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    Dear Mark. welcome ! I d like to add something to the good remarks posted by goodwill men like Stephen and Adam. We are living a very special moment in time :
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2003
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      Dear Mark.
      welcome !
      I'd like to add something to the good remarks posted by goodwill men like
      Stephen and Adam.
      We are living a very special moment in time : a war started , and we all are
      part in it, wiiling or not. So as a consequence of the wartime also in the
      list there is emphasized the following fact.
      You'll find easily that there are on the list two or three contributors who
      use to dress with anthro-dresses their own racist and nationalistic
      prejudices, with a habit that was common in the Anglo-Saxon occultist groups
      in XIX and XX Century
      . This habit in Spiritual Science is totally out of tune, but it has in
      itself a positive side, if we are able to see in ourselves how habits like
      those arise.
      This gesture is a "trade mark" of the instictual infection of the
      Intellectual Soul and we can overcome this kind of gesture if we are
      faithful to the basic practices of the inner work, that is the five
      exercises of "Occult Science" that not only Steiner but also powerful
      researchers like Massimo Scaligero and Georg Kuhlewind put as the core of
      the wholeness of Antropos-Sophia cognitive path.
      In this way also an electronic tool like this can find its way to be
      somewhat spiritualized and put on Michael's service.


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      > Hi. My name is Mark Darling, and I just joined this group a few minutes
      > There is something in this message which is vague and naggingly unsettling
      > me. The author refers to his countrymen hating their fathers; who are
      > fathers supposed to be in this equation? The ruling elite? If so, how does
      > hatred of a ruling elite constitute self-hatred, when the hater is not of
      > class?
      > As regards Chomsky, I'm quite an enthusiastic admirer of his, and I've
      > recognised anything in his work other than the utmost respect for
      > freedom. In a manner not altogether dissimilar to Steiner's, he frequently
      > suggests to his audience that they not take his word as gospel, and use
      > time to check the accuracy of his research and soundness of his viewpoint.
      > Comparing him to Pat Robertson strikes me as grossly false.
      > I don't mean to be combative, especially not in an Anthroposophical group,
      > but I felt the definite need to offer my paltry two cents on this subject.
      > browsing the archives a little before joining, I saw a number of postings
      > praise of Hitchens and opposed to Chomsky, which surprised me a little.
      > not closely connected to any anthroposophists personally, though I guess I
      > must count myself as one. I am very curious to know if there is anything
      like a
      > political consensus amongst group members on the subject of the Left as
      > represented by Chomsky, Zinn and Nader.
      > Hope to have some interesting and thought-deepening discussions in the
      > future.
      > Mark Darling
      > > I am afraid that my generation learned
      > > too well to love their enemies without
      > > ever learning how to stop hating their
      > > fathers.
      > >
      > > So that now, hatred of the father takes
      > > the form of love of the enemy.
      > >
      > > And inside all that is a toxic self-hatred
      > > that appalls me.
      > >
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