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R: [anthroposophy] Re: Anthroposophical Angle on Christianity

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      Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Anthroposophical Angle on Christianity

      > Dear Lee,
      > Starman only gives you part of the story.
      > There seems to be two main ways Steiner taught initiation. The first
      > involved his epistemological works (Truth and Science, A Theory of
      > Knowledge Implicit in Goethe's World Conception, and the Philosophy of
      > Freedom); and, the second (also taught second in order of time) is that
      > described in Knowledge of Higher Worlds.
      > The first way leads to a new form of initiation, arising in the
      > will-in-thinking. The second is more linked to the past, is not so hard
      > (in a sense), and involves opening the chakra's in a more typical
      > fashion. I have read that he taught the second method (which is not the
      > path he traveled), once he understood how difficult was the first for
      > many people.
      > Starman left out the current practitioners of the will-in-thinking
      > method, such as Jessiah Ben-Aharon, and Georg Kuhlewind. There is an
      > Italian Stream, and if Andrea hasn't totally bailed out of this list
      > because of the political bullshit that was being thrown around, he can
      > tell you the details on that.

      Hi all!
      Andrea is still there , alive and kickin'.!
      I was out only for a fifteen days holidays ( political bullshit apart!)
      and i'm just reading now about the good, good work that you, dear
      listmates, have been able to perform in this Easter time.
      Well, the "Italian stream" got a very peculiar gesture due to the remarkable
      focus on the "five exercises" that Steiner gave to Mr Colazza (about 1907
      and onwards) and Scaligero performed in the best possible way along the
      years of his orienteer's story. (1941-1980). Kuhlewind himself received a
      lot about it directly from Scaligero's hands. This "Italian Stream", with
      his core in the "basic five" has a double coin- face. on a side it springs
      from the willed thinking "philosophical path" of Steiner's insights , that
      Joel rightly is used to emphasize, on the other side it had (and has) a
      feature connected to the main "Italian-anthro-task" aka the
      Spiritualization of the Sentient Soul , as you can see by the "Scaligero's
      Trilogy" about Sacred Love and Grail whose a good "intro" is the book "The
      Light" translated in English in Summer 2002.
      A very harsh question . Is the Italian Anthro-movement in the right way to
      perform such a task ?
      Who knows ? I can only say that there are lots of good will people who works
      every day either on meditation's path or in outer work, often performing
      both sides of the matter,. I can add also that we got a curious
      performance: we got the most number of anthro-physician , % speaking,
      among the whole wordly anthro-movement.


