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Reverberations of Golgotha

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  • Bradford Riley
    Some Events are Sacred and not forgotten There was a war fought there on Golgotha that first night. It was a battle summoned alike no other; though unseen by
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2003
      Some Events are Sacred and not forgotten

      There was a war fought there on Golgotha that first night.

      It was a battle summoned alike no other; though unseen by the common
      men and women of this world. It was unfeigned by the nobles as they
      drowsed in their plumped up bedding of comforts. Unbidden, yet
      perhaps intrigued, in the shadowy unfathomables of the unconscious
      regions within the criminal and the desperate. And although intuited
      in its foredooming, passing over the innocent and through into the
      night, had simply creased its way into the darkness of all the
      preceding nights that had passed before it.

      That first night �who can measure when a God truly dies? What was
      that moment we determine � as He passed the gates and back many, many
      times. At the first gate was a battle, and this battle was not even
      of His Domain, but had inflicted it sorely �

      Just as it is that men transfigure the spiritual realities during
      sleep, in the night, so too did our Christ � then as a Man � visit
      that Death state from which we return from and there, on that first
      night, had confronted the spectres that abided in that place.

      With faces misshapen, alive and yet without life, they gathered
      around The Cross as if to incur, with what petulant will between them
      would - His decease.

      This unseen crowding swelled larger and huger with every moment
      passing. With a magnetic hatred becoming the one force, now
      manifesting one intent � this rabble of ghouls presented themselves
      one by one, at His feet, to urge His undoing.

      A Lord knows his lands and a King knows his own measure of
      Sovereignty with a competent exactness. As the demonic host spewed
      forth, Christ assessed what was before Him and waited. Some were
      exceedingly powerful offcasts, particular to planetary systems
      hitherto unknown by Him�. and yet, at the same time familiar- whilst
      others were the demon children of discarded stars, orphaned from a
      now dark planet that had expired through sin.

      However, this was His domain, and His Love and His Place.

      Already the millions upon millions of escrying creatures had
      acclimatized themselves to this sphere that they could dwell
      comfortably enough amongst our nature. It was to this part that He
      would appeal.

      Spattered over the hillside � that border where Hell met the Earth at
      the feet of the Cross � glopped black blood from the tangle of forms
      that had turned now upon themselves. Rarely in such numbers, but
      common to the drama of their own, after their lusty entanglements
      they would bludgeon and suck off each other's pain. The picture
      presenting to a man would be frightful indeed, but amongst the
      spectre spectators there was even a hideous enthusiasm in the
      watching of this dark circus.

      To our Christ it was a nonsense; and an intolerable one, concerning
      his beloved World and its comprise. He had watched men and women now
      that were terrified of the conditions within the physical existence.
      He had seen firsthand just how close He was to losing it all to a
      foul idiocy, and His Sadness could never have been the greater.

      The wailing and the screeching ceased � silence as all of a sudden.
      Many minds were bent on what was seen, many twisted faces turned to
      witness what before was beyond their consideration.

      Ghosts of the human dead had gathered around the figure of Christ.
      Whilst His Body remained there sorely attached as it was on the
      Cross, His Form could be seen sitting amongst the dead a little way
      over from the hellish border.

      Illuminated softly, yet brightly also, there appeared to be many
      hundreds of individuals surrounding Him, and the impression was added
      to this that they in turn were somehow connected to many hundreds
      each besides. So it went on, and He by Presence and in quiet mind was
      solemnly communicating each with one singularly and yet meeting with
      all at the same time.

      There was not just one emissary, but many from ages that had past. He
      took counsel as well as gave counsel and although the physical time
      had time to it, He made time and it was very lengthy.

      Amongst the brightly lit crowd were also beings of immaculate beauty.
      Invited and of supplicating comfort, these figures were planetary
      spirits of Virtue and Grace, adorned with an integrity of quality
      which was magnificent to watch amongst the crowding of souls. If you
      could have seen you would have seen the auric egg of the ego light in
      places about each man and woman, illuminating stars within their own
      complex sheath - just to be in the vicinity of one of these beings of
      Virtue - as their own heavenly worlds responded.

      It could not have helped but to make a lasting impression on the
      demonic community as they watched on. They had not captured the
      attention of our Christ for very long, and nor had they seen what
      they had come to see, for their own forecasts had been dark and
      stupid � they had wished for ill and divined by their own limitations
      nothing good.

      However, they did become open, just briefly, to finding circumstance
      beyond their own reckoning which was intriguingly different. It
      brought pain to them to acknowledge goodness, but also the beginnings
      of great healing to follow.


      -the Elder Brothers

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