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Re: [anthroposophy] Back to the Backroom

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  • Br. Ron
    My god, this is rich, Bradford. I am still wiping tears from me eyes! I can see why you are friends with Tom Mellett. Such a rich wealth of creativity
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2003
      My god, this is rich, Bradford.
      I am still wiping tears from me eyes!
      I can see why you are friends with
      Tom Mellett.
      Such a rich wealth of creativity there.... 
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      From: "Bradford Riley" <holderlin66@...>
      Sent: Friday, January 03, 2003 8:51 AM
      Subject: [anthroposophy] Back to the Backroom

      > From: "Br. Ron" <rlloyd@...>
      > >Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] Back to the
      > >Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 00:29:35 -0800
      Bradford comments;
      > This, this man with his sense of humor is
      > Bro. Ron
      > We both liked to hang out
      in Montana,...we both smoked a lot
      > >of dope in the 70s.....We both
      have egos the size of a Buick.
      > >
      > >But until you remove
      your head from the Southern orifice of that
      > >North bound mule and
      come down from that wearisome, overcrowded
      > >Anthroposophical ivory
      tower of pseudo-intellectual superiority,
      > >you won't even make it to
      the Powder Puff Derby.
      > >
      > >There is hope, however...We'll
      start by leaning you up against a tree
      > >and hosing you off...then a
      shave, a haircut and a new suit...
      > >
      > >Then we can get you
      a bunch of books on how to kiss babies, etc.
      > Bradford
      > What follows is a lie and I wish to offer several
      insights into the Art of
      > lying:
      > ******** " To lie
      habitually, as a way of life, is to lose contact with the
      > unconscious.
      It is like taking sleeping pills, which confer sleep but
      > blot out
      dreaming. The unconscious wants truth. It ceases to
      > speak to those who
      want something else more than truth.
      > In speaking of lies, we
      come inevitably to the subject of truth.
      > There is nothing simple or easy
      about the idea. There is no "the
      > truth," "a truth" - truth is not one
      thing, or even a system. It is
      > an increasing complexity. The pattern of
      the carpet is a surface.
      > When we look closely, or when we become
      weavers, we learn of
      > the tiny multiple threads unseen in the overall
      pattern, the knots
      > on the underside of the carpet.
      > This
      is why the effort to speak honestly is so important. Lies are
      > usually
      attempts to make everything simpler-for the liar-than it
      > really is, or
      ought to be. "
      > We assume politicians are without honor. We read
      > statements trying to crack the code. The scandals of their
      politics: not that men in high places lie, only that they do so with
      such indifference, so endlessly, still expecting to be believed. We
      > are
      accustomed to the contempt inherent in the political lie. "
      > I
      believe Oscar Wilde attempted to uncover the mystical attraction we have
      > to "The Art of Lying" Here is where the Intellectual Soul/ Emotional
      > Sentient Soul and Global Political Consciousness Soul are fueled by
      > Luciferic forces..
      > ^^^^^^^^^^^^No animals were hurt
      during the writing of this filthy fiction.
      > This is a work of fiction
      and applies to no characters living or dead. The
      > names were chosen at a
      random drawing by the Nuns of St. Mary's after the
      > Mogan David was
      passed around for the third
                       The Next Woodrow
      > Alright, there is no doubt, Bro. Ron must be
      hired for Joel's campaign
      > manager or Political strategist. In the
      distinguished model of the current
      > manager of the double of George
      Bush- Karl Rove - and the infamous Colonel
      > House, who managed our
      beloved Woodrow Wilson, I see that Bro. Ron must be
      > the campaign
      manager for Joel. However, I also saw a dark shadowy figure,
      > assisting
      Joel, over the hurdles of Foreign policy, it wasn't the court
      astrologer, no... Wait, it's coming clearer, Stud.. Stab... Stubby.. no..
      > Ah, a mysterious Political
      strategist, Dr. STARGEEZER. He portends the
      > unseen forces while Bro.
      Ron warms up the crowd. Enter Joel, his speeches
      > well crafted by
      Stargeezer, with punctuated Jokes by Bro. RON and shaaabaam!
