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Re: [anthroposophy] Secrets of the Intellectual Sou/bi-polar

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Hi Bradford, I haven t seen The Two Towers yet, but how interesting is this Gollum in comparison to to the Infinite Longing of the Romantics (beside
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      Hi Bradford,

      I haven't seen "The Two Towers" yet, but how interesting is this Gollum in comparison to to the "Infinite Longing" of the Romantics (beside inverting silly way, make an intellectual construct mistake over John the Baptist's birth 6 months interval vs. Christ, this is the area where my researches lie lately.... ;)

      So, the OBSESSION of Gollum would be nothing else than the PERVERSION of Desire, while the "Infinite Longing" of the Romatics is rather the "Gesture Highest Deed" towards the Heart World spread around as a Kingdom in which to live Happy, indeed how different from the Anti-Social Ring of Power! Polar to it, don't we not like Novalis Wish the Warmth Return!?

      In this Gesture "Highest Deed(s)" that I call, are we not likned to "Ultimatists" one could say? Are we not choosing the Real Best to be, that is the Kingdom and it's Justice?
      To make the Paths Straight, to Welcome Make it so here as Above?

      Yes, we do Bridge Wise Green Snake, we "Zeus-Astral-Ligthning" the Substance of
      this wolrd with the White Astral Light, and we Gold-Sun Ray in, Body of Love-Etherize,
      we Pink Aurora Golden Dawn Will the New Sun!

      Gesture Highest Deed, Representative of Man Fulness Glory made Manifest in our Work,
      the Thinking not Double GPS webbed to Ahriman, rather Acts of the Ethicals,
      "Christ in us", "Ultimatists" of LOVE,
      we Manichean, we Man Can in Christ Redeem this Fallen Wolrd of Death, cause in Christ we Resurrrect, we Life Relay Quicken ourselves and the Planet, we New Cosmos of LOVE choose, Select to make the DEVACHAN-SUN our New Mansion,
      we the 10th Hierarchy of
      'Love and Freedom'-Architects!
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      From: Bradford Riley<holderlin66@...>
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      >Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] Secrets of the Intellectual Soul
      >Date: Thu, 02 Jan 2003 08:41:49 -0500

      I managed to see Installment two of "The Lord of the Rings". The Towers.
      These awesome Towers that play so much into the background of our cultural
      imaginations, were set before us, set into the stream of time by our current
      story teller, Tolkien.

      We continue to run head on into the intimate problem of the conversation
      between Gollum and Smeagol. Here we see occult bi-polar problems and
      Schizophrenia, the split of the personality from the double. Steiner had
      brought this up and I have indicated that John Nash of " A Beautiful Mind"
      was an example of the developing and emancipating double in our times.

      The Two Towers hinges on a bi-polar problem and the realm of Men. Thrown
      into the Mix is the Initiation, the higher Initiation of the Man Gandalf.
      When he arises and comes forth, men come to their knees instinctively, for
      here is a Spirit Self - Manas portrait. We have been looking at the portrait
      of how Jesus/Buddha comes to the point of the TRANSFIGURATION, the Jesus and
      the former Buddha Being arrive at a point where there body glows. Now I
      don't expect Tolkien to go into any deep explanation of this, nor in the
      heat of the battle, the rush of life, does anyone really dwell on the
      Initiation of Gandalf, a wizard and a Human.

      But the problems of initiation, Power, Men and Occult influence are centered
      on the Schizophrenia of Gollum. This same moral schism begins to infect
      Frodo and we come to understand Borimore as a character, a Man who fell to
      the temptation. But in our considerations of the Intellectual Soul and tales
      for our own age.. We have a complex occult picture of the problems of our
      age, but of course we are hardly able to see it.

      When we discuss the Ahrimanic deception as it enters into the Etheric body,
      from errors in thought and moral activity, we understand that the bi-polar
      and schizophrenia of Gollum and John Nash are sharing the culture spectrum
      and still we do not see it. Indeed, the secret of the Ahrimanic deception
      plays itself out before us in Gollum. Whether we like the Two Towers and
      whether we like the idea that the eternal forces of the Etheric World are
      withdrawing so mankind can deal with Middle Earth with our own moral
      substance and the Christ Being is simply part of the tale.

