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The Star of Bethlehem...

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  • Bradford Riley
    From: lightsearcher1 To: anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com ... http://www.guidingstar.com/JupiterSaturnConjunct.html Shades of the
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      From: "lightsearcher1 <lightsearcher1@...>" To:
      >Subject: [anthroposophy] The Star of Bethlehem...
      >Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 01:39:53 -0000


      Shades of the Michaelmas 1604 supernova that launched Kepler
      at age 33 as the CRC choreographed Buddha mystery was performed
      on Mars. As Kepler noted, this shining took place in the fire
      phase of the (Rosicrucian) Golden Triangle union of Saturn and
      Jupiter with Mars solidly sandwiched in between (will take 800
      years to repeat). 2404 ad

      Now here is a scanning the horizon for hawks and buzzards that are really
      worthwhile. (Thanks Bro. Ron) or LightSearcher- that tags a giant bird with
      memory and substance in it. Once again I was stunned by the relationship of
      history and the Stars. Here on Earth we call it history and the Magi called
      it tracking Zarathustra. One of the little dances that you did so well, how
      37 year old Jesus became 33 year old Jesus. Matthew moves in on Luke at age

      I do hope that the code we are speaking here can be plainly understood. We
      are still observing Two Jesus Children. Light Searcher did some excellent
      hunting and fishing and this puts a true twinkle in the heart of Michael's
      jeweled dagger. Marduk to some. Once more my eye has been stunned by Michael
      Research work. I see the incarnating Star forces that Men Carry from the
      Stars. We bring with us Moral and historical potential that is writ in the
      Star forces. Above us the Stars speak a language, vast and infused with
      hundreds of thousands of souls who have passed through the passsage of birth
      onto Earth with the Script of heavens imprinting them. It is fully known
      medically that the rising sign of the Parents and the Sun sign of the Child
      are integrated. This was known since way back in the Babylonian times.

      Now we see that if we clone ourselves, we break the cycle of Time rhythms
      and the Stars and we begin to creat a break away world of flesh that rebels
      against the Stars. The rhythm of the incarnating human weaves in and out
      with grandparent to grandchild and time weaves a pattern with the karmic
      structures and forces of the stars. The Magi were following this deep lead.
      In some of my research, one of those Kings was none other than Pythagoras

      But Karma and Star weaving and Earthly destiny and history reveals a journey
      through Time patterns. Michael and a Time Spirit live in these Time
      patterns. Just as Ahriman and the Dragon tend to rip the Time Patterns away
      from the Stars. We arrive at the picture of the Mother and Child and the
      Star forces, the seven stars and the Dragon trying to get at it. But since
      we need to think about what cloning does, we arrive at the clone of Self,
      looking at Self, clothing itself in flesh and running against the stars and
      following rather an Earthly, selfish track. For indeed souls who seek to
      have children they can't have or have more of their own mirror selves
      distributed have long ago lost the thread of the Magi. The Magi mystery was
      held for us so that we could include the mystery of Star Wisdom in our
      earthly destiny.

      848 brings a moment when Saturn and Jupiter allow Parsifal to rise to a new
      Initation stand point. During the most materialistic and difficult age, we
      track Steiner-Aristotle-Aquinas.

      ************* "There were Germanic invasions from 375 to 525 which disrupted
      urban centers. This period resulted in disrupted urban centers in Europe
      which ultimately resulted in the rise of monasteries (water again) after St.
      Benedict in 529. This air period was a time of flux, which fits with air. At
      the start of this period, Constantine established the "Roman Empire" in
      Constantinople which lasted until 1204 (near the start of the next air

      Notice how the shift to the next element sometimes precedes the actual shift
      by 10 to 20 years. This is consistent across history. Hence, there is some
      indication that in the 1960 - 1970 period we were already feeling the shift
      to the air conjuncts which happened in 1980.

      The 1186 to 1345 air period (with earth backslide in 1206, and more air
      conjuncts in 1385 and 1405)

      Genghis Khan reigned from 1206 to 1227, perfectly filling in the earth
      backslide period. Also, in 1206 was the splitting of the papacy, a dualistic
      problem resulting from air.

      During this period was the medieval cultural synthesis. The logic of
      Aristotle was merged with the Christian faith by Sir Thomas Aquinas and St.
      Albert the Great (air = logic). Rumi, Sadi, and Hafiz, the great Sufi poets,
      wrote during this time. Dante, St. Francis, and St. Dominic rounded out the
      great thinkers of the time."

      Bradford comments;

      Now these deeper insights into history, the nearness of Saturn as Danny
      brought up and the above understanding that when in dense Materialism,
      Steiner's trained Aristotelean thinking also is karmically called into
      relation to time, materialism and the ancient historical forces of Genghis
      Khan. This allows us to see why Dr. Steiner mentioned Genghis Khan and the
      Ahrimanic altars of Atlantis with the names of Tao and Taotl invoking and
      inspiring behind the scenes events.

      I am currently reading, "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. I think Jo Ann was
      reading this as well. Basically Literature and Science of the Spirit must be
      awake to cultural events. Gaiman follows a trail where the ancient Gods, and
      current earthly events are coming to a kind of Ragnorok intersection. In our
      research we have connected pockets of the Folk Spirits in various language
      groups around the U.S. as carried factors from older Euro cultures. Gaiman
      wonders where the elemental beings and beliefs from the old country went. He
      wonders how America digested and tangled with the ancient gods and the
      meaning of the approach of our newer gods, the gods of electronics,
      computers and nano technology. But the kicker is, as with "Lord of the
      Rings" Gaiman is back with Odhinn and Odhinn's astral body is the other part
      of the equation of Buddha/Jesus. We are required to think in deeper cultural
      sweeps in order to grasp the inspirations that still arise from events we
      are tracking with our Michael School research.

      Thanks Lightsearcher

      Current Mars War Birds in the Pie:

      Here's to the really big Mars year: retrograde ("full moon"
      at 5 tropical Virgo - August 27th/28th - a 2 year signature) til
      the next "full moon" signature) through the second
      half of the year (once every two years) - the 3 phases of the
      retrograde run from mid June til the end of October in the natal
      chart transits,"meta-perigee" closest to the Earth (once every
      73,000 years - Aug. 27th), in addition Mars and Saturn
      are also in tandem perihelion (once every 60 years - last time,
      1944) --- July and August see Jupiter and Saturn affecting the
      same (natal) planets with different aspecting, some of which
      may be carried through their respective retrograde aspects
      into 2004 (transit to transit events: Mars opposed Jupiter and
      Mars conjunct Neptune in May, Mars conjunct Uranus in June)-
      while Uranus will trigger the same planetary aspects
      between this year and next year with Neptune pulling up the rear.


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