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Some thoughts inspired by the Temple Legend/Joksu

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  • Bradford Riley
    From: joksu57 ... Joksu wrote; Thus we ... Bradford comments; The energies of Sex, arrive again in Spring and indicate how in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2003
      From: "joksu57" <jouko.sorvali@...>
      >Subject: [anthroposophy] Some thoughts inspired by the Temple Legend
      >Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 20:15:40 -0000

      Joksu wrote;

      Thus we
      >have precisely this duality, the principle of Evil accompanying the
      >principle of Good, in the Persian religion." (pp. 175-176)
      >>In normal childhood we live in a "paradise-state". Our parents take
      >care of most things and above all, we are not yet sexual beings. We
      >live truly in the childhood paradise. But when we enter to puberty,
      >radical changes are occuring. The "Kundalini-Serpent" wakes up and
      >starts coiling the spinal cord, which now becomes a symbol of the
      >Tree of Good and Evil. And then we eat an apple or maybe something

      >Along the sexuality usually wakes up some part
      >of our past history, some karmic "currents" are activated (curse?).
      >So, what about the future? If there has been a Fall, how can the
      >lost Paradise be won again?

      Bradford comments;

      The energies of Sex, arrive again in Spring and indicate how in nature
      forces of reproduction follow the cycle of the seasons. Lambs and other
      critters feel the surge of life just as trees feel the mighty surge of sap,
      rising and budding. This rising and budding in the human being is curious
      because plants and trees are literally standing on their heads, and their
      heads represent the "Green Man's" or "Phantom's" secret life principle.
      Humans are reveresed off the cycle of nature, so that sap in the human
      system, as STARMAN has indicated, can literally put the head asleep, because
      of the mighty thrust of etheric formative forces rising as nature and life
      through out the Earth and Human organism. Full sleep for the Earth is

      Spring today is no longer focused in the throat as it was in the magical
      word culture of Egypt. Our current equinox is now centered in the mixing
      and mingling of destinies, our feet, our soles, have left trace patterns,
      karmic footprints, recorded imprints filed in the ancient akashic libraries
      of time. These residual karmic trails are surfacing and slowly beginning to
      come to light. As they do, riddles in our destines can be solved and
      decoded. Great riddles that have stymied the progress of all mankind, can
      now be cracked through some moment that personally impacts on an
      individual's destiny.

      Socrates asking if moral and ethical life can be learned and taught, asking
      if maps of the body, maps of the soul and maps of the spirit can finally
      guide the education of the human race, are finally available because of
      revelations emerging from star forces of Destiny and the Fishes.

      In response to your question Joksu. The path of redemption of all matter and
      all the beings that were thrust down into matter so that we could bear the
      mighty Logos Form, means that we shall lift all that we understand of
      creation and the FOUR KINGDOMS - we shall doctor them, point them to their
      next genetic phase, bring the plants to their rightful animal forms.. bring
      animal forms forward and shepherd them to human development, while humanity
      struggles to touch the cusp of Angelhood by constantly lifting deeper into
      the core of the Earth and mingling Nature Wisdom with the Etheric Christ.

      "The book ANCIENT MYTHS AND THEIR SIGNIFICANCEcontains a very important and
      illuminating passage, which indicates that during the Egyptian-Chaldean
      epoch of culture the sun's vernal point was in Taurus. The macrocosmic
      forces which `come down when the sun's vernal point is in Taurus, are in man
      microcosmically connected with everything relating to the region of the
      larynx, with the forces of the larynx.'

      "At that time, therefore, man developed `as his special organ of cognition
      everything connected with the forces of his larynx. The feeling that there
      was a relationship between the WORD and the OBJECT, particularly in regard
      to the things outside in the universe, was at that time...particularly
      strong.' Further on we read that `today, in the age of abstraction, we no
      longer have any idea of the close relationship of the things which man once
      learned to know in the universe through his larynx', - we have no idea of
      the magical power of the WORD."

      To scan through or photo imprint a field of psychic and zodiacal forces that
      enhance and articulate a dimension of the human form, was what we could
      observe as each of the vernal points moved with enhanced and changing fields
      through MAN, the twelvefold Human blueprint on earth. The MACROCOSMIC,
      zodiacal-blueprint overlay worked on the articulation of specific fields, or
      capacities, in the regions of our bodies that each of the zodiacal forces

      In the structure of Man as hieroglyph of the Divine Spiritual worlds, the
      head represented Aries and the throat represented Taurus. In the Egyptian
      culture as with all cultures, the spring equinox, and the procession of the
      equinoxes, was based on the great Platonic Year (). The symbol of that
      apparent bull, with its horns intersecting the circle in an arc also implied
      that at the height of the Spring Equinox mighty forces were raised and
      focused in nature and in the human WORD. It was known clearly that
      reproductive forces rose in their purest form to the change of voice,
      puberty and the larynx, the speech center, during this powerful spring rise
      under the constellation of the Bull when Egypts star was at it's zenith.

      "In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish'd dove;
      In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love."()


      "It was a lover and his lass,
      With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino,
      That o'er the green cornfield did pass,
      In the spring time, the only pretty ring time,
      When birds do sing, hey ding a ding, ding;
      Sweet lovers love the spring.

      Between the acres of the rye,
      With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino,
      These pretty country folks would lie,
      In the spring time, the only pretty ring time...

      This carol they began that hour,
      With a hey, and a ho, and hey nonino,
      How that a life was but a flower,
      In the spring time, etc....

      And therefore take the present time,
      With a hey, and a ho, and hey nonino;
      For love is crowned with the prime
      In the spring time, etc..."

      Shakespeare AS YOU LIKE IT

      It was also the point where the throat and WORD forces intersected as part
      of the most powerful focus of energies serving the Divine Spiritual
      evolution of the human hieroglyph. The encrypted symbol of the bull
      remained as an underestimated code in the astrological and archeological
      research of the Egyptian culture. The focal point shifted from Taurus,
      upwards to Aires and now, starts over again, at our feet, in Pisces.


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