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Some thoughts inspired by the Temple Legend

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  • joksu57
    I have earlier read only some portion of these 20 lectures, but recently I managed to get a copy of this book. There are many very interesting issues in these
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2003
      I have earlier read only some portion of these 20 lectures, but
      recently I managed to get a copy of this book. There are many very
      interesting issues in these lectures. One, quite ashtonishing view
      was about spiritual evolution, good and evil. Dr. Steiner first
      dealt with ancient Indian religion and then he comes to the second
      religion of this great fifth epoch. Lecture 14, Berlin, 5 June 1905:

      "The second religion was fostered in the Near East; in it the Second
      Principle (of the Trinity) was revered as a recapitulation of the
      first time that the Son made His influence felt on earth. The
      thrusting down of certain beings accompanied the (coming in of) the
      Son Principle; there is no higher development of the one without
      others being thrust down into the depths. The mineral, plant and
      animal kingdoms were thrust down in this way. Whoever develops
      upwards takes upon himself a tremendous responsibility. That is the
      great tragedy; the corollary of every saint is that a great number
      of beings are thrust down. There would be no development if this
      kind of thrusting down did not take place. A man must continually
      thrust others down as he develops himself upwards. That is why all
      development that takes place out of self-interest is evil and
      reprehensible; it is only justifiable if done for the development of
      other beings. Only he who would raise up those who have been thrust
      down is fit for development. Thus the evolution which manifested
      itself on earth and which had already been prepared on other cosmic
      bodies, the evolution aiming at endowing the etheric body with the
      Logos, with the Word, has been accompanied by the thrusting down of
      other beings connected with the earth's development. These (beings)
      were regarded as adversaries, as the luciferic principle. Thus we
      have precisely this duality, the principle of Evil accompanying the
      principle of Good, in the Persian religion." (pp. 175-176)

      So, what about our attitude concerning evil: should evil be
      destroyed or redeemed? I have also heard a saying: There are no
      black magicians without white magicians and vice versa. The solution
      must lie in the unity, which is brought to us by Christ, the true
      Tree of Life. Only the Father is good, said Jesus Christ and Father
      has not manifested. This manifested world is redeemed through the

      Lost Paradise:

      It is said that in human evolution the earlier phases are somehow
      repeated or recapitulated. This idea can also be applied to the
      legend (history) about the Paradise and the Fall.

      In normal childhood we live in a "paradise-state". Our parents take
      care of most things and above all, we are not yet sexual beings. We
      live truly in the childhood paradise. But when we enter to puberty,
      radical changes are occuring. The "Kundalini-Serpent" wakes up and
      starts coiling the spinal cord, which now becomes a symbol of the
      Tree of Good and Evil. And then we eat an apple or maybe something

      We become men and women and we are eventually driven out of the
      childhood paradise. Soon we must "sweat" to earn our living and bear
      children of our own. Along the sexuality usually wakes up some part
      of our past history, some karmic "currents" are activated (curse?).
      So, what about the future? If there has been a Fall, how can the
      lost Paradise be won again?

      Christ Jesus was a first-borne in many ways. We remember what
      happened in His life at the age of twelve. He was in the temple,
      full of wisdom and talking to the learned "priests". Dr. Steiner has
      told us about the sixth great epoch, when we are not divided to two
      sexes any more. Christ Jesus was an exponent of this life of
      the "sixth root race"; of course He was also much more. In this
      connection one can remember the advice that "we should be like

      The answer to the problems linked to the Fall lies (naturally) in
      the Christ Event. We are learning the lessons of love and sexuality
      is one way to learn our lessons. But before Christ and the forces of
      buddhi can transform us (suitable to the life of the sixth great
      epoch) we must work with astral forces, changing our kama to manas.

      Warm Regards
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