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crop circles or Crap Circles

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  • Bradford Riley
    From: Clergue boris ... Boris Greetings; Gris Gott Review of Mel Gibson and Signs Mel Gibson in the film, Signs tries to protect
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2003
      From: Clergue boris <clergue@...>
      >Subject: [anthroposophy] Re: crop circles
      >Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 14:51:14 +0100
      >I think that anthros must more study this topic because the crop circles
      >phenomenon is now used by sectarian groups as the Ra´┐Żlian religion and
      >others in order to maintain false ideas.
      >Best wishes
      > Boris

      Boris Greetings; Gris Gott

      Review of Mel Gibson and "Signs"

      Mel Gibson in the film, "Signs" tries to protect his little family from
      strange mystical alien events. Mel, in the film, was a Priest, who lost his
      faith because his wife was killed in a terrible accident. The Man who killed
      his wife, pinned her, by accident to a tree, severing her body in half. The
      slow recollection of this suppressed event was the significant anchor for
      the film; was the THRESHOLD where Pseudo Science and Faith meet. The
      Families loss of their Mother, the grief of Gibson, the inner, inverted
      pressure of Soul Focus..caught a kind of glimpse into the suppressed
      cultural substance that is hidden in rural America, allowed the Director to
      take us into his vision of the suppressed American Heartland.

      The film further develops a Revelation- as a full Alien Invasion, world
      wide- envelops the Globe. Films like "The Rapture" and "Resurrection" with
      Sam Shepherd and Ellen Bursten reveal America's suppressed illnesses of
      soul. "Fourth of July" and "Invasion from Mars" all reveal a psychic detour
      that has cooked in the Soul of Americans, cooked in the suppressed regions
      of the unconscious religious forces of America for a long time. This has
      merged with the advances of Technology so that unconsciously America has
      tied these two things together and Ahriman or the suppressed factors of
      Spiritual Science, have been cooked in the 'unconsciously alive and active'
      forces of dream and Imagination.. where Ahriman has begun to serve his Soup
      Kitchen of Raelian delights.

      Previously on this list the discussion wove around to the term "Crap
      Circles" which is far more accurate. Because something appears like a
      mathematical revelation in a farmers field, doesn't even come close to
      indicate that "True Revelation" is trying to get through to us, without our
      thinking.. as if any of us have forgotten the wonders of Pythagorian,
      Platonic Solids, Occult Symbols- Kepler etc..Nor have we forgotten that
      intrusions into the physical plane and shock value tactics for human freedom
      are manipulations against human spiritual growth and higher development. The
      Christ Event at Golgotha and the Resurrection having actually to do with an
      Elohim that the Raelians link their Aliens to. Alien yes, but not in the
      Founding of the Logos of the Cosmos and the thinking, feeling and willing
      triad of the human being.

      Indeed there are higher military science experiments being done with laser
      bursts and GPS or Global Positioning maps that can be so accurate on
      terrain, are also part of a military research, if not StarWArs outside, how
      to set lasers forces to also pin-point a geographic area.


      "My preliminary analysis of plants at the site suggest that this crop
      circle, along with two other crop circles of the season, may have been the
      product of weapons testing. The ground evidence suggests that an energy in
      the microwave region has been used. Genuine crop circles contain traceable
      electromagnetic energy (in the mid to high MHz range), which ally with
      biological and brainwave states (these would be responsible for the changes
      in chromosomes in crop circles plants, and for the range of physiological
      affects on visitors); microwave however operates in the GHz range and tends
      to leave plants and soil sterile. Technology capable of transmiting coded
      information at such a range was recently switched on in Alaska, under the
      U.S. military's secret project HAARP. It's just a thought..."



      Hobbies are hobbies, we have Tornado chasers, Crop circle cults, pockets of
      belief within the Soul structure that appeal to untransformed areas of human
      thinking. If "Signs" could make a perfect pattern in the movie, what does
      that say about making perfect patterns? Spiritual Beings, of the negative
      sort, are only allowed trespass due to the faulty thinking patterns and
      unconscious debris that feed them in human souls.

