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Astral and Etheric issues in War Today

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  • Bradford Riley
    Examining Changes in the developments of War Research Rudolf Steiner - On His War - and our current mini-conflict called War! ***** There will be a time when
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2003
      Examining Changes in the developments of War Research

      Rudolf Steiner - On His War - and our current mini-conflict called War!

      *****"There will be a time when people will speak about the present events
      differently than they are doing now. You will have to admit, the entire war
      literature contains something rather unpleasant. True, some valid statements
      are made, but there are also many disagreeable ones. Above all, there is one
      thing that is disagreeable. There is much talk about how it is still too
      early to discuss the question of who has caused the war and so on. People
      delude themselves about the facts when they say that at a later date the
      documents in our archives will surely bring to light who is to blame for the
      war! In reference to the external events, however, the matter can be
      resolved fairly easily, provided one judges dispassionately. Chamberlain, in
      his War Essays (see Note 7) is correct (even though he is in error about the
      details) when he says that it is possible to know the key issues of this
      war. All that is without a doubt accurate, but it leaves the proper question
      unasked. For example, there is but one question that can be answered
      unequivocally, if only it is properly posed, and this question is: Who could
      have prevented the war? � The constantly recurring question: Who is to blame
      for this war? and many other questions just are not appropriate. Who could
      have prevented the war? The answer to this question can be no other than
      that the Russian government could have prevented the war!

      Only in this fashion will it be possible to find the appropriate definition
      for the impulses that are at work in each situation. Of course, war had been
      desired by the East for decades, but had it not been for a certain
      relationship between England, Russia and France, it could not have broken
      out. Therefore, one might ascribe the greater blame to England. Yet all
      these conjectures do not take into consideration the underlying causes that
      made this World War a necessity. It is naive to believe that war could have
      been avoided. People these days talk as if it did not have to come about
      when it was, of course, destined by the European karma.

      I wanted to allude to some of this by sketching the spiritual differences
      between East and West. It is not important that we look for external causes.
      All we have to know is that this war was a historic necessity. When that is
      understood the individual causes do not matter.

      What is important is the proper attitude toward the various effects, for one
      effect can impress our souls in an especially significant way. It is
      remarkable and a characteristic phenomenon that a war like this one produces
      many unexpended ether bodies, Since this is the biggest war in man's
      conscious history, this phenomenon is present to a corresponding large
      degree. Ether bodies are produced that are not worn out.

      You see, the ether body that man carries with him can support him for a long
      period of time, until he reaches seventy, eighty or ninety years of age. But
      in a war human beings are sacrificed in the prime of their lives. You know
      that man, when he passes through the gate of death loses his ether body
      after a short period of time. A person dying in a war, however, loses his
      ether body when normally it could have supported his physical body for a
      long time, in many cases for decades. Those ether bodies entering the
      etheric world prematurely are preserved with all their powers. Consider now
      the countless number of unexpended ether bodies of those going through the
      gate of death at an early age. There is something distinctive about these
      ether bodies. "

      Bradford comments;

      Iraq have unused Ether bodies, or would have, if civilians are killed in
      mass.. because most of the population are boys around 15 to 17 years of age.
      Their unused Etheric bodies live on. Now that this perception has a great
      deal to do with what forces can use the shells of many Etheric bodies with
      their unused biographies. What good things can be served and what other
      agendas can be served by having Etheric bodies ripped from their biographies
      floating in limbo? However this dark thought, certainly is not the occult
      reasoning here.

      On the one hand the Theatre of War, has always been a place to try out new
      advances in technology that we have developed in the last 12 years or so,
      since the last time we dealt a deadly blow to Iraq. We have made enormous
      advances in Pilotless bombers, laser guided smart bombs, electronic
      disabling frequencies and advanced resonance and computer communication and
      electronic destructive bombs.. Maybe even the ability to leave the buildings
      intact and merely destroy the powers in cars, communication and defense. It
      is a wonderful time to try out new toys for the west.

      It is interesting to note that the illegal nerve gas used in the Moscow
      Theater terrorist event, and insect pesticides have curious links to the
      background of many U.S. chemical and biological agents. Now it is curious
      occultly, that while Organic Plants do not have a nervous system, the
      insects do. I have mentioned many times over that "companion Insects" and
      "companion Plants", based on their Proboscis, insect�plant mutualism and the
      inverse skeleton of the insect shell..means that THE FUTURE NERVOUS SYSTEM
      OF THE PLANT IS IN THE INSECT WORLD. They as exposed Pests, gave us, without
      occult grasp, access to the internal workings of the Astral body and human
      nervous system.

      This means that biological and nerve agent research has penetrated the
      Astral body to a degree that human biological and chemical agents, that
      killed so many in Moscow, are now a strong background factor in U.S. use and
      research. How nice to try these things out on living Things, film them, and
      study them back home at some lab.. Clean up the mess and forget about it. It
      is amazing the things we can do in a War and claim that the enemy did it. It
      is a live experimental lab. But it must be understood that Insect Pesticides
      and chemical and nerve agent warfare is fully practiced in the background of
      the U.S. military, sanctions or not.

      The Astral body, the primal nerve forces that attack the nervous system of
      insects through Pesticides, that Insects die from, and the effect on the
      various sense regions of the insect, digestion, sight, smell, and internal
      nerve destructive-coma enhanced producing, nerve blocking, like novacaine
      that the dentist gives us.. blocks the astral body from penetrating the
      organism. Now we can choose various areas of the Astral body that we wish to
      disturb, harm or numb. We are developing selective research in this domain
      and we should be afraid, we should be very afraid.

      This Astral body, in humans, is the seat of that which humanity wishes to
      transform into Mani or Manas. That is the sympathetic, voluntary and
      involuntary nervous system that gives us human capacity and sensitivity is
      also the area that can be prevented from ever achieved Spirit Self. This is
      the condition we are fighting for, Globally- to rise into a Consciousness
      Soul region and allow our humanity to blossom into Spirit Self so that the
      Angelic Beings can Pollinate our higher Astral forces. All this immense
      spiritual potential in all of us can be roadblocked. Can be horribly

      It is important for us to know that this is the type of research, skipping
      the linked concepts of Mani-Sainthood and the Astral body that achieves
      Angelic consciousness, that is woven into the military mind-set that seeks
      control over the Freedom and Astral body tastes, decisions and insights of
      the Human I AM. That is a brief connection to what Steiner worried over in
      "The Angels Work in the Astral Body of Man." These are why nuclear and
      chemical and biological as well as genetic experiments in the human realm
      should be locked down by Conscience and the Consciousness Soul before these
      materialistic madmen, claiming moral rights.. dig their claws deeper into
      our higher Spiritual Being.

      But it is even a better time to become the Occupation Army that supervises
      and controls elections, revolts; and Oil sensitive political agendas in the
      World. The Occupying Army and supervising the change of Political hands, as
      we have done so well in other regimes in the recent past, makes America
      highly qualified to be the bearer of Democracy and Freedom to mild Shiites.


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