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  • holderlin66
    Dear Stephanie; The Goetheanum is located in the Jura s. Nearby is the little village of Arlesheim. There, the Holle Bread factory. It used to waft the scent
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      Dear Stephanie;

      The Goetheanum is located in the Jura's. Nearby is the little village
      of Arlesheim. There, the Holle Bread factory. It used to waft the
      scent of fresh baked bread through the region, or did when I attended
      school there. There are castles that starkly rise as shadows over the
      low hills. This was impressive because as an American I wasn't
      familiar with the rich force of actual Castles. In Arlesheim there
      was a little fountain in the town square. In Arlesheim Ita Wegman
      established her clinic for the cures, the early potential cures, for

      Going to Dornach from Basel, you find a sweet little tram to trail
      through the Swiss homes and gardens. There is a hike up a hill, and
      there upwards, is the Goetheanum. Inside the Goetheanum and all
      around you will notice Organic Architecture. Some of it looks looked
      like Hobbit dwellings.

      Approaching from the west side, the mighty front of the building
      faces the West. There appear a line of stones resembling Stone henge,
      celtic curves done in Anthro Logo style. Inside, facing the West, was
      the mighty Michael Stained Glass window in Reds and Oranges. The
      sunsets are astonishing. There is a large open patio, deck, where
      conference and theater attendees, take their Pause between lectures
      and performances. It is stone now, but it was once a wonderful Double
      Domed, Norwegian slate edifice that was tragically burned to the

      Round about, in various nooks, you can see the old concrete WWII tank
      defenses. All about the School are various Pythagorean studies of
      Eurythmy and Botany. There is a garden below the Bau, as it was
      called. Bau means building. Speech, Actors, Eurythmists, Science
      studies, agriculture, Astronomy and Waldorf students mingle and go to
      coffee houses and little restaurants dotted around.

      I was there until 1980 so much might have changed. There is good
      research that Sigune and Schionatulander and Parsifal were in this
      vicinity. The destiny of Parsifal and the destiny of Steiner and Ita
      Wegman seem to be deeply connected to the location. It isn't or
      wasn't easy for the American soul to feel at home there. The Swiss
      seemed a little stiffer when I attended, but perhaps all this has
      loosened up.

      This place and various centers through-out the world, but mainly this
      place is the historic grounding of the mighty Michael and Grail
      School. Goethe and Steiner's confronation with forces of culture and
      most recently our discussions on this list dealing with Weimar, point
      to the very issues we need to understand in the far West.

      There was a Puppet theatre named after a Mystery Drama Character,
      Frau Balde, at the base of the drive by the Restaurant. This is my
      memory of it. However the richness of my experiences, particularly
      having to be the guardian of the great wooden carving that survived
      the flames of the 1st Goetheanum, called "The Representative of
      Humanity" is where the powerful navigation tool of Christ between
      Lucifer and Ahriman resides. In this hall, are the sacred ashes of
      many a wonderful Teacher out of Spiritual Science. Urns of these
      great souls were there.

      Lectures, performances and visiting tourists still arrive and the
      visitors have been probably hard to accomadate with parking etc.
      Lectures in German and performances in the Great Hall, have the
      stained glass, plant impressed colors of wonderful and profound
      experiences out of Spiriutal Research.

      I used to mow the hills with a scythe along with a Painting student.
      There are also many studying painting from various schools. It
      doesn't feel like much, but the undercurrent global impulses that
      resonate out from that Center have, as you well know, profound
      consequences for humanity.

      Steiner represents an advanced Spirit Self announcer. A guide and a
      compass point for humanity that points to the centeral event of Earth
      Evolution that still remains unnoticed by the majority of humanity.
      It might be called Anthro Mecca where pilgrims go to see something
      now that seems faded grandeur.

      It must be remembered that the giant Monolithic stone Toad that sits
      there in Switzerland is the result of the burning of the first grand,
      mighty Planetary Tree Woods and overhead ceiling painting of the vast
      evolution of humanity. Steiner said that his deepest sadness was
      because those in the West, those of us who would come later, would
      not understand or see out of the concrete building, what was immense,
      and poetic, rich and powerful that would have spoken directly to the
      souls of the west, had they but witnessed the 1st Goetheanum. Steiner
      is recorded to have wept when it burned. The reason he gave for his
      sorrow, was that those souls coming from the West would find it
      difficult to understand, now that it was in concrete.

      Hopefully you will have impressions and have impressions already.
      Grand poems, which I have, from an American playwright Percy McKaye,
      describe the poetic meeting with this Goetheanum and later, if you
      want I can pull that information up. I have it on file.

      All the Best
      Bradford Riley
    • stephanie jungers
      Bradford, Thank you very much. I would be very interested in the words of the poet named Percy, although I must say your poetic words quenched many of my
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        Thank you very much. I would be very interested in
        the words of the poet named Percy, although I must say
        your poetic words quenched many of my anxieties.

        Thank you, and if you have time the poem would be much


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