      Trespass manifestations, are clocked and signalled by Sentinels in the sky.
      The GPS system that sees any incoming alien vessel or heat signature
      activity attempting to create such circles are all alerted by Sentinels,
      spaced in patterns orbiting the Earth. Publically we might know of 37 of
      those but the military has dozens for different experiments that are in use.
      Imagine being able to use microwave bursts, focused on a pinpointed
      geographic location from some terminal computer link in Alaska or some other
      deep cover military research center and spot hit accurately any geographic
      position. Create very interesting math out of the human brain and the
      computer. The Globe is watched at all times for entry.

      "An interesting recent innovation in remote sensing is to use lidar
      (laser-radar) fired from a plane at a knownposition directly down to the
      surface to infer a very accurate DEM of the surveyed area. This can produce
      1 m resolution DEMs which are accurate to within 10 cm. This sort of
      information might be very useful whenassessing the risk of flooding of a
      given area. Insurance companies are particularly interested in this."

      Now Keely and Tesla really pioneered the the Electromagnetic Earth potential
      and is so vast and powerful, that Tesla knew and so did J.P. Morgan, that
      energy could be supplied for almost nothing to everyone, using the
      electromagnetic forces of the Earth. The codes to the etheric life forces
      were also studied in texts and books that showed how one could get rid of
      crop pests even through treatment of the picture of the area of land.. via..
      etheric geographic pictorial and etheric contact points. These insights were
      explored by Christopher Bird. Christopher Bird, author of the classic book,
      "The Divining Hand" was exploring geomancy, and the etheric lines in the
      earth. Science has takes what Tesla seeded for humanity and ploughed it into
      the military industrial complex. Just as we have no free energy, Tesla could
      have given us that, so also our money and economy is funnelled into Military
      Research, at least in the Far West. I met the wonderful Christopher Bird,
      before he died and his children were first in the Waldorf School of Georgia.
      He knew of Steiner very well.

      "The U.S. Defense Department will retain the ability to block an enemy
      country or region from using the more accurate system, said Assistant
      Secretary of Defense Arthur Money at a White House briefing. The system is
      free to anyone worldwide, "unless we're in a conflict somewhere," he said,
      in which case the military could "counter" an enemy's use.

      The Global Positioning System is run on 37 orbiting government-owned
      satellites that provides accurate location and timing information to
      millions worldwide, at no charge."

      Bradford's conclusion;

      Hallucinations, trends, cults, thinking traps, feeling dreams and actual
      hidden military science using actual Tesla experiments, which are still
      classified, create doorways to Luciferic and Ahrimanic perceptions. These
      thought egregore's become rooted in the cultural psyche. While mankind is
      surrounded by the Spiritual World, immeresed in it and can slowly learn the
      rules of the road within the complex, the only actual monsters we create are
      man or human made monsters that arise from labs or the gigantic Ahrimanic
      Deception that currently is fueling the U.S. to slur over the actual selfish
      issues and manipulations that have pressed us to need to become the ONE
      POWER the occupying Army for the Oil Rangers club. This is a mass hypnotic,
      media and Politically driven Ahrimanic hallucination or bid for territory
      within the psyche of humanity.

      The rest of the Raelean hodge-podge and the feeding frenzy we give to such
      lunatic media driven thoughts does not discount the dreams and
      hallucinations of thousands as they cook and steam their own brand of
      Ahrimanic broth with ingredients cooked up from Religious lies, Science
      quackery- medical lies and educational idiocy. To include Science in
      Spiritual Science does entail looking over the world of Beings and the
      current place of human consciousness as in Owen Barfield thinking, but we
      can say clearly that most people would love to have some Alien Super Star-
      Not the Christ -come down to their little un-divine souls and call them
      unique 'special' and chosen. The fact that the unique quality of the
      incarnating I AM in each of us could be the basis of true freedom has been
      mixed in such a vat of witches broth, that really what you have, exactly are
      the Prediction Queens of the Night, the three witches of Macbeth in the
      human soul.

      When you considered the tangled mess of Macbeth and the Three Witches that
      project out before his psyche and the mayhem they cause you look within an
      Occult riddle of the Soul. This Triadic structure in the Human Being is very
      important but those who babble about UFO's and refuse to balance the works
      of Men with the works of Cosmic Effort destroy great parts of their
      potential for Freedom and misunderstand the Christ Event for Earth


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