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Re: Politics & Anthroposophy

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  • starmann77@aol.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2000
      << I am not interested in these political labels. You are the
      one who started the whole political labeling...).

      *******It was you who posted an attack on the Republican Presidential

      >>What i am interested in (and the point of my original and subsequent posts
      on this thread) is what is the relationship of politics and spirituality,
      what is the relationship of statistics and what some see as reality, and
      what does a man like George Bush have to offer as President of this country
      in which i live and grow as a spiritual being,>>

      *******I think one has to go a long road of examining what is "spiritual" and
      what that means, before bringing it down to "God's on the side of this or
      that candidate"; which is what I meant by, this is just your IDEA of being
      spiritual (for instance, pro-abortion or anti-death penalty=spiritual).

      >>Rudolf Steiner saying that if we look deeply enough, we will see the Divine
      in even the most violent criminal. You don't deal with this. <<

      *******Read again:
      >>I'll call violent thugs violent thugs when they are, and say that, whatever
      help one wishes to give them, society first needs to be protected from them.
      I would say the same for one who raped & murdered you.<<

      *******Seeing the Divine buried in a warped killer has nothing to do with,
      first and foremost, making sure he kills no more people.

      >>You write back that teachers in Utah who are paid less are the best
      teachers. What does that mean? Who decides they are the best? <<

      *******People judging the performance of their students, their ability to
      excel. Literacy, test scores, going on to college and grduating from it
      instead of dropping out...things like that.

      Anthroposophy is distinguishable from religions in being practical. If it
      loses that, it will become just another religion full of dreamy impractical

      Dr. Starman
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