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Michael and the Consciousness Soul/Penn

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  • holderlin66
    What refreshing research has been coming from Joel, Elaine, Starman and all. Truly inspiring work. These are contributions that thrill, that invite the heart
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 1, 2003
      What refreshing research has been coming from Joel, Elaine, Starman
      and all. Truly inspiring work. These are contributions that thrill,
      that invite the heart and mind into deeper reaches. Great reading. I
      wish to add something here as an update to the close proximity of
      Mars and the Buddha forces.

      It has been my intention to follow the closeness of Mars, the closest
      it has drawn to the Earth in 70,000 years is approaching in August.
      All during this time period America and the World has been drawing
      sides in a For/or Against War in the old Mars paradigm. The Old Mars
      paradigm raised its ugly head again in PLANS and watching the Wolf
      grow in pre-emptive American papers and positions, based on the
      Wolf/Rome/Fenrir of a pre-Christ Imperialism, and the current group
      of Wolves in the White House under Wolfowitz- which is Wits of the
      Wolf. How apt and clear the Logos sometimes is to the strange
      perceptions in a name, is what Waldorf Teachers tend to look at.
      Either as a transformation or understanding what the Mother heard
      when the Child was born. Wolfowitz does lead us back to Weimar in one
      way or another. It does raise the Weimar Issue on an Ahrimanic cycle
      and wave.

      Currently we need to look at a person and a contribution that has all
      the earmarks of a transforming their Mars position. Sean Penn has
      certainly been a Mars individual. His biography with Madonna and
      beyond, his films and his choices of film roles, his youthful
      violence, have been in a constant state of Mars flux and
      transformation. It usually remains hidden from view, but sometimes
      such Mars transformations surface and suddenly we see again the face
      of the true School of common Humanity we all shared together in the
      Spiritual world prior to our incarnations.

      What we are able to observe in the following, is a crucial and
      critical call, as the Mars forces of Buddha and St. Francis have
      approached, approached with an After the Christ Event call to all
      those who hold the Spirit of the world dear. Sean Penn is giving
      voice to a part of the American Psyche that is not subject to what I
      have diagnosed as "The Deconstruction and Stagnation of the American
      Psyche." The entire world and Freedom itself, the Freedom fostered by
      Michael and Spiritual Science and the Philosophy of Freedom out of
      Weimar, which was a Declaration of Independence more profound than
      the American Declaration because it linked the Founding Fathers deed
      of the West to the Michael Deed of Intelligence and all of humanity
      back again to the Spiritual World.

      Steiner's Earth shaking deed came with a direct confrontation with
      the darkest potentials of the Ahrimanic threat. He wrote a "Fifth
      Gospel" his insights into the history and destiny of the Gods sets
      human Freedom on a firm foundation. His politics, as Aristotle,
      brought the new Christ paradigm of the Threefold Social Order. That
      is the difference and a difference we need to understand in bringing
      to light the ideas of souls before the Christ Event and the new
      paradigms after the Christ Event. Steiner has compared Hamlet,
      Buddha, Socrates and we have ample evidence that such a Triadic
      change in thinking is key to understanding Democracy or the Republic.

      Steiner's deeds crown the deed of what the Founding Fathers in
      America were attempting. It is just our cultish lack of thinking that
      fails to make the bridge, which luckily, this list has had a surge in
      wonderful living thinking from so many, (thank you Starbirgarden as
      well). Much that Joel has brought in dialogue with Elaine about the
      Native Americans has been superb. But now we must link it to the
      current crisis in America.

      Indeed there is a current crisis in the Far West and at the core of
      it, is the direction that America has taken. America has returned to
      the paradigm of the Old Mars forces and half the world is divided as
      to the meaning of the Old Mars paradigm and the New Mars paradigm. We
      have started the 21st century off with forces grabbing the Old Mars
      paradigm and step by step destroying both the Founding Fathers
      intentions, and even the best results of the Native American
      Foundations which this country was built on. Spiritual Science holds
      the key to the new Mars Paradigm and the mysterious trails of destiny
      that link Jesus to Buddha lead to the depth of the Mars paradigm.