      > The
      candidate Joel:
      > Bro. Ron in smoky cigar back room with a lot of
      southern speaking gentleman:
      > ****** "  Let me allay yor
      faers gentleman.. He's a man who for the
      > confederate flag, He knows
      America.. and for all our pork barrel
      > constituency, he is freinds with
      the native american gambling casinos and
      > lotteries.. he ain't afraid to
      put on the tribal head dress.  I seen him do
      > it before. He got
      appeal to the liberal jungians as well.. He is so calm, I
      > see seen 'im
      walk on water.. why you know that, how many in dis room has
      > fallen
      asleep to the peaceful wheezing of our man Joel.. See what I mean? He
      can lull the crowd into a peaceful slumber. Americans won't even know what
      > 'it em. No faer about our oil concerns.. STARGEEZER has brought his
      > poorers to bear and whenever the mention of "big spender" is
      used in a
      > speech or someone uses this verbal code, Joel will go under
      like Lawrence
      > Harvey in "The Manchurian Candidate"... And, we got
      ourselves a fella who
      > relies, not on no gun toting.. he ain't gonna be
      interested in no patriot
      > b.s., he be wantin the world to live under the
      peace of all souls..
      > meaning.. all souls in all the country got their
      own stack a nuclear
      > weaponry which we sold em.. Peace is Joel's primary
      global message. Peace on
      > Earth and nukes underground.. there it is..
      the slogon we been looking for..
      > Ain't nothin' to worry
      about.. STargeezer can hypnotize capitalistic policy
      > and put a good
      Christiaan spin on it for global domination and I will make
      > sure Joel
      got photo OPS at Wicca, Sweat Lodges, gettin outta big limos and
      wearing over sized texas hats, spattered with oil out on the rigs..hard hats
      > for the blue's working stiffs, and plenty a ladies lunches.. photoed
      > Soccer Moms and getting out of SUV's with the little league... AT
      > Bell on Wall STREET we'll get Joel sprinkling Holy WAter for
      the Catholics
      > so the Markets ill have that Orthodox blessing feeling.
      And we tain't
      > forgettin the Baptists.. We'll get him dunked more soggy
      then a Donut at a
      > Policeman's ball..
      > Now, Joel got one
      peculiar issue we caan't seem to erase.. He wants to teach
      > the Poleez
      about Kindness, Compassion and Karma.. instead of the three R's..
      > he'll
      run the Three K's.. Kindness-Kompassion-Karma.. and that, is the new
      thing that will carry our candidate over the top.. We might have to make it
      > the four K's.. Kindness-Kompassion-Kars and Karma that 'ill hit em in
      > subconscious when they think of their 401 K's they'll
      automatically think of
      > following the kindness and sincerity of the
      President and give em all their
      > money.. It will be his opening mantra..
      "Our country was founded on the foa
      > K's... Kindness-Kompassion-Kars and
      Karma.." Stargeezer will put together a
      > kinda a Founding Father opening
      Speech with a New Age esoteric spin to it..
      > and I tell you'all we got
      ourselves a man foa da future.. a man for the Sol
      > of the
      > And bottom line, we keep the eye of Sauron err.
      Poindexter's Eye on em and
      > we require Joel to wear the RING of office..
      and we all know what the RING
      > OF OFFICE does to a man's soul.. that's
      why nobody with half a brain would
      > even seek to be President. But
      Power.. we can handle Power, and that is why,
      > gennnlemin we know your
      $10,000 a plate dinner and free strippers for every
      > one this even'
      (Cheers) is goin to support the finest candidate since
      > Woodrow Wilson
      and Colonel House..."
      > Stargeezer, at the end of session, burst
      into the smoky room with his long
      > black cape and deep set eyes.. most
      everyone was leery of this magician but
      > they trusted that the Global
      SEats of Power would be well manipulated by his
      > keen, all seeing, all
      knowing EYe. In fact there was movement under way to
      > put his Right Eye,
      as the New Eye above the dollar bill.. it had a natural
      > sickly green
      color to it already. The room fell silent and everyone parted
      > to allow
      The STARGEEZER to sit at his seat at the head of the table, framed
      > by a
      pitcher a the great mystic and discoverer of Lost Atlantis...E.C.
      > Just then the Strippers burst into the room and the tinny piano startin
      > beltin out Billy Joel something or other.. I sat down and started
      pullin out
      > single ten dollar bills, folding them carefully...Vegas is a
      > convention town..I lifted my Jack Daniels - Here's to
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