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Re: [anthroposophy] "Language Rules"-Thoughtlessness

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  • Richard Distasi
    the key to these questions may be the strengthening of ethical- moral individualism. rick distasi ... From: Jo Ann Schwartz To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2000
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      the key to these questions may be the strengthening of ethical- moral
      individualism. rick distasi
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      > Hi Elaine,
      > This is a partial response to your first post, which held a number of good
      > questions...
      > I'm going to skip all the stuff about could we or couldn't we see the evil
      > in Eichmann's physiology-- whether via photography or personal
      > observation. (Although, for those who are interested in the Holocaust,
      > there is an interesting review by Eva Hoffman, "The Uses of Hell," in the
      > NY Review of Books (and a tip of the hat to Hilmar, who brought it to my
      > attention):
      > http://www.nybooks.com/nyrev/WWWarchdisplay.cgi?20000309019R#top )
      > I'm more interested in the questions you ask at the end of your post.
      > > . . . what is occuring around/within me about which i am thoughtless,
      > > about which i am trapped in mind/heart numbing rules of language,
      > > cliches and old ways that entrap me and deaden my heart, my thought?
      > In other words: in what ways might I be falling into the Luciferic trap of
      > becoming a 'moral automaton'**, unable to freely think from the heart and
      > thus find the correct action for THIS situation in which I find myself?
      > How often do we fail to "think the unthinkable and bear the unbearable"
      > because to do so would violate some group norm, some 'language rule' that
      > we have come to accept without questioning??
      > After all, is this not the seductive trap of group-think--- that we need
      > not *think* at all, but merely accept and obey the wisdom of the group...
      > give up individual responsibility (and individual freedom) for the warm,
      > comforting embrace of some higher authority... of some vision of the way
      > things should be...
      > Think of the courage it took for the Japanese Emperor to go against all
      > His advisors and centuries of tradition and perhaps even His own
      > beliefs.... to listen to His heart and say, "No more." And so to make that
      > historic broadcast and tell His people, "The time has come to think the
      > unthinkable and bear the unbearable...." To surrender not only His
      > country, but His divine nature... to become not a symbol, but an
      > individual human being, standing upright in and of himself.
      > And so, as you note:
      > > ... even what appears as monstrous is a face of God and shall be
      > > transformed, redeemed by the whole, by the Love that is, that is in
      > > enlivened, heartfelt thinking embrace?
      > Only through thinking with our hearts can we escape being "stuck in
      > cliches, in old ways, in pre-scribed forms, in obedience to some outer or
      > inner seductive monster..." Only through thinking with our hearts can we
      > "think the unthinkable and bear the unbearable." Only through thinking
      > with our hearts can we hope to become fully human...
      > Love & light,
      > JoAnn
      > ** see: http://www.antronet.se/mellett/chiasma.htm and
      > http://www.steiner98.org/Archives/moral.html for more on the phenomenon of
      > moral behaviorism.
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