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Re: W.F. Buckley IN SYNC w/Steiner

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  • S. Groth
    ... Now, I ve never been a commie in the meaning it normally has: marxist in using politics for solving spiritual, cultural or economic issues - It has
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 30, 2003
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Evert Hoff <evert.hoff@p...>
      > Hi Soren,
      > On Mon, 2003-04-28 at 16:03, S. Groth wrote:
      > > Workin' on it ;-)That is I'm translating GA 330 to swedish, and
      > > Ashley and I cooperate on the english version...
      > Now, be a nice commie, OK? Don't go putting words into Rudy's mouth
      > while you're translating. :-)

      Now, I've never been a "commie" in the meaning it normally has:
      "marxist" in using politics for solving spiritual, cultural or
      economic issues - It has just been fun to make some points Rudy made,
      and then read all the hilarious unconscious anti-commie jingoism -
      It's refreshing to find your more openminded attitude, open to
      consider other thougths... that's living thinking ...
      The main thing still being that "marxism" wasn't labeled "evil" by
      Steiner, he just points out that it is the wrong answer to the rigth
      questiopn, and in more specific terms, the despotic version,
      marxism-leninism as a threat to human freedom .. (and the despotic
      impulse in Russia was more rooted in other conditions than marxism -
      the bureacracy of the Soviet state was no different than that of the
      tzarist Russia, the secret polica and siberian workcamps existed long
      before the "revolution" Stalin was basically more a new tzar)

      Threefolding offers us more variables than just left-rigth - when
      Steiner was in the public life he found must understanding among
      people who lived in the practical life - the workers in the factories,
      he makes the excellent point to distinguish movements based on
      intuitative understanding, ie the social movement from organisations
      and theories - Steiner have a wonderful confidence in the ability to
      greatness even among simple people living quite simple lifes -
      practical knowledge - living knowledge.

      > BTW, have you read the World Economy lectures yet?

      Yup :-)
      > Regards,
      > Evert
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