      Sean Penn truly reflects our generations Mars Paradigm. We could say
      that wonderful John Lennon had the same stubborn forces in his soul
      development and we would be correct in these observations into Mars
      paradigms in human biography. We should be able to read our times,
      the Time Spirits indications.

      I suggest reading the entire plea from Sean Penn listed below, for it
      reflects a powerful and dramatic situation here in the Far West and
      it reflects every good aspect of what can grow from souls who
      understand the new Buddha and St. Francis Mars paradigm. JUst
      remember, beloved St. Francis is not streaming into incarnation with
      us anymore, he is fighting along with Buddha, to filter the bad
      effects of Mar forces before it grows from the soil and incarnation
      on Earth. It is a Karma modification School in the Spiritual World
      and the Paradigm of Mars is critical. It was developed so that the
      Earth could reach the goals that await humanity. Presently we are in
      the grip of massive media and political thinking that can truly be
      called Retarded forces.

      Steiner drew Buddha as a sweeping force of the Past and Tolkien has
      captured in his Great Work the old Norse/Old Moon Imaginations of
      some of Buddha's ancient destiny. Now Socrates shines into the
      future, Steiner made a circle and showed a comet core of the Past and
      a comet core of the future and the Christ Event tied them together.
      Socrates and Leo Strauss allow us to understand the Philsopher Kings
      under the Christ Realm and also understand the future of how Socrates
      might be used in Education and Politics.

      I bring this to your attention because the current festivals of the
      Christ Initiation of the Earth move through this season of Mars.
      Never has the world been in such an important season of
      transformation. You can feel it in how the Voice of Joel communicates
      and others in the world take hold of the mighty potentials we have
      now to see the World differently.

      The voice of a new U.N. should be the voice of the Tongues of Flame.
      These mighty Spirit Self flames of brotherhood, connected all
      countries of the world in a common intelligence and Speech based on
      the Deed of the Christ Being. You may follow the detiny of "The Tower
      of Babel", the "League of Nations" - The Native American League of
      Nations, "The United Nations" but the key to it all is the Tongues of
      Flame that approach as Pentecost approachs, under the name the
      Whitsun festival. It is the key to understanding the powers of the
      word still in our hands that we wish to defend for the future of
      humanity. Thank carefully, Buddha, Christian Rosenkreuz, Heindel,
      Steiner, St. Francis,---massive lists of names support this mighty
      shift, this would include, Leo Strauss-Tolstoy-C.S.Lewis and all the
      mighty Michael School teachers that have brought us so much to hold
      onto out of Spiritual Science.

      Sean Penn and KIlroy - a very good read, if you can read it all.



      "In re-evaluating the responsibility of citizenship and U.S. foreign
      policy in the post-9/11 age, there have been disparate opinions among
      Americans about how supporting our troops would now be defined, how
      supporting our principles would now be defined, and how the "rule of
      law" would now be upheld. In what way would dissent be most
      productive within a system of government that does not exist without
      questioning by its people? We accepted that journalists
      were "embedded" with reliance on their subject, the military, to keep
      them from harm's way. We found that our Secretary of State presented
      plagiarized and fictitious evidence of WMD's in Iraq to the American
      people and the world. We would rely on this, our government, acting
      alone, to uncover those weapons of mass destruction said to be
      possessed by the Iraqis and originally said to have justified our
      assault. A similar justification came out of military sources in
      Baghdad, when an American tank fired on journalists on the sixth
      floor of the Palestine Hotel in response to shots claimed to have
      been fired on them from that building's lobby. In a hotel full of
      international journalists, not one heard the shots that the military
      reported to have preceded their "response". We would watch as the
      United Nations was described "unnecessary," rather than useful, if
      only as an oversight committee, inspiring some domestic and
      international faith in a new found American weapons inspections
      process that is covert at best. Any responsible person must ask, in
      whose hands our flag now waves and what perception the world may have
      of it in those hands.

