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Monitoring the threshold of the Consciousness Soul

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  • Bradford Riley
    Naturally when it comes to country music and the Sentient Soul we come to the heart of the issue of the untransformed egregores lurking in the unconscious
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2003
      Naturally when it comes to country music and the Sentient Soul we come to
      the heart of the issue of the untransformed egregores lurking in the
      unconscious substance of the soul life of the west. This unconscious soul
      substance is part of the Political Beast we have let loose recently as the
      west broke laws and promoted the pre-emptive invasion and use of any WMD it
      cared to use on any country, including the Big One.

      Testosterone and Macho crippling patriotism and nationalism in Americas's
      soul mentality, blocks, all manner of salvage operations for recovering the
      treasures of Fallen Michael Intelligence and breaking through to the
      cosmopolitan aspects of the Consciousness Soul. These stubborn and
      entrenched points of view have made hundreds of thousands clam up when it
      comes to monitoring the moment we are still hovering on presently. The
      Weapons of Publicity and Intellectual Soul reporting of the mass deceptions
      and betrayals that have come forward to oppose the development of the
      Consciousness Soul in the American Folk, will determine in the next election
      the type of Regime that has allowed the current disasters in human
      development to let this current Bush Adminstration get off scott free.

      Now, there are big issues, still brewing under the Spring time sun and we
      all know, no body likes to think Michael like thoughts when beautiful Nature
      rises and the pressure of war and political opinion evaporate. Yet, this
      administration has a long list of side stepped lies and media manipulations
      that America is all too willing to forget. America has true Attention Span
      Deficit when it comes round to electing a candidate who will not encourage
      the faulty, sticky egregorial aspects of retardation and promote again and
      again the manipulation and capitualation to big buisness and military
      science. We are in a highly Free Region of great spiritual insight and
      Intellectual Freedom and we are also waging a very bloody war against those
      who wish to keep humanity in a state of retardation. It is that serious for
      the future!

      Here is a slice of Sentient Soul Cheese to chew on. You need to have an
      understanding of Jeff Foxworthy as a person who has been able to act as a
      doctor for those ailing in the American Sentient Soul of Red Neck land. But
      these Rednecks for Jesus and Country goes very deep and Jeff Foxworthy and
      our understanding of the Sentient Soul must continue to hold a clear eye on
      behavior that is leading to a massive failure of Freedom in the U.S. A
      failure that will infect the whole world community as well as the current
      freeze on the Press when it comes to seeing that America and its leadership
      does not speak for the current Time Spirit what so ever.


      "It's difficult, but essential, to understand why. After all, "Red-State"
      America has its president, its Congress, its pickup trucks, its NASCAR on
      Fox, its domination of the political media, and its war. You'd think that
      Red-Staters would be feeling fat and happy. Why then do they sound so
      culturally insecure? And why do they manifest that insecurity with such
      testosterone-fueled rage?

      Much of the answer has to do with lingering sexism within the world of
      country music and among white male Bush supporters (the overlap is
      substantial). Most of the backlash instigators and participants were men.
      The Dixie Chicks are, obviously, women, and in some quarters folks don't
      appreciate chicks criticizing a macho, ranch-owning, cowboy boot-wearing
      Texan president -- especially when the women are claiming the Texas mantle
      for themselves. (Maines comes from Lubbock.)

      It's bad enough that the tough-talking corporate cowboys at Enron were
      revealed to be lying, sexist crooks. To say that Bush does not represent
      modern Texas is to feminize one bastion of American frontier masculinity. It
      emasculates Bush and his male supporters, prompting responses ranging from
      patronizing to misogynistic. Hence Bush's comment on the matter: "They
      shouldn't have their feelings hurt just because some people don't want to
      buy their records when they speak out."

      The remark is trivializing, sexist and untrue -- none of the women have
      lamented that their "feelings" were hurt.

      The Chicks are smarter than Bush gives them credit for. They know that the
      combination of gender, sexuality and politics is at the heart of this
      matter. That's why they posed nude on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.
      Scrawled on their skin were epithets they've recently been called: "Saddam's
      Angels," "Traitors," "Dixie Sluts." (Notice the equation; any woman who
      ventures into a male-dominated arena is slapped down, labeled a tramp.)

      This combination of sexuality and politics creates anxiety among Red-State,
      red-meat men and probably some "traditional" women as well. The Chicks show
      that not only do they have hot bodies, they have something going on upstairs
      as well. It is, to use a word that "Blue-Staters" like myself are fond of,

      There's also an economic factor at play; the Dixie Chicks are the current
      commercial saviors of country music, one of the most successful bands in its
      history. They've risen to the top of a musical genre once dominated by men.
      In the process, they've broken out of the genre box by attracting cross-over
      pop fans, something which country purists tend to eye with suspicion.

      It's worth noting that two other country singers, Garth Brooks and Shania
      Twain, also broke free of Red-State boundaries by rejecting Red-State
      prejudices. Brooks sang in support of gay rights; Twain broke through with
      "Man! I Feel Like a Woman," an anthem of female power.

      The Dixie Chicks are getting rich in the midst of a recession for which Bush
      supporters can't bring themselves to blame the president. No wonder
      status-anxious, economically-insecure white men are pissed off. The world is
      changing, and they're being left behind.

      It matters too that Maines made her statement overseas. Some critics called
      that unpatriotic. But it wasn't as if she spoke on hostile shores; the
      concert was in England, not France. Still, the Chicks' success in Europe is
      another threat to Red-Staters, who are caught up in the process of
      globalization, just as we all are, and feel like they have less and less
      control over their own economic futures. The Dixie Chicks, however, have
      passports to economic success abroad.

      And so it's not surprising that some Americans want to take them down a few
      pegs. The Dixie Chick-bashers translate their socio-economic anxiety and
      threatened masculinity into misogyny, fear and violence. And then they call
      it patriotism."

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