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[anthroposophy] What's Wrong with America/What Ails Thee?

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Hi Bradford, I find that if we are Christ-Tuned, Light and Life, and Palladium and Aum, In order to Move, we need the Mika el Mood. Open Mysteries and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2003
      Hi Bradford,

      I find that if we are Christ-Tuned,
      Light and Life, and Palladium and Aum,
      In order to Move, we need the Mika'el Mood.

      Open Mysteries and Universal Temple,
      Much is happening,
      Notice "Street Level" while you ramble,
      Are you not Questing in a Severe(d) garden?

      In which Meaningful Dimension are we here dwelling?
      After all, de wo choose Harmony and the Human Beings,
      Or any other things unrelated to Well Being?

      Reflection Lord of the Themes,
      Lord of the Rings.
      With Mika'el and Christ,
      In Sophia,
      We can find all the Means...

      Saturn and Memory,
      Time for the Inventory.
      Pal you can,
      Be a Fisher King!

      Into the Wounded Unit,
      You Introduce the Spirit!

      What is this Astral change?

      I see the Representative of Man Stand,
      I see Him, I see you and me With-Stand.

      Until the End.

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      From: Bradford Riley<holderlin66@...>
      From: danifyou@...
      >Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] What's Wrong with America
      >Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2003 20:26:39 -0500

      Pretty meaty stuff Mr. Dan- Pretty pithy! Meaty- chewable stuff!

      >What's Wrong with America?
      >Everybody wants to be a "Big Shot",
      >The Best, the Greatest, the Top.
      >But forgetting the Dove,
      >Miss the Point, reap the Flop.
      >Disguised in Logo,
      >Despise the Logos,
      >Many Lives are Lost.
      >Doubles Ganging, to Mob,
      >Attraction Vertigo, Addictions, Obesssive-Compulsion,
      >To Pack.
      >Danger, Danger, Replicants
      >The Soul they Rob.
      >The Self, the Individual,
      >Eternally God Blessed, Worthy in itself,
      >Sneered and Jeered,
      >That which Represent Man,
      >All that is Tender and Dear, Mocked.
      >The Legions Enforced,
      >Ally in Might with the Wide and the Dry. Ahrimanic Net of Habits,
      >To Overpower and Cut Short,
      >No Time for the Etheric,
      >Here again, again and again,
      >Comes the Known Known Known Known.........
      >The Usual scene spectacle:
      >"Desolation Bullshit",
      >Evil and Death Dominion,
      >The Craving Darwinistic,
      >Contemporary Mass-method,
      >Aka "how to Die via thinking Materialistic".
      >How Potent is the Doing.
      >A Head and the Limbs,
      >Less Conversation,
      >Less Dialogue,
      >Less Talking,
      >The Critters and the Blob.
      >What is this Creature!?
      >A Cephalopod?
      >Indeed, not a Thrice Great,
      >1, 2, 1 ,2,
      >Oh the Spit! :-O
      >You must do this and not that,
      >No Choice, be Simplistic,
      >1, 2, 1, 2,
      >Short Circuit, D y s f on ct i o n,
      >This thing falls apart,
      >Mixed metal king,
      >The Middle is Missing!
      >Others install themselves in the Sphere of Life,
      >Sensible Saying and Supersensible Singing:
      >Wish you were here...

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