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  • John Massengale
    ... Starman, I am surprised that you call yourself a Libertarian. I realize that Libertarians are not necessarily agnostic or atheistic, but many of the most
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      Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Politics
      >From: starmann77@...

      > Libertarian Anthroposophist


      I am surprised that you call yourself a Libertarian. I realize that
      Libertarians are not necessarily agnostic or atheistic, but many of the most
      prominent Libertarians act as though atheism is fundamental to

      For example, look at the position of that Libertarian guru, Ayn Rand. Or the
      opinion of many Libertarians that there is nothing higher than the
      preservation of commerce. I would think they would call the Soul Calendar
      primitive superstition.

      Do you share your anthroposophical ideas with Libertarians? How do they go

      This is a genuine question. In the urban design field where I work, there is
      a large and vocal Libertarian opposition that adamantly supports sprawl.
      This sometimes seems like a matter of blind materialism, so I am curious
      what you think.

      I was also surprised by the following press release, which has nothing to do
      with Libertarianims, but everything to do with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's
      views on Natural Law and politics.  The Maharishi posits that Natural Law
      supports the ideas of Fidel Castro. Thomas Jefferson and Pope John Paul
      would be very surprised.

      Maharishi University of Management, Holland Celebrates the Dawn of a New World Order of Peace

      Four Nations Identified as Embodying the Cardinal Qualities of an Ideal State

      An Historic Day of Great Celebration for the World

      VLODROP, Netherlands, April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Maharishi University of
      Management today issued a statement to celebrate what it described as "The
      dawn of a new world order of peace".

      Full text follows:

      Maharishi University of Management celebrates the dawn of a New World
      Order of Peace, as demonstrated by the invincibility of President Fidel Castro
      of Cuba, the freedom of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, the Divine
      Rulership of President Abdurrahman Wahid of Indonesia, and the casting off of
      corrupt democracy by President Robert Guei of the Ivory Coast.

      These four Heads-of-State are four great forerunners of a forthcoming New
      World Order of Peace.

      The present strength of their leadership is the first visible effect of
      improvement in the administration of nations.  Their special qualities of
      ideal leadership demonstrate a rise in the world of Global Administration
      through Natural Law, and foreshadow a time soon to come when every nation will
      be sovereign, self-sufficient and invincible, yet will be united with all
      other nations in a world family enjoying perpetual peace.

      During the past forty years, nine American Presidents have tried to
      overthrow or kill Fidel Castro, and have failed -- he has demonstrated
      invincibility in the face of a giant nation of vast destructive military

      President Robert Mugabe has stood firm against the hypocritical threats of
      Zimbabwe's former colonial master, and reminded Britain that Zimbabwe is not
      their colony anymore.  He has demonstrated freedom, and stood against the
      savage depredations of the colonial past.

      President Wahid, the first President honored as a saint by his people, has
      brought into the world of politics the qualities of purity, tolerance,
      harmony, and devotion to God.  He is the First Divine Ruler of Indonesia.

      President Guei has thrown off the faulty and corrupt democratic system
      imposed on so many nations by their former imperial overlords, and which has
      led only to chaos and plundering of the nation by an elite, while the poor
      remain pressed under the weight of their misery.

      The world is awakening to the reality that the old order is passing, and a
      New World Order of Peace is dawning.  The new order will be characterized by
      these very qualities of the four Presidents -- invincibility, freedom, divine
      rule, and the transformation of corrupt and failing democracies into
      governments that unify and nourish on the basis of the support of the
      evolutionary power of Natural Law.

      A Sovereign Government Accepts A New Principle for the Eradication of

      Poverty Without Foreign Debt

      There is yet another cause for celebration today -- the sovereign
      government of Zimbabwe has accepted a new principle to eradicate poverty
      without the need for ruinous foreign loans.

      A frank evaluation of the performance of the IMF and World Bank indicates
      that they have not eradicated poverty at all.  But they have overshadowed the
      sovereignty of nations, placed upon them heavy burdens of debt, and created
      chaos and social disorder.

      Maharishi University of Management has proposed a new approach to the
      eradication of poverty -- the coupon principle.

