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    anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com writes: Steiner was a supporter of the Free ... ******Yes, and they have to be kept separate from each other---the political
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
      anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com writes:
      Steiner was a supporter of the Free Market..... Steiner speaks of three realms--the "political" to ensure "equality", the "economic" to ensure "fraternity" and the "cultural" to insure liberty. The Free Market, or any market structure, would fall inside the realm of the "economic", where we are, according to Steiner, to develop "fraternity" ....

      ******Yes, and they have to be kept separate from each other---the political state must control neither the economy nor the cultural sphere, like schools.

      >>> the so-called fraternity of dark brotherhoods, elite Illuminati, Bilderbergers, and
      such. ..
      the sinister workings of
      the "free market." We could go on with examples (Clear Channel's monopoly of radio stations...

      ******This post has far too many errors to point out all of them ---not to mention the offensiveness of calling all members of Masonic or other fraternities "evil", which is pretty close to Naziism or Islamo-fascism with stereotyping Zionists--- but I'll just address that particular myth about this alleged "monopoly" of radio stations, that some want to use to require government laws to force the media to be more of what it wants in the name of "free speech" (while actually curbing free speech, of course). Too many people just repeat it without verifying it since that expert on radio and economics, high school dropout Tim Robbins, attacked Clear Channel after he and his wife became unpopular for attcacking Pres. Bush and our freeing Iraq, and he tried to blame a conspiracy.
          Here's the facts: it has a couple of hundred radio stations in the US out of more than 13,000 nationwide. It reaches about 11% of US households.
          The top ten radio companies control a far smaller percentage of the market than the Hollywood film industry, for instance, where the top ten control 95% of the market---but, strangely, no one ever seems to complain about that!!!!
           It couldn't be because all the films there are made by liberals--- as opposed to Clear Channel's talk radio, where ordinary people get to voice their (decidedly non-liberal) opinions, could it??! Nahhhhhh....
           But as usual with people crying "monopoly" and wanting more gov't regulation, it's false, which anyone could discover in a few seconds here on the Net, for instance here:


         A monopoly is an economic impossibilty. The only way to get one is to get the power of the government on your side, to keep people from competing by the use of force---as in delivery of first-class mail in the US. Look at the history of OPEC to see how impossible it is to keep a monopoly or even a shared monopoly. But this is the fictional "evil" of a free economy always used to justify more government intrusion into the economic sphere---the exact opposite of Steiner's prescription, just as is a federal Dept. of Education.

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