      Even as the New York Times presents unchallenging articles (see
      Judith Miller, April 21, 2003,"Prohibited Weapons") on a weapons
      inspections process now in place, unnoticed are the legitimate
      concerns about potential insertion of WMD evidence. Our television
      channels show images of grateful and liberated Iraqis with no
      acknowledgement that true poverty will bring the best of us to our
      knees, where we would honor any individual or nation who held food.
      Our knowledge and understanding of Arab culture and Islamic belief is
      sketchy at best. While Saddam Hussein was certainly a beast among
      men, and while his people, to any degree that we would presume
      comprehension, were under the thumb of brutal oppression in his
      hands, we must reflect as we triumph at the image of an American
      soldier cradling an Iraqi infant, with no curiosity as to the fate of
      its parents. And what of the shocking rise in leukemias and other
      cancers in Iraq due to depleted uranium exposure and of the thousands
      of unexploded ordinances, both, gifts of U.S. artillery. Will we
      remember the hundreds of thousands of children who suffered slow and
      agonizing deaths by diarrhea? These primarily attributed to the U.S.-
      led sanctions in Iraq, where bombing of water treatment plants and an
      embargo on chlorine continued to ravage predominantly young victims.
      We must reflect on the certainty with which we were sold a war on the
      basis of what we now so expertly call WMDs. We must reflect on the
      resentment of the world, invited in our positioning ourselves as
      their police. With Syria, Iran, and North Korea on media hit lists,
      we must reflect on the availability of funds for violent crusades in
      the absence of funding crusades for healing the very real suffering
      of our own people and others.

      This is our money I speak of, not theirs. Ours. Our democracy. Our
      flag. (Lest we forget Enron) but, we see Exxon. We see Bechtel. We
      see Halliburton. We see Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Powell,
      Rice, Perle, Ashcroft, Murdoch, many. We see no WMDs. We see dead
      young Americans. We see no WMDs. We see dead Iraqi civilians. We see
      no WMDs. We see chaos in the Baghdad streets. But no WMDs. We see the
      disappearance of a murderous Iraqi dictator, who relented his
      struggle and ran without the use of WMDs.

      Now I want to see one more thing. In Iraq, and in the United States,
      I want to see who's the boss. I want to see who's the people. I want
      to see who are the sheep. And I want to know the lions. I don't know
      what the future of the Iraqi people will be. I don't know what the
      future of our own people will be. I do know, that while we all
      watched the headlines, the drama, the indelible, the horrifying and
      forever unjustifiable violence that occurred in the United States on
      September 11, 2001, that it has diverted our eyes from the beauty of
      this country, and its foundation that act was intended to shake. It
      seems Osama Bin Laden's agenda is being furthered by our fear,
      promoted by the invective language of media and a Congress that
      shamefully cowers from criticism, as we hack away at the arms, the
      legs, and the soul of our own civil liberties, our constitution, our
      principles, and our flag.

      There has never been a time when it has been more important for
      citizens to stand up, to speak, to agree, to disagree, to resolve, to
      be non-violent. To be nonviolent. When we allow prideful killers to
      define our value as presumption, then only murder can live in our
      dreams. We can't be shamed into hiding, frightened into line. We
      can't be less than yesterday. And we can't sit still today. Not if we
      love our children. This is a question of a peoples' internal
      reflection preceding their government's external reaction. In 1939,
      William Saroyan wrote:

      "In the time of your life , live - so that in that good time there
      shall be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life your life
      touches. Seek goodness everywhere, and when it is found, bring it out
      of its hiding place and let it be free and unashamed. Place in matter
      and in flesh the least of the values, for these are the things that
      hold death and must pass away. Discover in all things that which
      shines and is beyond corruption. Encourage virtue in whatever heart
      it may have been driven into secrecy and sorrow by the shame and
      terror of the world. Ignore the obvious, for it is unworthy of the
      clear eye and the kindly heart. Be the inferior of no man, nor of any
      man be the superior. Remember that every man is a variation of
      yourself. No man's guilt is not yours, nor is any man's innocence a
      thing apart. Despise evil and ungodliness, but not men of ungodliness
      or evil. These, understand. Have no shame in being kindly and gentle,
      but if the time comes in the time of your life to kill, kill and have
      no regret. In the time of your life, live - so that in that wondrous
      time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but
      shall smile to the infinite delight and mystery of it."

