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R: [anthroposophy] It's a cinch !

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    Re: [anthroposophy] It s a cinch !Hey Mark, can I ask you to re-think about it ? You see, you subscribed in a very bad moment, the war and all the rest. Notice
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2003
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      Re: [anthroposophy] It's a cinch !
      Hey Mark,
      can I ask you to re-think about it ?
      You see, you subscribed in a very bad moment, the war and all the rest.
       Notice that your unsbcription is just what this couple of right wing fundemantalist (their anthro-dresses are just a mask) wish.
      Their are in the list with this task (consciuos or not, what matters ?) : a joke trying to change every discussion in a fight.
       But if you look in the archive you'll find many,many good talks., thanks to people like Bradford,Joel,Soren,Joksu,Elaine,Adam,Evert and so on).
      In order to understand the mix of ignorance and ego-trip of this couple of pseudoccultists think about how  they use to throw mud against nation like France from a purely nationalistic standpoint.
      Well, there should have been good asking them:
      1) How many times have you been in France?
      2) Do you speak French language?
      3)How many French cities and how many Frenchmen do you know ?
      4) What do you know of French culture and, mostlly, of French spiritual tradition?
      I believe in a zero standing in their replies.....
      So with people like this you got the weapon of deletion. and, listen to me, use it and enjoy of the posts that people like Bradford,Joel end Elaine use to give us!!
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      From: Mark D.
      Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2003 4:07 AM
      Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] It's a cinch !

      Having just read this, I have decided to unsubscribe from the group. The meaness of tone and general unpleasant nature of the exchanges that have dominated for the last two days have been a real disappoinment to me. I don't see anything positive to be gained by remaining. On one ocassion I succumbed to the negativity and responded to starman with sarcasm and I would like to apologize for not having taken the high road. I regreted it as soon as I sent it. As far as lightsearcher is concerned, I don't understand what could have compelled you to treat me so shabbily. I don't think you search for light at all. I think you are disrespectful and hateful.

      Mark Darling

      on 3/31/03 8:29 PM, lightsearcher1 at lightsearcher1@... wrote:

      In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com,
      "beethovenzappa" <oversoul@v...> wrote:

      > As regards Chomsky, I'm quite an
      > enthusiastic admirer of his...

      Uh-oh..not another one...

      > In browsing the archives a little before joining,
      > I saw a number of postings in praise of Hitchens
      > and opposed to Chomsky, which surprised me a little...

      It's understandable that grounded rationality,
      clarity, and sanity might upset one's
      normally-held and comfortable illusions.

      > I am very curious to know if there is anything like
      > a political consensus amongst group members on the
      > subject of the Left as represented by Chomsky,
      > Zinn and Nader.

      Yes, indeed...a near-consensus there surely is !

      And you cite a wonderful triumvirate of centrists:

      - (Moe) CHOMSKY
      - (Larry) ZINN
      - (Curly) NADER

      With your reference to these names, it's
      "a cinch" that this is just the place.

      So come on in and join the Party !


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