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Re: R: [anthroposophy] Anthro-Language is now a Corpse, Friends

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  • ashley_soren
    ... prices ... sentence, ... Hehe yeah... I d agree there s more space for free individuality in the Steiner version, than in the neoconservative conform
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 8, 2003
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "VALENTINA BRUNETTI"
      <okcgbr@t...> wrote:

      > Hi Ron!
      > Are you kiddin?
      > Who are "the Anthroposophists" ?
      > We all know or should know that there are tens of ways of being "an
      > Anthroposphist" (tks God, this is the Freedom Age and we got some
      > to pay for it !) so you gave us a perfect example of meaningless
      > since the Anthroworld is much more complicated than, for instance, the
      > simple fact to be or not to be a "pink card individual". !

      Hehe yeah... I'd agree there's more space for free individuality in
      the Steiner version, than in the neoconservative conform definition of
      "free individuality", which pretty much now-a-days say "if you agree
      with the boss, you're free to live as we define your lifestyle - if
      you don't agree, you're unfree and needs to be liberated by death"

      So the definitions for being labelled an "enemy of freedom" is
      narrower in other circles than the anthro enviro ....
      Some mighth degenerate to labelling others as not being "real
      anthroposophofosofististers" ... but at least withouth pointing a
      smokin' gun at ya head to liberate you. Btw one of the users of that
      exclusion method of others from the diverse anthro (hey I'd say
      there's as many ways to be anthro in here as 211 (just now)) is one
      "whining" about political correctness .. takes one to know one

      hey hoooooooooo Sören fool for Christ

      well and one don't even have to read Steiner or be a christian to
      express truth, that is very antrho and full of christ-impulse (there
      I'll agree with Ligthsearcher and Ron, the formative anthro can be a
      hindrance to knowing living anthro:

      *There is no search greater than that of Truth. The only means of
      finding it out is through non-violence in its extreme form. It is
      because we have ignored it that we seek to impose by force what we
      consider is truth upon others.* M.K.Gandhi

      > Ad majora
      > Andrea
      > > Br. Ron
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