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Re: [anthroposophy] "Language Rules"-Thoughtlessness

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  • elaine upton
    Thanks, dear Jo Ann, Your reply comes to me as heartfelt thinking! I appreciate what you write. Each day with my students, i see this propensity for unthinking
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 2, 2000
      Thanks, dear Jo Ann,

      Your reply comes to me as heartfelt thinking!

      I appreciate what you write. Each day with my students, i see this
      propensity for unthinking obedience to prescribed forms. They want me to
      tell them what to do, how to think (even while giving lip service to being
      democratic, free thinking, to the notion that "everybody's entitled to his
      or her own opinion"). But America often has the face, the appearance of
      democracy, liberty, free thinking, five second sound bite where everyone is
      expressing his or her opinion on everything under the sun. But that is only
      an appearance. Underneath there is this fear, and this submission to Wall
      Street, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Disney, and so on (in which move dark forces).
      Now, all is necessary, dark and light in the LIGHT. Yet, to linger in this
      submission to dark (evil) is the way of suffering. And so, may we wake up to
      what is going on, move through it consciously, with heart, and onward, or
      that is my prayer.

      I think the implication of Arendt's piece, EICHMANN IN JERUSALEM, is that
      Eichmann can crop up anywhere, and does. I am not saying that she is
      directly saying this, but the implication is there.

      If I, for example, allow my students to use me as the dictator (give them
      rules, tell them how many pages a paper should be, etc.) and absolve them of
      responsibility to think, choose (on whatever level of choice we are
      capable), then I inherit what I do. What goes round comes round, in the way
      of karma.--Of course, I am here to guide my students, but to guide them to
      follow their own inner light, not some pre-scribed rules. And there is lots
      of work in mining, discovering that inner light (so its no glib matter, no
      easy thing, not "forget the rules and so anything goes", but a discovery out
      of chaos to harmony...).

      Likewise, if I go to the supermarket and shop thoughtlessly (following old
      ways about what's good to have on the dinner table, cliches, slogans, ads
      that appeal to fear, greed, selfish comfort), I am supporting the dark
      forces that work in factory farming and in animal testing and so on. At all
      levels, we are called to be awake, to think with heart.

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      >Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] "Language Rules"-Thoughtlessness
      >Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2000 06:30:09 -0800 (PST)
      >Hi Elaine,
      >This is a partial response to your first post, which held a number of good
      >I'm going to skip all the stuff about could we or couldn't we see the evil
      >in Eichmann's physiology-- whether via photography or personal
      >observation. (Although, for those who are interested in the Holocaust,
      >there is an interesting review by Eva Hoffman, "The Uses of Hell," in the
      >NY Review of Books (and a tip of the hat to Hilmar, who brought it to my
      > http://www.nybooks.com/nyrev/WWWarchdisplay.cgi?20000309019R#top )
      >I'm more interested in the questions you ask at the end of your post.
      > > . . . what is occuring around/within me about which i am thoughtless,
      > > about which i am trapped in mind/heart numbing rules of language,
      > > cliches and old ways that entrap me and deaden my heart, my thought?
      >In other words: in what ways might I be falling into the Luciferic trap of
      >becoming a 'moral automaton'**, unable to freely think from the heart and
      >thus find the correct action for THIS situation in which I find myself?
      >How often do we fail to "think the unthinkable and bear the unbearable"
      >because to do so would violate some group norm, some 'language rule' that
      >we have come to accept without questioning??
      >After all, is this not the seductive trap of group-think--- that we need
      >not *think* at all, but merely accept and obey the wisdom of the group...
      >give up individual responsibility (and individual freedom) for the warm,
      >comforting embrace of some higher authority... of some vision of the way
      >things should be...
      >Think of the courage it took for the Japanese Emperor to go against all
      >His advisors and centuries of tradition and perhaps even His own
      >beliefs.... to listen to His heart and say, "No more." And so to make that
      >historic broadcast and tell His people, "The time has come to think the
      >unthinkable and bear the unbearable...." To surrender not only His
      >country, but His divine nature... to become not a symbol, but an
      >individual human being, standing upright in and of himself.
      >And so, as you note:
      > > ... even what appears as monstrous is a face of God and shall be
      > > transformed, redeemed by the whole, by the Love that is, that is in
      > > enlivened, heartfelt thinking embrace?
      >Only through thinking with our hearts can we escape being "stuck in
      >cliches, in old ways, in pre-scribed forms, in obedience to some outer or
      >inner seductive monster..." Only through thinking with our hearts can we
      >"think the unthinkable and bear the unbearable." Only through thinking
      >with our hearts can we hope to become fully human...
      >Love & light,
      >** see: http://www.antronet.se/mellett/chiasma.htm and
      >http://www.steiner98.org/Archives/moral.html for more on the phenomenon of
      >moral behaviorism.
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