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An Astrological View of Current Events

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    Robert Blaschke writes:    President Bush s progressed Ascendant has just entered the Taurus decanate of Virgo (6 July 1946; 7:26 AM EDT; New Haven CT;
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2003

      Robert Blaschke writes:
         " President Bush's progressed Ascendant has just entered the Taurus decanate of Virgo (6 July 1946; 7:26 AM EDT; New Haven CT; AA); his progressed horizon arriving at 20 degrees of mutable just after Christmas. With his natal nodal axis at 20 degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius, Mr Bush now has an exact mutable grand cross. With his natal Uranus conjunct this North Node in Gemini, and his progressed Midheaven arriving at a conjunction with this Uranus on October 30th, one can see his radical and bold leadership personifying the USA progressed stationary Uranus, which went direct in June of 1999 after being retrograde for 150 years since 1849, and ushering in the new American revolution now unfolding: a declared war on terrorism.

          Many on the left are frothing at the mouth about the military pressure being applied against Iraq, their political perspective apparently confused by the present Jupiter-Neptune oppositions. They are seeing presumed dire and sinister Bush family oil connections hidden in the sands of the Middle Eastern desert as the motivation for war. Some of my readers may wish to inform these concerned citizens that it is France and Russia who have the most vested commercial interests in Iraqi oil, and what Tony Blair and George W. Bush are trying to do is to provide some teeth and backbone for the UN Security Council resolutions, which Iraq, as a defeated enemy in the Gulf War, and an international nuisance, has been defying for 12 years.

         Why does Mr Bush have his plate full with Iraq and North Korea? Is it in his nodal axis, the fated and karmic dimension of any presidency which, through synastry with the national horoscopes of other countries, draws any leader into relationship with these nations? I think, yes. The Republic of Iraq (14 July 1958; 4:00 AM GMT; Baghdad; source: The Book of World Horoscopes; Nick Campion; Chart # 162) has Venus at 20 Gemini 22 opposite Saturn at 20 Sagittarius 21, within one minute of arc, and exactly the degrees of President Bush's nodal axis! With a Taurus Midheaven, this afflicted ruler, Venus is the prime astrological reason behind the tyranny of Saddam Hussein.

          As Pluto stations on the Iraqi Saturn this year and next, it is certain that their government will undergo a complete restructuring, freeing the Iraqi people at last from this brutal dictator. Mr Bush, possessing a natal Saturn at 26 Cancer 30, conjunct the natal Pluto of Saddam Hussein within four minutes of arc at 26 Cancer 34, will resolutely hold the pressure on Iraq until they rid themselves of this evil man. The hardship of the Iraqi people over the last several years since the end of the Gulf War can be seen in their stationary direct progressed Saturn opposite their national Moon at 19 Gemini-Sagittarius. Transit Pluto is now aligning with this axis.

           Saddam Hussein (28 April 1937; 3:35 AM BGT; Tikrit, Iraq; this reported birth time from the AFA Bulletin 5/91) could be removed from power suddenly and shockingly when transit Uranus conjoins his progressed Midheaven on April 9th. His natal Jupiter-Pluto opposition at 26 degrees of Capricorn-Cancer, exactly conjunct the USA progressed nodal axis, is now being activated by his progressed Moon at 26 Aries. A cardinal grand cross is completed by President Bush's progressed benefics, Venus and Jupiter at 24-25 degrees of Libra, respectively. The symbolism of the synastric cross between these two men, Good versus Evil, is startlingly clear.

          The United States of America is now far and away the most powerful country in history, and it has a sacred destiny to be the leading Light of the world. With Pluto having recently crossed the USA Sibly chart Ascendant, and our progressed Midheaven having spent the past year in the power degree of 15 Taurus, America has consolidated its power, and declared its intention to hunt down terrorists, and to prevent weapons of mass destruction from ever getting into their hands.

          After the UN inspectors were thrown out of Iraq in 1998, the very next year the Iraqi progressed Sun formed a conjunction with its Pluto at 0 degrees Virgo, perfecting in October of 1999, and our intelligence agencies saw that their forbidden weapons program was being reactivated. Next, that progressed Sun moved into a sextile with the Iraqi Neptune at 2 degrees Scorpio, an astrological signature for further chemical and biological weapons development if there ever was one, while concurrently their Neptunian deception and evasion strategies were being perfected.

         If anyone in the anti-war movement in the USA, in the UK or Europe truly believes that Saddam Hussein does not have weapons of mass destruction hidden either in his own country or in Syria; or if anyone cannot perceive that the imminent intersection of the two most menacing vectors in human history are dangerously close to aligning (vector 1 = state sponsored terrorism; vector 2 = terrorists acquiring weapons of mass destruction from Iraq or North Korea); then the present Jupiter-Neptune oppositions have certainly succeeded in obscuring their geopolitical understanding.

      © 2003 Robert & Sally Blaschke

      Visit their site at http://www.earthwalkastrology.com/

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