most terrible thinkable  karmic failure's burden ....

       Moreover if we try to enter the "weltanschauung" of people like Wolfo we are able to admit that  a twisted Straussian-Machiavelli standpoint should be able to justify also a conscious use of any evil mean to gain the winning post of " World Absolute Rulers" !!


      To gain the full picture  I have in the end   to ask myself " what can I do about it"?

      The first step has been trying to see the "face" under "the mask" in the events, but it's really a little tiny step.

      The  actual answer is the same that seventeen centuries ago S.Benedetto da Norcia gave  his fellows disciples and Steiner, Scaligero and the best spiritual teachers renewed in XX Century :


       " ORA ET LABORA".



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