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  • Joel A. Wendt
    Dear Elaine, Many years ago I noticed just prior to Easter that I was having trouble making decisions, forming thoughts about the future, having a firm
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      Dear Elaine,

      Many years ago I noticed just prior to Easter that I was having trouble
      making decisions, forming thoughts about the future, having a firm understanding
      of my self, of my intentions, of my nature. In thinking about this I intuited
      that my soul, as it approached Easter, needed to experience a kind of small
      death, a kind of shedding of things past, given and fixed. So I immersed myself
      in this approaching soul chaos (dying and becoming), and found to my wonder and
      surprise that following Easter morning, having lived into this soul process,
      great clarity of purpose and self understanding appeared.

      This is now a regular practice, and a number of individuals I have shared
      this with have confirmed it as an annual occurrence. In some years this drama
      is more intense than in others, but even so, it happens each year. Moreover, I
      now take a kind of joy in approaching this small soul-death, and in
      participating in its processes, although sometimes it is not to easy to give up
      the past patterns that instinctively want to be let go of. In some years very
      large changes have appeared. Yet, as my biography goes onward, it becomes clear
      that these apparently intense changes are nevertheless part of an artistic and
      organic whole.

      warm regards,

      elaine upton wrote:

      > Dear ones,
      > We approach Easter --in a few Sundays. (I've always wondered about how this
      > works in the southern hemisphere. I lived in South Africa for several years,
      > but never solved that one...--Bruce? others?)
      > Easter. Resurrection.
      > What Easter thoughts can be shared here? What thoughts on, experiences of
      > Death and Resurrection?
      > Ex Deo Nascimur
      > In Christo Morimur
      > Per Spiritum Sanctum Revivicimus
      > (Out of God we are born
      > In Christ we die
      > By the Holy Spirit we are resurrected)
      > What does it mean to be resurrected? Somewhere Steiner talks about our
      > achieving the control of the astral and the lower bodies (etheric and
      > physical) by the ego, and then moving on to achieve the three higher
      > members/bodies of spirit, and in so doing fulfill the Resurrection, overcome
      > death. This seems the work we are called to. Ah, but that is a mouthful,
      > isn't it?!!
      > One of the most moving things to me in the Easter story is Mary Magdalen at
      > the grave in one version. The grave is empty. He is risen. Mary Magdalen is
      > weeping, and then she hears him call her name!
      > Whenever i hear this, chills come over me....
      > Blessings!
      > elaine
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