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Re: [anthroposophy] Secrets of the Intellectual Soul

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Well, after that being said, let us know our Double. We shall then know them all, we shall know then how the Ahrimanic Twisted-angle-blade clear cut, how this
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2003
      Well, after that being said, let us know our Double. We shall then know them all, we shall know then how the Ahrimanic Twisted-angle-blade clear cut, how this mindedness kick, reject and proceed with it's mainstreamic "EXPECTABLE" Strikes
      Voiding-effect, Eraser "must and should"(Etheric Conditioning...), the
      Deadening-Flat-"MEREnessing" and Spirit-REPELling(Wooden Etheric Body) towards of our Fresh Spirit Moral-Living Sourced Thinking Soulful-Vibrant.

      With the Etheric we shall re-Epic New Mythologize the world, Human-Elate-Way Quickened.
      But with the Ahrimanic, forget about the Social and the Warmth...
      Of these last Lucifer only entertain the Illusion, Emptiness desguised into a Parade of Clowns on Matrix street...
      Better a Carnival of Joy with Krishna on the
      Second Floor(Etheric)!
      Logoistically Whitsunning!

      I rejoice at your Thinking Bradford, yes bold 'T' for whenever we've straightened Christ-Healed the Luciferian Fall Impulse of the "Distorsion" in ourselves, the Thinking Eyes can see the Light and the Shadow, can Communy with "That Which Is" and tell "What is HAPPENING", cause Spiritual Science is:

      Thanks for your Michaelism Bradford.
      Simply TOO RARE...
      Long live the Man who has such a Capable, Fertile Thinking Organism....


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      From: Bradford Riley<holderlin66@...>

      Rudolf Steiner and : Undestanding the Intellectual Soul
      (Rational = INTELLECTUAL soul has been enlarged by me)

      "As external man, we consist of physical body, etheric body and astral body.
      In the course of time, into these sheaths we have built by means of our Ego
      the sentient soul into the sentient body, the rational or INTELLECTUAL soul
      into etheric body, and a consciousness soul into the physical body. These
      three soul members we have developed and have built into the three sheaths
      where they now dwell.

      Let us suppose that in some incarnation we were so tempted by Lucifer, or in
      other words, we developed such egotistical impulses, greed, and other
      instincts that our soul was laden with transgressions. These transgressions
      may be in the sentient soul, the rational or INTELLECTUAL soul, or in the
      consciousness soul. This then is the cause which in some future incarnation
      will be implanted in one of the three soul members.

      Let us suppose that there was a fault attributable especially to the forces
      of the INTELLECTUAL soul. In the state between death and rebirth this will
      be so metamorphosed that it will be manifested in the etheric body. Thus in
      the new incarnation we encounter in the etheric body an effect that may be
      traced back to a cause in the INTELLECTUAL soul of a preceding incarnation.
      But the INTELLECTUAL soul of the next incarnation will again work
      independently in that incarnation, and it makes a difference whether this
      human being has previously committed this fault or not. If he has committed
      it in an earlier incarnation, he now carries his fault in his etheric body.
      It is now deeper rooted and is not in the INTELLECTUAL soul but in the
      etheric body. But such rationality and good sense as we may acquire upon the
      physical plane will affect only our INTELLECTUAL soul, and will not affect
      the activity of our INTELLECTUAL soul in an earlier incarnation which has
      already been woven into the etheric body.

      For this reason it may happen that the forces of the INTELLECTUAL soul, as
      we now encounter them in human beings, are doing their work logically, so
      that the real inner being is altogether intact; but that the co-operation of
      the INTELLECTUAL soul with the diseased part of the etheric body provokes
      error in a certain direction. We can affect the INTELLECTUAL soul with
      reasons which can be brought forward upon the physical plane, but we cannot
      directly affect the etheric body. That is why neither logic nor persuasion
      will have any effect.

      Logic would be of little use were we to place someone in front of a convex
      mirror so that he could see his distorted image, and then try to convince
      him that he is mistaken in thus seeing the image. He will nevertheless see a
      distorted image. In the same way does it depend upon the man himself if he
      morbidly misunderstands a thing, for his logic may be sound in itself but is
      reflected in a deformed manner by his etheric body.

      Thus we can carry within our deep organism the karmic effects of an earlier
      incarnation, and we can actually demonstrate that the defect is present in a
      certain part of the organism, as in our etheric body for instance. We see
      here how under the luciferic influence we have contracted an evil in a
      previous incarnation, and how between death and a new birth it has been
      transformed. In the interim between death and a rebirth is accomplished the
      transformation of something internal into something external, and then
      Ahriman works against us through our own etheric body.

      This shows how Ahriman is drawn by Lucifer to approach our etheric body.
      Previously the transgression was luciferic; it has been so transformed that,
      as it were, a receipt for it is given us by Ahriman in the next incarnation,
      and then it is a question of expelling the defect from one's etheric body.
      This can be done only by a deeper intervention in our organism than can be
      achieved in one incarnation by the ordinary means of external reason.

      He who in a certain incarnation passes through such an experience as that of
      persecution mania will, when again passing through the gate of death, be
      confronted by all the actions that he has performed in consequence of this
      ahrimanic defect, and he will see the absurdity of what he has done. From
      this will spring the new force which will completely heal him for his next
      incarnation; for he can be healed only by realising henceforth that the way
      he acted under the influence of the symptoms in question was absurd in the
      external world. We now realise how we can assist such healing. If someone
      suffers from such mad ideas we shall not succeed in healing him by means of
      logical reasoning, for such reasoning will only call forth even more violent

      But we shall achieve some result, especially when such a disposition shows
      in early youth, if we bring the sufferer into such a situation where the
      consequences of these symptoms prove themselves to be obviously absurd. If
      we make him face facts called forth by himself, and which react upon him in
      a crassly absurd manner, we can heal him in a certain way. We can also have
      a healing influence if we ourselves are so far in possession of the truths
      of Spiritual Science, that they have become the inner possession of our
      soul. If they have become such an integral part of us, then the whole of our
      personality will be radiating these truths of Spiritual Science. With these
      truths that stream into life between birth and death, filling it and yet
      projecting this life itself; with these revelations of the supersensible
      world we can achieve more than with external rational truths.

