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Re: [anthroposophy] A Modern Spiritual Path part 10

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  • Pacbay
    ... *******This is an anthroposophy list where we should be able to speak the truth without watering it down. pacbay@attbi.com writes: I would suggest turning
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2003
      *******This is an anthroposophy list where we should be able to speak the truth without watering it down.

      pacbay@... writes:
      I would suggest turning the hose on some of the concepts you and others may have about AP and rinse away the dust. AP means the wisdom of Man or that wisdom coming from the inner spiritual efforts of man. Wisdom is neither static or a hard rock that resists water. Water softens that which has been hardened..
      ***I would suggest reminding readers Jeff is not an anthroposophist, and that his goals are his own, not the movement'
      As to his opinion of its value, I' can do know better then to refer us to Knowledge of the Higher
      Worlds, Chapter One:

      "It is not easy, at first, to believe that feelings like reverence and respect have anything to do with cognition. This is due to the fact that we are inclined to set cognition aside as a faculty by itself — one that stands in no relation to what otherwise occurs in the soul. In so thinking we do not bear in mind that it is the soul which exercises the faculty of cognition; and feelings are for the soul what food is for the body. If we give the body stones in place of bread, its activity will cease. It is the same with the soul. Veneration, homage, devotion are like nutriment making it healthy and strong, especially strong for the activity of cognition. Disrespect, antipathy, underestimation of what deserves recognition, all exert a paralyzing and withering effect on this faculty of cognition.
      In Response:
      "And one can also ponder the following: Truth always rises higher than belief and veneration of something that one does not really know or may be wrong and create insecurity if examined. My affiliation with AP has nothing to do with true respect for the truth or for RS his contribution as teacher for all people not just APs.

      Rudolf Steiner on the Limits of Spiritual Knowledge and Authority

        In order to avoid possible misunderstanding, it should be said that spiritual perceptions are not infallible. This perception also can err, can see in an inexact, oblique, wrong manner. No man is free from error in this field, no matter how high he stands.. But the dependability of observation is much greater here than in the external world of the senses. What various initiates can relate about history and pre-history will be in essential agreement."

        Cosmic Memory: Prehistory of Earth and Man

        "It would be disastrous for Spiritual Science if he who cannot yet see into the spiritual world were obliged to accept on blind faith what he is told. I beg of you now, as I begged of you in Berlin, never to accept on authority or on faith anything I have said or shall say. Even before one has reached the stage of clairvoyance, it is possible to test the result of clairvoyant vision. I beg you not to accept as an article of faith whatever I have said about Zarathustra and Jesus of Narareth, about Hermes and Moses, Odin and Thor, and about Christ Jesus Himself, nor accept my statements as authoritative. I beseech you to reject the principle of authority, for that principle would be deleterious to our Movement."

        " You must not accept anything on authority, The best students of Spiritual Science are those who take what is said as a stimulus in the first place and test it by the facts of life itself.. This need to test everything received from Spiritual Science should become a kind of basic attitude permeating our whole approach."


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