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  • elaineupton2001 <elaineupton@hotmail.com>
    Hello starman and all, ... anthroposophy ? ... just ... anthroposophist. ... *************** Well, my dear Starman, one man s embarrassment is another s
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 4, 2003
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      Hello starman and all,

      Starman writes:

      > Does anybody have anything to say on this list about
      > Do people ever look at the stuff they post and imagine what someone
      > hearing about Rudolf Steiner and coming here to learn more about
      > anthroposophy would think? It's an embarassment to me as an
      > -Starman


      Well, my dear Starman, one man's embarrassment is another's delight
      (another woman's, too)--smile.

      My definition of anthroposophy is ever expanding, so that the very
      word "definition" is itself paradoxically fluid, as is life, as is
      wisdom, as is a river. I call discussions of 1)crop circles (events
      from spirit worlds or hocus-pocus kind of questions), 2)of the
      Ahrimanic deception, 3)of the revolution in Chiapas (related to Group
      Soul and other Soul states and to Threefolding, as Soren pointed
      out), 4)of the apocalyptic gemstones, to name a few recent threads,
      definitely relevant to anthroposophy. Some posts interest me and
      others don't. I can choose to read or delete, as can you. Newcomers,
      I assume, are not stupid and can pick and choose what they find
      relevant. BEsides, this is not a place, in my understanding, for a
      newcomer to arrive and think that he or she will be informed as in
      Anthroposophy 101. Go elsewhere, I suggest, for that.

    • ashley_soren
      ... Anthroposophy ... Yup and Steiner commented a lot of earthly matters in his time .. of course based on being an anthroposophist - which also means to be
      Message 2 of 6 , Mar 4, 2003
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        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Ashley Case" <ashley.case@v...>
        > The off-topic posts don't bother me either, Mac. I think that
        > is best understood as it relates to daily life.
        Yup and Steiner commented a lot of earthly matters in his time .. of
        course based on being an anthroposophist - which also means to be
        present in the practical world and the events in the everyday life....
        Neither too idealistic - dreaming away, not to pragmatic - cynical
        "that's reality" - but with creativity dealing with even the most
        trivial things and seeing practical ways to combine the spiritual and
        the physical - by heartfelt human thinking, feeling and willing -
        But I guess there's like "studying" anthroposophists and then there's
        living anthopops - sometimes we meet and find common ground, and
        sometimes the "studying" is too much in the library for the "living",
        and the "living too much in the world for the "studying" .... Rudy was
        pretty good at being both on the factoryfloor understanding the
        lifesituation and the aspirations going on there, and talking Jesus
        with spinsters from teh nobility - we are basically all just threefold
        man with a christimpulse ... and it's in our heart, as soon as we rip
        away the illusions, Lucifer making us put the head too much in the sky
        and Ahriman pulling us too deep in the ground ----

        Sören - fool for christ
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