      Indeed, stepping into the current realm of Time, we understand that from
      Grimm's Fairy Tales to now, the Etheric World, while all around us, has
      literally vanished from seeing, as in seeing the elemental community...
      Doris Gelder is a wonderful exception. Certainly the forces that Mankind are
      dealing with, have an antidote. We understand that the status of Ahriman,
      living in millions of souls, is immense and that Ahriman as Being is seeking
      in humanity a higher ground. Michael, the Archai is made Archai because of
      the release of Buddha's Angel. This Michael Being and the Towering Free
      Etheric Being of the Christ are holding the background to forces,
      Principalities and Powers that stand behind the play of events.

      While we can fault Tolkien for not being Steiner that should not stop us
      from penetrating deeply into the mystery of our own doubles by observing the
      cultural problem we are having with our Etheric Wills being split into
      opposing I AM and I AM NOT voices. That part of the voice that denies
      reincarnation. That seeks to sever Asura Flesh into cloned, severed Time and
      Star patterns are all before us. My daily thought life with others never
      rises into the area of rich perception of exactly how much deception/
      dysfunction and materialism has infected every corner of our environment.

      So to stand before the I AM and see it split into two different paths of
      potential evolution, to see how the Luciferic thinking patterns are filling
      their etheric bodies with mighty thought errors, indicates a great schism
      that has truly gotten worse in our times.

      I had the most remarkable unfounded perception that those who struggled,
      died and were sacrificed in the world wars, who at their deaths saw the
      deeper crisis and the deeper issues and saw just how they wanted to change
      mankind.. I suddenly felt that many of the children I was looking at, with
      ADD and bi-polar problems were crying out for the new thinking that they had
      died for in those wars of the 20th century. It made me think about what the
      dead really learned, from the battles and their deaths on the battlefields,
      the results of their experiences are nothing like the illusion that
      maintains the current thinking that humanity still clings to.

      It is again rethinking what the Threshold means.. and let me give you an
      indication of what that Threshold means, aside from the illusions that we
      love to swell our sentient souls with. Listen carefully to this.

      Dr. Steiner

      1 JANUARY, 1924 8.30 IN THE EVENING
      Rudolf Steiner

      In the previous night he talked about how the earlier ‘envy of gods’
      (Lucifer and Ahriman) had become the ‘envy of human
      beings’ (eg., The thief and the murderer crucified on either side of the
      Christ).This evening, he had addressed the fruit of sense perceptible
      materialistic thinking being rejected from entering the supersensible world
      by the Guardian of the Threshold – both in the realm of nightly sleep as
      well as after death. Our re-entry into earth life after such rejection would
      lead to cumulative paralysis of the soul, expressed as incarnated life
      without ideals, concepts, or thinking. He seems to indicate what is required
      for incarnated souls to give birth, for the first time in human evolution,
      to a spirit being (Anthroposophia) and how the denial or affirmation of that
      being will determine the New Sociology of conscious good and conscious evil
      culminating in Apocolypse/Revelation.

      “The most important thing of all is the mood of soul we bear away with us, a
      mood of soul for the spiritual world that gives us the certainty: In Dornach
      a central point for spiritual knowledge will be created.

      That is why it was so good to hear Dr ZeyImans speak this morning about a
      field which is to be cultivated here in Dornach. the field of medicine, and
      to hear him say that it is no longer possible to build bridges from ordinary
      science to what is to be founded here in Dornach. If we have the ambition to
      make what grows in the soil of our own medical research into something that
      can stand the scrutiny of present-day clinical requirements, then we shall
      never achieve any definite goal in the things that really make up our task,
      for then other people will simply say: Well, yes. here is a new method; we
      too have initiated new methods once in a while.