      When nothing can be achieved by external logical reasoning we shall, if we
      patiently apply the truths of Spiritual Science, be able to bring impulses
      to bear upon the person in question, so that we can, as it were, achieve in
      the one incarnation what could otherwise take place only by the circuitous
      passage from one incarnation to another, namely, through penetration of the
      etheric body by the INTELLECTUAL soul. For the truths of the physical plane
      cannot bridge the chasm between the sentient soul and the astral body,
      between the INTELLECTUAL and the etheric body, or even between the
      consciousness soul and the physical body. That is why we shall always find
      that however much wisdom concerning the material world one may absorb upon
      the physical plane, this wisdom will have but little relationship to the
      world of his feeling — what we might term a permeation of his astral body by
      the corresponding impulses and passions.

      One may be most learned, may have much theoretical knowledge of things
      belonging to the physical world, may have become an ‘old professor,’ and yet
      may not have attained within to a transformation of the impulses, feelings
      and passions that dwell within the astral body. One may indeed know a great
      deal about the physical world and yet be a gross egotist, because such
      impulses have been absorbed in youth. Naturally the two things can go hand
      in hand, external material science and cultivation of the astral and etheric
      bodies from within.

      In the same way one can possess truths and amass such knowledge as may
      become forces for the INTELLECTUAL soul in regard to the physical plane, and
      yet be incapable of bridging the deep chasm existing between the
      INTELLECTUAL soul and the etheric body. In external truths, though one may
      be learning an enormous amount it will seldom be found that what has been
      learnt will have any power over the formative forces of the body."

      Bradford comments;

      Now we might understand the etheric distortions we encounter in people and
      they are strange and I could list my own as well as others right here on
      this list. But rather, imagine how the understanding of Cancer finally
      develops after Ahriman gets a receipt from Lucifer, "payment required" in
      the realm before Incarnation and the forming of the Etheric body? Okay, here
      comes Karma.

      We ask here, to consider 'what' forces, and these forces are shaped after
      death and from the stars, what forces can be claimed by a cloned individual?
      Must I wear the mask of another and borrow their face and still remember
      that whoever I am, I am now operating in a vehicle, but as a star seed
      being, I must now carry out Karma, my karma in a vehicle that was built for
      somebody else. For indeed each piece of Time and matter is infused with Time
      and Star wisdom. No lab can escape Star and Etheric, Astral permeation. You
      could be born on a certain day or you could be cloned on a certain day. The
      only difference is, am I me or am I a you?

      But finally a terminal illness like Cancer arises or certain diseases arise
      when the unpaid tab from Lucifer to Ahriman finally comes down to Flesh.
      Here we see a kind of staging of Lucifer-Ahriman-Asura as a counter pin-ball
      game, where the ball keeps falling and buck finally stops. But do we
      understand any of this? I know we must. It must be grasped that the Ego,
      Lower Ego of man, has a triad orbiting its soul spiritual thinking field.
      Sentient Soul, Intellectual Soul and Consciousness Soul - are the intimate
      me'isms or you'isms and we have been able, amongst us, to read some of these
      kinks in the Etheric mirror. Oh, I have my own but, like you, I am a rare
      breed who pursue Spiritual Science because it towers over other
      psychological models now in use.

      All the things that were uttered and buried in various lectures and courses,
      can be examined with intimate detail. But as Joel has indicated, we have to
      bring our thinking in relation to seeing, not only obvious distortions in
      others.. which we much prefer to tangle with, than learning what we are
      looking at in the psychological structure of people. I see these things even
      through the Electronic haze yet, I also think it is interesting to know what
      you are looking at. Steiner is saying, somewhat, that this Intellectual Soul
      Region, and this applies to every scrap of our Political and emotional 21st
      century culture, is saturated with logic and also impossible etheric
      distortions that all the logic of the world seems unable to cure because it
      is hidden in the layered etheric habit body. Better we present our research
      to each other and try to enjoy each others company and if possible, our
      peculiar distortions.

      You see, my life long disappointment has always been, "if they knew the
      right thing to do, certainly they would do it" and it has ever been a sore
      point in my learning. For even when the heart knows some golden, warmed
      Christed Insight has flown through the net - There is no Christ Being for
      those to think through to defer it to. Rather, Ahriman also sits in this
      leaky boat of the Intellectual Soul. Ahriman denies that the boat is
      leaking. Just like the Titanic was unsinkable. Ahriman lives in the
      Ahrimanic deceptions of the distorted etheric mirrors we carry.

      You might ask, well if everyone has such distorted mirrors how can we
      understand one another. We do understand one another and we do understand
      what Steiner means and some of us may deny it and some of us may be aware of
      the golden shimmer that alerts us to the Being who stirs the Ethers. It can
      be done, our sharing, but it means we love the shimmering stir of the ethers
      in others, more than the distorted mirror hurled back at us. That is hard
      and I don't think I can do it. It does not mean, that we remain unconscious
      of the amazing chameleon like nature, the denial, the distoted Intellectual
      Soul refusals and defenses that people deliberatly hide behind. But it does
      mean we get a taste of the complexity of what it means to investigate
      Spiritually and be healers.

      As I have stated in the past, Many good insights have come from all of us,
      enough that I consider it an extended Karmic research factor, which I can,
      at times, rejoice in.


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