      In every poor nation there are vast tracts of unused fertile land, which
      have never been polluted by chemicals.  This land could be developed to grow
      organic food for export to wealthy countries.

      To fund this development the government doesn't need to borrow from
      abroad.  It just issues an alternative currency -- a coupon -- and loans it to
      the project for the start-up costs, and to immediately improve the farmer's
      housing and living conditions.

      The coupon's validity is restricted to the locale of the project, and it
      lasts for only a three-year period -- and thus inflation is avoided.  When the
      first crop is exported and dollars are earned, the government coupon loan is
      repaid by the project in dollars.  So today's government issued coupon becomes
      tomorrow's dollar in the National Treasury.

      The profitable organic food exports will ensure that the poverty of the
      whole nation is rapidly eliminated, as the world is going to need more and
      more organic food year after year, because of the pollution of the soil in the
      wealthy countries.

      It is a simple, self-sufficient scheme to eradicate poverty without
      foreign debt, and today the Ministers of the Government of Zimbabwe have
      applauded and accepted this principle.

      Building Maharishi Vedic University at Mosi-oa-Tunya -- Victoria Falls --

      A New Spiritual Center of Africa

      There is yet one more reason to celebrate today -- the signing of an
      agreement to create the Spiritual Center of Africa at Victoria Falls --
      Mosi-oa-Tunya -- the smoke that thunders -- which was announced today on
      Zimbabwe national television.

      The agreement signed between Maharishi University of Management and Mayor
      Pandya of Victoria Falls, in the presence of the distinguished Zimbabwean
      political leader Senator Patel, calls for the construction of a magnificent
      building some 160 meters in height, which will overlook Victoria Falls.  The
      building will be constructed according to the principles of Maharishi
      Sthapatya Veda -- Vedic architecture in accord with Natural Law.  The building
      will be positioned for the best view of the Victoria Falls, with a revolving
      observation platform on top.  A monorail starting at the new building will
      cross the Zambezi River where it still is flowing quietly, and then cross
      again near the thundering dynamism of Victoria Falls itself.

      In this building will be Maharishi Vedic University, offering courses in
      the Total Knowledge of Natural Law, and classes in management, agriculture and
      tourism.  Experts in the ancient Vedic technologies of peace will also come
      from India to reside there, and make this building the home of perpetual
      peace, and a place where leaders of all nations will peacefully gather in
      sight of the marvelous Victoria Falls, which are a wonder of the world. It
      will be a place of a unifying character for the entire world to focus on one
      point-one place of peace for the whole human race.  Jumbo-jet loads of people
      will fly there from all over the world, drawn by the natural beauty and power
      of the Victoria Falls, and by this new Vedic building of complete knowledge,
      perpetual peace and world unity.

      Celebrating the Dawn of a New World Order

      So with all this good news of today, especially with four nations having
      been identified as embodying the cardinal qualities of an ideal state,
      Maharishi University of Management in Holland is celebrating the dawn of a New
      World Order of Peace.  We celebrate the rise of perfection in World Politics
      and Economy, and the rise of perpetual peace and unity in the world family.
      It is truly an historic day of great celebration for the world.

      This celebration is the first step of achievement of Maharishi's Global
      Administration through Natural Law, whose constitution is the Constitution of
      the Universe, Rik Veda, and which today rings the bell of Eureka for a better
      fortune for all mankind.

      Professor Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D.


      Maharishi University of Management

      Station 24

      NP 6063 Vlodrop


      Phone:   +31-475-53-8600

      Fax:     +31-475-53-8663

      SOURCE  Maharishi University

      CO:  Maharishi University

      ST:  Netherlands



      04/05/2000 09:58 EDT http://www.prnewswire.com
    • John Massengale
      ... You are confusing Modernism and urban design. Almost every city and town you like was designed. This includes the places like Italian hill towns that
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 9, 2000
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        > We Libertarians do. I have no problem with "urban sprawl" and
        > oppose urban planning. Every city I've seen where "urban renewal" was done by
        > the heavy hand of government has been decimated.

        You are confusing Modernism and urban design. Almost every city and town you
        like was designed. This includes the places like Italian hill towns that
        Modernism presented as "architecture without architects" or former cow paths
        or Indian trails.

        John Massengale
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