      The important thing is that a branch of practical life, such as medicine,
      should be taken up into anthroposophical life. 1 think 1 understood rightly
      this morning that this is what Dr ZeyImans longs for. Did he not say in
      connection with this goal that someone who today becomes a doctor longs for
      impulses from a new corner of the universe. Let me tell you that in the
      field of medicine the work here in Dornach is to be carried on just as has
      that in a number of other fields of anthroposophical work which have
      remained within the bosom of Anthroposophy. With Dr Wegman as my helper.
      work is already in train on a system of medicine based entirely on
      Anthroposophy, a system which is needed by mankind and which will be
      presented to mankind quite soon. Equally it is my purpose to bring about the
      closest ties between the Coetheanum and the Clinic in Arlesheim which is
      working so beneficially. In the very near future such ties are to be brought
      about so that all that is flourishing there may be truly oriented towards
      Anthroposophy, which is indeed the intention of Dr Wegman.

      In what he said. Dr ZeyImans was indicating with reference to one particular
      field what the Vorstand in Dornach will make its task in all the fields of
      anthroposophical work. Thus in future the situation will be clear. No one
      will say: Let us first show people eurythmy; if they hear nothing about
      Anthroposophy, then they will like eurythmy; and then, having taken a liking
      to eurythmy, if they hear that Anthroposophy stands as the foundation for
      eurythmy, they will take a liking to Anthroposophy as well. No one will say:
      First we must show people how the medicines work in practice so that they
      see that they are proper medicines, and will buy them; then. if they later
      hear that Anthroposophy is behind the medicines, they will also approach

      We must have the courage to regard such a method as dishonest. Not until we
      have the courage to regard such a method as dishonest, not until we inwardly
      detest such a method will Anthroposophy find its way through the world. So
      in future here in Dornach we shall fight for the truth, not fanatically but
      simply in an honest, straightforward love of the truth. Perhaps this will
      enable us to make good some of what has so sinfully been made bad in recent

      With thoughts which are not easy but which are grave we must depart from
      this Conference that has led to the founding of the General Anthroposophical
      Society. But I do not think that it will be necessary for anybody to go away
      with pessimism from what has taken place here this Christmas. Every day we
      have had to walk past the sad ruins of the Coetheanum. But as we have walked
      up this hill, past these ruins, I think that in every soul there has also
      been the content of what has been discussed here and what has quite
      evidently been understood by our friends in their hearts. From all this the
      thought has emerged: It will be possible for spiritual flames of fire to
      arise, as a true spiritual life for the blessing of mankind in the future,
      from the Goetheanum which is being built anew. They shall arise out of our
      hard work and out of our devotion. The more we go from here with the courage
      to carry on the affairs of Anthroposophy, the better have we heard the
      breath of the spirit wafting filled with hope through our gathering. For the
      scene which I have described to you and which can be seen so frequently,
      that scene of present-day human beings, the products of a decadent
      civilization and education, approaching the Guardian of the Threshold in a
      state of sleep, is actually not one which is found amongst the circle of
      sensitive anthroposophists. Here on the whole the circumstance is such that
      only a warning, one particular exhortation, resounds: In hearing the voice
      from the land of the spirit you must develop the strong courage to bear
      witness to this voice, for you have begun to awaken; courage will keep you
      awake; lack of courage alone could lead you to fall asleep.

      The exhortation to be awake through courage is the other variation, the
      variation for anthroposophists in the life of presentday civilization. Those
      who are not anthroposophists hear: You must remain outside the land of the
      spirit, you have misused ideas for merely earthly objects, you have not
      gathered ideas which have value for the gods and which are worthy of the
      gods; you would be paralysed on your return to the physical,
      senseperceptible world. But those souls who are the souls of
      anthroposophists hear: Your remaining test is to be that of your courage to
      bear witness to that voice which you are capable of hearing because of the
      inclination of your soul, because of the inclination of your heart.”

      This excerpt just preceeds the last presentation of the Foundation Stone
      Meditation. The italics are an editorial device.
      p. 267-269
      The Christmas Conference 1923/1924

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