      Philosophically, Saroyan offers a noble aspiration. But we have to be
      very careful, whether listening to the television after a hard day's
      work, or while reading a poem at a luxury resort, to be men and women
      of our own time. When he wrote about a time "to kill" he wrote in a
      world without nuclear proliferation, massive globalization,
      television, or the decimation of a nation's long held traditions. He
      was a man of his time as we are of ours. We are struggling now with
      the question of whether there is any longer a time to kill. We are
      grappling perhaps with memetic evolution. God help us, at some point
      we may need to exercise military action to counter real and
      specifically targeted threats. But real threats require the existence
      of real opposition in debating strategies where the lives of American
      soldiers and innocent civilians are threatened. With few exceptions,
      notably congresspeople Barbara Lee and Dennis Kucinich and Senators
      Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy, the Democratic leadership has been
      entirely complicit. And it has been an obscene and cowardly betrayal
      of their constituencies.

      I'm not a Democrat, not a Republican, not a Green, not aligned with
      any party. Yet, as a citizen of the United States, I was raised in
      the public school system of the 1960's and '70s. Each morning,
      following the first bell, we were called upon as young boys and girls
      to stand, put our right hand over our hearts, and pledge allegiance
      to the flag of our country. As a schoolboy, I participated in this
      tradition unquestioningly and by rote. When in fact, neither flag,
      nor country, nor school for that matter, is of much interest to most
      young boys dreaming of bicycle rides, surfing, or the girl in the
      front of the class. (Was it the way the flag waved or the wave of her
      hair I'd pledged to?... I don't remember.)

      Of course, with age, and maturity, come examination of, and rebellion
      toward, the traditions and compulsory behaviors of our childhood.
      With some time however, we gain at least an objective appreciation
      and respect for the great symbol of sacrifice and heroism reflected
      in such an icon as our flag (albeit historically and presently
      intermingled with varying degrees of corruption and exploitation).
      Ultimately though, as with many things in this life, these symbols
      are vulnerable to underappreciation, until we have lost them. I am an
      American and I fear that I, and our people are on the verge of losing
      our flag. If it is lost, it will have been under our watch, under
      mine and undermined.

      Only five short years ago, September 12th, 1998, I sat upon a wooden
      church pew as a military honor guard reached across my lap to place a
      precisely folded American flag into the stoic hands of my father's
      widow. His beloved wife of forty-one years... my mother. My dad, Leo
      Penn had died from lung cancer at the age of 77. (The last time I saw
      my father was in a viewing casket on September 11th.) A decorated
      soldier in World War II and a blacklisted artist in the '50s, it was
      this cloth of Stars and Stripes and all it had meant to him, and had
      come to mean to me, that brought unexpected and unrestrained emotion.
      The soldier, in his fine dress uniform, began to speak to my
      mother "In the name of the President of the United States and in
      gratitude for your husband's heroic..." And that was it, I was gone.
      I thought, where the hell did this flood of emotion come from?

      But, the answer came quickly. My father loved this country so deeply,
      and he had passed that love and patriotism on to his three sons. At
      that moment, this son, this distracted boy from the public school
      system, became all that patriotic could describe in a living
      civilian, and that flag before my mother's now gently tear-streaked
      face, came to embody every freedom, privilege, and pride I'd ever
      known. It symbolized my father. His great heart, his kindness, his
      courage, and yes, even his (I was lucky)occasional human lapses.

      Yet, now here we are, just those five short years have passed, and
      that same flag that took me so long to love, respect, and protect,
      threatens to become a haunting banner of murder, greed, and treason
      against our principles, honored history, Constitution, and our own
      mothers and fathers. To become a vulgar billboard, advertising our
      disloyalty to ourselves and our allies. Our forefathers entrusted
      that flag and what it should stand for, whether in times of bliss or
      terror, to our fathers and mothers. And they have entrusted it to us.
      The responsibility"for which it stands" is ours. That flag is my
      father and I want him back. "
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