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Is Anthro-Language is now a Corpse, Friends?

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  • Bradford Riley
    Previous comments: Anthro-Language is now a noose....a tomb....a mental coffin. ... Bradford comments; Rather than rip ourselves away, we return to the riddles
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2003
      Previous comments:

      Anthro-Language is now a noose....a tomb....a mental coffin.
      >Rise Snow White....but please do so in some new form
      >to spare us all.
      >This Astral body, in humans, is the seat of that which humanity wishes to
      >transform into Mani or Manas. That is the sympathetic, voluntary and
      >involuntary nervous system that gives us human capacity and sensitivity is
      >also the area that can be prevented from ever achieved Spirit Self. This
      >the condition we are fighting for, Globally- to rise into a Consciousness
      >Soul region and allow our humanity to blossom into Spirit Self so that the
      >Angelic Beings can Pollinate our higher Astral forces. All this immense
      >spiritual potential in all of us can be roadblocked. Can be horribly
      >Liberate your minds, friends. - Rip from your your brains the metal
      >(yes, I said METAL and not "mental") tentacles of these once-living
      >concepts....or you're soon to be surely one of the living dead.

      Bradford comments;

      Rather than rip ourselves away, we return to the riddles of Arthurian
      knowledge and what it means to have a Nervous system that becomes mature
      enough to be pollinated, that the upper Angelic Kingdom can negotiate with
      the codes of thinking-feeling and willing that the Individual human being
      has produced.

      Meaning that on one side the Human Being actually ripens and flowers in the
      Spirit. That the long journey that links the adolescent and his nervous
      system of feelings, sexuality and Emotional Foundations from which to build
      a Religious sense, blossoms through three distinct phases. To have such
      knowledge as a psychological model is pure gold. It is fine that we speak
      about it and understand it from many other educational or psychological
      models, but the blueprints of the Astral Body and the famous spiritual
      Imagination of Arthur, drawing the Sword from the Stone, is all enhanced
      because of this brain fart that light searcher calls Blah, Blah.

      Before I relook at Pollination and higher Angelic "Contact" with the Astral
      Body and call it "Spirit Self" or "Manas" we should comapare notes on the
      Chemical and nerve agent support, healing and medical balancing of the
      disturbed Nervous System or Psychological model. Humanity has been on a path
      to heal the unique disturbances in the soul. Soul Breaches - breaks -
      Incarnational disturbances and chemical imbalances have called forth
      humanities required maturity to step into the role of healer...as the
      Angelic world retreats and gives humanity more and more freedom. That is
      very positive and has medical and moral potential in it.

      In other words the model of the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous
      system is really something of individual, unique human tuning. It is really
      an Instrument of the Spine, like the Sitar:



      We may influence this nervous system from outside and from inside. From
      inside we live within the teenage adolescent need to be pounded and
      influenced externally by Sex-Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll the delicate or
      "Raw-UnCut" astral body, as a work in progress. Coarseness or Refined forces
      of the Soul are being tuned at this stage for a higher biographical
      development of through the I Am.

      But also, we understand that Nerve Agents can come in from the external side
      as either support for the weak ego or to Note***: Enter and target the
      nervous system in a destructive, specialized manner. Which means that
      research from the Military in the U.S. has gone a very, very long way,
      without any sense of the outcome of higher development, to find the various
      incapacitating points in the nervous system that can do extreme harm.. or
      could be used medically.

      In other words, while researching destructive and specialized attacks on the
      nervous system, specialized cures have also been found to antidote or
      counteract the destructive, secret weaponry. Some of these toxins could take
      us to venom of snakes to poison dart arrows used in South America from Tree
      Frogs that consume chemical quantitites of ants. Plus newly enhanced nerve
      and chemical agents that further strike various places within the nervous
      system - What type of Inspiration seeks out researching these Nervous System
      weak points allows a giant social problem because the Human Being and the
      full flowering out of the Consciousness Soul is not considered. In other
      words the progressive development of the Soul Being of the I AM is not
      looked upon as a Goethean Organic-Spiritual model.

      Which is why Insects and Pesticides were explored and shipped to Iraq by
      Germany and even other countries who did not blow the whistle when Saddam or
      Iran used cyanide and other things on its own people. What was wrong with
      cutting the criminal who did it down at that point instead of being silent
      and waiting? There was ample humanitarian reasons, and high ground to put
      whoever it was who did it in their place. But nothing in the world community
      was done. Extreme Double Standards and the Kurds know this all only too

      So from above, the Angelic Community, I'm sure Light searcher knows about
      the Angelic Community- await how the individual human I Am and the Community
      of Humanity will grow themselves and mature themselves towards the goal of a
      harmonically tuned nervous system. Able to control heart, breath,
      health..from within and also able to support and heal those through various
      medical support chemicals, when they are lacking in the individuals who
      incarnate with flawed systems. These are some of the Living Realities we can
      understand from Science and Spiritual Science. Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boo and
      Blah, Blah, Blah to the undeveloped Speech and thinking capacities in those
      who would approach the Pentecost mysteries. A mystery of the Pollination of
      the Angels and the Speaking and Understanding of each other in Tongues.

      From my: The Destiny of Human Speech:

      Memory forces that strengthen the Etheric and the WORD forces that open the
      higher Lotus in the Brain and astral Speech Organs. These Organs are
      connected with Reproduction and arise as the Pollination factor from rough
      sexual forces of the adolescent to the refined and ripened spirit in their
      later forties.

      "The Celtic and Druidic culture were amazing scientists and ecologists who
      held to the powerful central mystery of Oral and Bardic traditions. Not only
      because there was no printing presses available, but most significantly
      because the human forces of memory and Word awaken and pollinate the higher
      initiation prototype that leads to the transfer from Lunar/biological to
      Dove Prototype."

      "Pentecost, this mystery of the Dove and Holy Spirit, POLLINATED Arthur's
      court. All spiritual turning points for the Arthurians were based on events
      that happened around Pentecost. Arthur's sword, Galahad's sword, the
      mystical visitation of the Grail that broke up the Knights of the Round
      Table, all those events pivoted on the Pentecost mystery. In that spiritual
      pollination lived the very GRAIL that Wagner received as a psychic

      "On the first Whit Sunday, as related in the Acts of the Apostles, it is
      described how the disciples gathered in one place, and were at one accord.
      As they sat down together, there appeared tongues of fire (AGNISHVATTAS)
      over their heads, and they were able `to speak in many tongues'. When the
      Holy Spirit descended upon them, their mouths were opened and they were able
      to go forth and spread the Gospel of the LIVING WORD. At Pentecost the
      disciples were empowered to utter a LIVING SPEECH, through what the Holy
      Spirit inspired into them. Here we see that HUMAN SPEECH is raised from the
      physical to the spiritual level. The disciples became SERVANTS OF THE WORD,
      the Living Word by means of which the earth came into being. Once again we
      see what the deed of Christ means for humanity, that the Living Spirit can
      enter into all those who, like the disciples on that first Whit Sunday,
      earnestly seek it. And in the Grail epic we see how Parzival, after becoming
      Grail King, is the bearer of the WORD OF CHRIST. He is able to heal the
      suffering Anfortas. This was the consequence of the initiation he underwent
      on Whit Sunday in 848, when Saturn and Jupiter stood in conjunction in
      Pisces. That he was able finally to achieve the Grail, to become an
      initiate, to become Grail King, meant that he was endowed with the same
      magical powers that were bestowed on the disciples at the first


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