      > Starman also didn't talk about Goetheanism, which is an intermediate
      > step - ordinary thinking, organic thinking (Goetheanism) and moral
      > thinking (living thinking). I wrote about this problem in my
      > essay:"Initiation, Goetheanism and the New Bogeyman",
      > at:http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/bogey.html
      > There is a very detailed examination of the Christian-Rosicrucian Path
      > in Valentin Tomberg's remarkable book: "Inner Development". One is
      > really on this path whether one is doing Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom
      > will-in-thinking work, or the later Knowledge of Higher Worlds chakra
      > work, because the basic nature of the C-R Path is the Seven Stages of
      > Christ's Passion, as described in the Gospel of John (washing the feet,
      > the scourging, the crowing with thorns, the carrying of the cross, the
      > crucifixion, the entombment, and the resurrection).
      > These are far more than mere exercises in concentration or meditation,
      > but are moral life trials, of which the problem of living thinking, or
      > clairvoyance is but an aspect.
      > Many biographies can chart their spiritual development along the lines
      > of these Seven Stages, which we tend to experience in mini-form
      > sometimes, and then in deep anguish other times. Not easy work at all,
      > because as we all know, life is a bitch sometimes. But that is the
      > Grace too - in the alchemical forge of life our soul/spirit is changed
      > from lead into gold.
      > warm regards,
      > joel
      > On Tue, 2003-04-29 at 14:33, DRStarman2001@... wrote:
      > >
      > > > From: Lee Peters <walkker9@...>
      > > > Subject: Re: Anthroposophical Angle on Christianity
      > > >
      > > > Thanks for this clear explanation. What is the Rosicrucian path by
      > > > way? and are any Anthroposophists now or passed. who accomplished
      > > > Steiner did;and if not, why hasn't this path produced more initiates
      > > > seers that can continue his visionary work? Lee
      > >
      > >
      > > *******The "Rosicrucian" path is what Steiner outlines in Knowledge of
      > > Higher Worlds, using definite experimental exercises with plants,
      > > sound etc. Few do more than read this book, that's the reason. Doing the
      > > exercises is the only thing that can cause changes in the astral and
      > > bodies, not merely reading about them. Nowadays many people can say they
      > > studying spiritual science but they have never done any of these,
      > > Steiner's direct pupils would be told to perform these, and they did. If
      > > spiritual science was just Rudolf Steiner, it would never have survived
      > > but actually he initiated a large group of pupils---Ehrenfried Pfeiffer,
      > > Eugen Kolisko, Carl Unger, Elizabeth Vreede, Walter Johannes Stein, and
      > > others. They did not get as far as Steiner but each made achievements in
      > > own right.
      > > Unfortunately, Anthroposophy does not work in inducing higher
      > > so long as one only takes it in with the speculative intellect, and too
      > > people do only that. It is something that needs to be taken up as a way
      > > life, with the whole being, including, for instance, using the very
      > > forces we move our bodies with. Many people also confuse it with other
      > > half-conscious or subconscious paths, like Eastern or pagan ones. They
      > > to abandon reason. This path is not one like that: it is constantly
      > > by your conscious rational mind. Not taking it up enough or taking up in
      > > wrong way is the reason for the poor results exhibited.
      > > -Starman
      > > >
      > > > DRStarman2001@... wrote:
      > > > >>
      > > > We know from Anthroposophy that there are three paths to the
      > > > the old yogic one, the Christian devotional one, and the modern
      > > > "Rosicrucian" one. The Christian devotional one was a path of feeling,
      > > > path of initiation with the thinking left out. It is no longer
      > > > for most modern-day humans. The modern one has to do with science,
      > > > objective knowledge, and the will. It involves thinking exercises,
      > > > CONSCIOUS feeling exercises and exercising the will. Now, a person
      > > > following this path eventually has an encounter with a being which, if
      > > > has a Christian upbringing, he will quickly recognize as the Christ.
      (If he
      > > > does not, he may call it by another name.) See, for instance,
      > > > lecture " The Death of a God And Its Fruits in Humanity" of May 5th
      > > > So the "anthroposophic angle" is that it is an objective reality
      which a
      > > > spiritual scientist contacts, and which contact can be induced by a
      > > > specific path of training rather than left to luck. When following
      > > > training, we also learn to distinguish the true spiritual reality from
      > > > false copies, and we also find that there are "false Christs" or in
      > > > words phantom images of the real one, which certain erroneous
      > > > paths induce, as can be seen in many 'Christian' churches today. One
      > > > distinguish these from the real one with training as easily as the eye
      > > > distinguishes red from blue.
      > > > The "anthroposophical angle" is rather like ours could be said to be
      > > > painting, in that, while many people just jump into painting and do it
      > > > pure irrational feeling with no thinking involved, doing nothing
      > > > consciously, a painter pursuing painting as a spiritual path through
      > > > Anthroposophy accompanies his Will and feeling with clear thinking
      > > > darkness in front of light, light in front of darkness, warm and cool
      > > > colors, etc. What is produced is the result of training and conscious
      > > > action. Similarly, what a spiritual scientist says about Buddha or
      > > > does not come from the realm of blind faith, but of knowledge, arrived
      > > > by specific exercises as part of a comprehensive training. Once this
      > > > achieved, insight may be gained into old religious traditions, which
      > > > passing on the traditions without this knowledge does not include.
      > > > -Starman
      > > >
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