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[anthroposophy] Back to Reality

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    The world upside down isn t Ron? Chivalry and Romantism you say? Go for Movies and Songs... Beside that, seems our Kingdom doesn t belong to this world and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2003
      The world upside down isn't Ron?
      Chivalry and Romantism you say?
      Go for Movies and Songs...
      Beside that, seems our Kingdom doesn't belong to this world and that's Split-fine it seems....
      Dr. Alcohol is there to take care of all of this..
      Unless there is Dr. Shopping, Dr. Necessity or Dr. Beast perhaps...

      Strange world...
      Very Strange...

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      From: "Br. Ron"<rlloyd@...>

      ----- From: Ashley Case

      Thanks for saying this, Ron:

      >We have enough within our own borders to care for our
      >own people's needs...that includes oil if we were to tighten
      >our belts a bit.

      Can you tell me WHY more people do not think this???

      Hi Ashley:

      I think at has something to do with a misplaced sense of

      When I was a kid there was a couple of times I got involved
      when some bullies were beating up on younger, smaller kids.
      I was able to protect them..and they were happy and grateful.

      ...and I felt like a good person.

      Then several years later, I was playing a gig in Newport Oregon
      and stepped outside for some fresh air during a break.

      I saw this biker dude just beating the crap out of his girlfiend.

      In my usual attempt at chivalry I went storming over to protect
      her from his blows.

      All of a sudden she started screaming at me to butt out and mind
      my own business.

      I was stunned

      So, I backed off and proceeded to allow him to knock her
      from hell to breakfast. I felt highly conflicted

      I DIDN'T feel like a good person.

      This same discernment to action (or non action) must be
      incorporated with our international policies, I am convinced.

      We have no business interferring where we aren't wanted.
      But we have no business NOT interferring where we are
      genuinely needed, either.


      Br. Ron
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