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The Utter Irrelevance of France to World Events

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  • Bradford Riley
    From: DRStarman2001@aol.com ... Bradford comments; I know that you see the high ground and I must say that both Bro. Ron and you have given a great deal to
    Message 1 of 14 , Mar 31, 2003
      From: DRStarman2001@...
      >: Re: [anthroposophy] Re: The Utter Irrelevance of France to World Events
      >Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 13:27:32 EST
      >*******I think it's a symptom of the Disease ailing Western civilization,
      >which Steiner came to provide the cure for, knowing that was in need of
      >renewal. We Westerners no longer understand what is special about our
      >civilization, what enables us to be free ---and we are challenged by
      >politicians posing as saviors looking to impose socialist dictatorships
      >themselves in charge) and abolish freedom, and priesthoods looking to
      >religious dictatorships (with themselves in charge) and abolish freedom.
      >is needed is to recognize the enemy. Western civilization, including
      >will have a rebirth if Anthroposophy is successful in its mission.

      Bradford comments;

      I know that you see the high ground and I must say that both Bro. Ron and
      you have given a great deal to this list. To understand and have such strong
      standpoints and opinions that you express here, prevents this list from
      becoming a mere hot house of Greenhouse grown concepts that cannot stand the
      scorch or glare of sun or frost.

      Thanks much for enduring my own very Hot Air flights. Indeed, while I do not
      agree with your barbed wire and thorny mental machinations when it comes to
      repeating old stories of the 20th century and overlaying them with the same
      paint brush and posters as the forces confronting us in the second half of
      the dawning of the mid-Michael epoch, you still stand on the best of your
      own self-tainted Intellectual perceptions, and that is very, very clear from
      your posts.

      Much of the old habits of thought, including economic IMperialism and rules
      concerning business and Science should be newly purged and of course the
      U.S. has slapped the U.N. with a wake up call, however the wakeup call that
      is going around the world is needed for all the forms of dead thinking, the
      dead timber and encrusted ideas that hang on from the 20th century. There is
      something very profound in the wind and it is a good time for you and Bro.
      Ron to confront and reexamine yours and that we focus clarify our aims
      together so that we can truly bring new forces into the dead regions of the
      Intellectual Soul.

      I have encountered interesting and rough sketches how these new ideas could
      work, but the point is that the DMZ of the well guarded Intellectual
      Political Animal sociopaths are on scale in equal to those who can barely
      utter that there is a world of forces, that if we secure them for the
      benefit of humanity now..at this auspicious season of the War God, we could
      secure something, a beach head, a portion that can begin to build out of the
      new Michael Thinking everything that you, Bro. Ron, Soren, myself, Adam,
      Andrea, Joel, Stephen, Morgan, Elaine and countless others, would crave and
      embrace, even with our differences.

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