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the foreshadowing of the war of all against all

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  • Joel Wendt
    Dear List-mates, While some on this list claim to be bringing an anthroposophical understanding to events, we really don t have to go far to appreciate that
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2003
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      Dear List-mates,

      While some on this list claim to be bringing an "anthroposophical"
      understanding to events, we really don't have to go far to appreciate
      that in our time the "I am" has a achieved a certain freedom as against
      social conforming forces. In its current state, the "I am" has only
      itself to restrain its indulgences in the temptations of the doubles.
      In prior times social forces predominated in a certain sense, in that
      they held the "I am" within a kind of "group-soul" containment.

      But in the industrial West in particular (and certainly elsewhere as
      well), these social conforming powers have now broken down to a great
      degree, and everywhere we can see people following their own drummer,
      often without a lot of thought to the real consequences.

      On this list we see the same kinds of excesses - it is more important
      to many to have an independent view (the ahrimanic temptation) and to be
      right (the luciferic temptation), than to be social (wherever two or
      more are gathered in my name...).

      So we have a great deal of social chaos as would flow quite naturally
      from a situation where individuals apply no restraints to their own

      This is not to say there are no social conforming forces that work, or
      that there are no people who find balance and freedom. Rather I am just
      pointing out that much that is happening in the world comes from these
      unrestrained indulgences of the newly socially freed "I am". And, that
      this which is happening was given a name with which we who are students
      of spiritual science are familiar - the War of All Against All.

      My personal view is that we are not in the final version of that War,
      but rather just in a foreshadowing. What this means for me is to
      practice as much tolerance as possible, as much empathy as possible, and
      to actively work in the social in forming community, even just a
      community of two - which always becomes, due to Grace, a community of

      But such community requires sacrifice. It needs for me to not insist
      on being right (the pride of my luciferic double), and to not insist
      that I can face all this chaos on my own (the island of isolation which
      is due to my ahrimanic double). Rather, I can learn from what each
      offers, rather than always argue and insist everyone else is wrong, and
      I can learn to work together, recognizing that what is of real value
      that can be achieved is a cooperative art.

      The interesting aspect of this approach is that it is much less work
      and a lot more fun (for my yoke is easy and my burden is light Matthew

      warm regards,
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