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R: [anthroposophy] Que Dieu vous Bénisse Foncteur ! ! !

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    Hey darkfinder you re so totally involved in your ahri-ego-trip that you are not able to realize that I am Andrea and not VB. Good Night Sleep tight
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2003
      Hey "darkfinder"
      you' re so totally involved in your ahri-ego-trip that you are not able to
      realize that I am

      Andrea and not VB.

      Good Night Sleep tight buddy


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      Subject: [anthroposophy] Que Dieu vous Bénisse Foncteur ! ! !

      Most perspicaciously, and Michaelically,
      FONCTEUR rejoindered thusly:

      > Open your eyes...This France is dead.

      WHY DID FONCTEUR REPLY in this fashion?

      FONCTEUR was intellectually stirred by the
      impenetrable insentience of VB's illusional
      dreams and even deeper intellectual sleep,
      from which she spoke forth concerning:

      > the contribution that the Frenchmen gave,
      > and are still giving, to the worldwide birth
      > of Anthropos-Sophia....there in France...the task of
      > Intellectual Soul's healing and spiritualization.

      FONCTEUR SAID: "Open your eyes...This France is dead."

      LIGHTSEARCHER SAYS: "Que Dieu vous Bénisse Foncteur !!!

      God bless you, Foncteur for telling to her the
      truth, for speking outwardly what all but the
      willfully blind already know:

      > Open your eyes...This France is dead.

      VB will not awake from her tomb of fathomless sleep,
      for if she did, she might realize the shock of
      truth that...

      The Left loves Tyranny...they admire dictators.

      In their heart of hearts, the LOVE them.

      The Lefties displayed this trait over and over again
      throughout the century that has just passed by.


      Against their own faux "high principles" and yelping
      for "human rights" and all their other dishonest
      cant, the stern dictator-type represents ineluctably
      for them the "father-force" and the "father-power"
      that their own upbringing, and own fathers, never
      could provide them.

      It is a "Missing-Father-Complex"

      And their "Missing Father" comes back with a vengeance.

      . . . . . . . . . . . .


      In France today, French who are unhappy enough to be jewish and
      proud of it are beaten in the streets, as it happened last Saturday
      in Paris Boulevard Beaumarchais, on the edge of the anti-war

      In France today girls are raped, or even burnt alive if they refuse
      to obey to the law of men (muslim men) in the suburbs zones.
      France does not exist any more.

      I was born French, and I am now an apatrid : because I refuse that
      Jews be killed a second time.

      . . . . . . . . . . . .

      FONCTEUR...you were too kind by half.

      With kindness of heart you implored VB:

      > "Open your eyes...This France is dead.

      If you were made of sterner stuff,
      you well might have said:

      "Open your eyes...Wake up! - The worldview from
      which you speak is dead. - It is filled with
      lies and illusion."

      . . . . . . . . . . . .

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